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How are people presented in Vultures Essay

Both Vultures and dickens Scavengers in a truck, both pulchritudinous spate in a Mercedes atomic number 18 fork outed victimization concourse. They both work mass in somewhat way and both include the throng in opposite forms. The meter Vultures presents the plenty using the vultures. These vultures represent large number of a certain shape. In original heart vultures ar real birds of prey, but in the poem they ar trying to represent the types of slew. The poem, Two Scavengers in a truck, both beautiful raft in a Mercedes, hoi polloi are presented d one(a) the division in society.Vultures are shown that humanness arent so different to animals it is shown that both animals and humans are shown through their actions. It is shown that vultures are bad in real life because of what they do, but tardily all the disgusting habits thither is deal shown. They appear to have care for distributively different and therefore this shows us that even though large num ber do bad things, they still have some good factors roughly them. Both animals and humans are shown through their actions and imagery to show that they are caring even though they have evil within them. For example, it starts score with how the two vultures are picking the eyes of a swollen the Great Compromiser and how they eat the contents of the bowel.This shows that they are grotesque and very evil. But handle a shot after this, the vultures are shown to be nestling together affectionately and pleasingly. In spite of the nasty diet, the vultures appear to care for each other. From this the author goes on to show that even the worst of human beings shoe some touches of humanity. so he compares the vultures to a commander n Belson. He goes on to accept the love a concentration camp commander shows to his family having spent his twenty-four hour period burning human muds, he buys them sweets on the way home office The poet remarks on the strangeness of love, existing in places heap would non have judge manpowert possible.This is the homogeneous way that the vultures are presented which links it in comparison to people the vultures are compared with the Nazi Commandant who preyed greedily and ruthlessly on people who were supposedly weaker than him, but could still show favor towards people that he loved, such as his family. This is the homogeneous way that the vultures are presented which links it in comparison to people and the vultures are compared with the Nazi Commandant who preyed greedily on people who were supposed to be weaker than him, but could still show compassion towards people that he loved, such as his family.In Two Scavengers in a truck, two beautiful people in a Mercedes, people are presented from two different aspects of the society. It shows two garbage men and pipelines them with an pretty, full couple in a Mercedes. Its astir(predicate) two pairs of people meeting for a moment in a busy metropolis at nine oclock in the morning. They are strangers and neer speak to each other. They are only near each other because they are waiting for the traffic lights to change. The first pair of people are two dustmen. They are finishing their working day and going bottom to the depot. They are hanging off the back of the dustbin lorry and look down at a couple in a Mercedes sports car. These people in the Mercedes seem the very opposite of the dustbin men. They are kickoff their day and seem rich, successful and fashionable.The poem makes lots of contrasts between the two pair and it seems to criticise the society which makes the differences between people so large. When the poets describing the dustbin men, it is often damaging, dirty and cheap. For instance, their jackets are plastic, they are drear, and he calls them scavengers. We ordinarily think of scavengers as animals that live off whatever others leave behind, give care vultures. And in a way thats what they are they are nonrecreational to take away what others dont want, but they do an pregnant job and we couldnt live without them. The poet cites the couple in the Mercedes in a very confirmatory way.He fails a suit and her hair is nicely done, and their car shows salutary how rich they must be, but at the selfsame(prenominal) time the poet likewise seems to criticise this couple. He says its like observance an odourless TV advert, so they dont look like real people and they sound too good to be true. The poet accordingly shows us how two of the men are similar. They are the same age, wear shades and have long hair. And of course they live in the same city they should be equal. This idea is made very clear at the end. The four people are next to each other, but there is a gulf between them they are living in different worlds.The language in Vultures is very negative towards the people, and also has a steady influence on how the people are presented. There are a lot of pessimistic adjectives apply to d escribe the opening lines of the poem, and also to present the vultures throughout the poem. For example in the first couple of lines in the poem greyness is used, which create the idea that it is a dull scene, but the contrast with the treatments sunbreak give a more positive effect. The poem uses a similar technique to present the vultures, for every positive point about them there is a different negative point presented. The metaphor, bashed in head, a pebble on a stem rooted in a push down of gross feathers creates a negative image of the vultures. Various words are use to create disgusting images of the birds. It says they picked the eyes of a swollen corpse. This is presented as an inhumane thing to do. The vultures are picking at the remains of either a dead animal.After this the poet presents the juxtaposing idea of how the birds love each other. People are presented in comparison to the vultures using the example of the brutish Nazi Commandant at the Belsen concentratio n camp. The poem states how the commandant goes home with the fumes of human roast clinging rebelliously to his hairy nostrils. This emphasises the more negative side. The word hairy compares the commandant to the vultures as it is a description which also applies to the vultures feathers.The poem also says how the commandant scratch at the sweet pasture to buy a chocolate for his child. The poet uses the phrase tender offspring to bring up to the child the word tender extracts that there is a close, caring and pleasing relationship between the commandant and his child. Therefore this shows the more positive side to the poem. The use of the word offspring, which usually refers to the child of an animal, links people to the vultures in the poem. So the poem presents humans negatively, with an evil side, but also shows how these kinds of people also have a more tender side to them, just like the vultures. It compares people with animals such as vultures. Overall the words used ar e both negative and then follow a positive point.Two Scavengers in a Truck, two Beautiful People in a Mercedes uses linguistic features to present people. In the first couple of lines, the act upon yellow and red are used to describe the garbage men. These color are bright and suggest brightness into their lives. The adjective used to describe the people in the Mercedes is elegant and this is repeated, which suggests the couple are obtuse as there are no other adjectives to describe them. This also emphasises on the word and shows that they are very posh and therefore rather snobby. This is ironic as you would expect the couple to have a better life whereas the garbage men are expected to have a boring and dull life. The way that the couple are dressed and appear is exposit using various phrase and adjective hip, three-piece linen suit, shoulder length blond hair & sunglasses, young blond woman and casually coifed. All of the previous suggest that the couple are superior t o the garbage men.This is because they are in advance(p) and are living what jackpot be described as The American ideate. The garbage men are described more negatively, the first one id referred to as having grey iron hair, hunched back and gargoyle Quasimodo. The word grey contrasts with the earlier colours but also suggests that he is quite dirty, the phrase gargoyle Quasimodo implies that he is ugly and compares him to the Hunchback of Notre Dame, who was very caring and loving despite his appearance. The second of the garbage men is described the same as the Mercedes driver, however you know that they are nothing alike from other references and also because the two men are collectively described as scavengers and grungy. The use of the word scavengers suggest the two men are distressing and the fact that they are garbage men emphasises this further.Overall it is shown that the garbage men are dirtier but have a more interesting life, whereas the elegant couple are shown to h ave the more boring life. One of the bizarre things about the poem is that it doesnt have clear sentences, full stops or commas. Even the lines dont all start in the same place some lines start on the left, some on the right and some in the middle. This is done on purpose. The four people are together for a few seconds and the poet quickly notes down some differences. It also means that when you read it, you stop at different places, and this mogul make you think about different ideas in the poem, and what you think of modern life.The two poems present people in different way using different adjectives and linguistic features. They also show that people are not in anyway perfect in their actions and appearances. Therefore by these two poems we are shown that people can be both evil and kind and also you cannot judge a book by its cover. The two garbage men are referred to as scavengers with a low status, whilst the young people are described as elegant. The poem is set in what ca n be described as a snapshot in time, which is when they are waiting at the traffic lights. Although the two groups of people are presented completely differently in terms of status they sill exist in the same place at the same time which is what brings them together.

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A Literature Review About Mecication Errors Essay

IntroductionAn flaw rate of 5% is refreshing in most industries, withal, in the health c be indus stress integrity single flaw can result in death. (Berntsen, 2004, p5) This paper discusses medicinal do drugs errors in relation to pharmacology and drug treatment. It give summarize troika academic peer check intoed journal denominations, followed by general information in relation to medicament errors, the impact of medication errors on node c be, strategies to sustain medication errors and conclude with the relationship to nursing.Summary of Articles Related to medication Errors.The beginning(a) article is by Karin Berntsen, 2004, and is entitled How Far Has Health C ar capture Since To Err is Human? Exploring Use of Medical Error Data. This is a review of what change overs have been made since a medication error root written by the Institute of Medicine was published in 1999. This article depicts how the health charge system has changed since this 1999 repo rt was written, and how the information was utilized for our benefit. They cogitate that in the USA, medical errors were iodine of the top 8 leading causes of death. They account the cost for these errors was between $17 Billion to $29 billion dollars. Until a new report is completed, health care providers will be unwitting whether their goals in increasing patient safety were accomplished. The article finalises that there has been patterned advance in regards to pr yettion of medication errors and health care leaders get hold passionate about increasing patient safety. (Berntsen 2004)The second article is by William N. Kelly, 2004, and is titled Medication Errors Lessons Learned and Actions inquireed and highlights the death of a one year old child who was diagnosed with cancer. She subsequently died, not from the cancer, but from receiving an absurd sexually transmitted disease of a drug that she was being treated with. This report indicates that medications are systemat ic bothy checked and balanced and errors are usually caught in the beginning a drug is administered to a patient. The article states that problems are not being learn in a timely manner since the industry has been putting band aids on problems that need major surgery.(Kelly 2004). In conclusion, the article questions whether or not they are taking the right approach in saveing errors. M whatsoever people are trying to fix this problem however errors are still made too frequently. (Kelly 2004)The final article is by Rosemary M. Preston, 2004, and is titled Drug Errors and Patient Safety A Need for Change in Practice. This article presents that errors continue to happen for many a(prenominal) reasons. It concentrates upon calculations errors, lack of knowledge of drugs, over/under dosing drugs, interactions with drugs and food, and legalities regarding drug garbage disposal. It also presents recommendations to downplay the risk of drug errors with good parley and honesty. The article closes by stating that books should never estimate the skills needed for safe administration of medicines. (Preston 2004)Key aspects medication errors and their causes.To envision the impact that medication errors have on a patient, we have to understand what a medication error is. According to Health Canada online, a medication error is defined asAny interrupt able level offt that may cause or lead to inappropriate medication use or patient harm while the medication is in the control of the health care master, patient, or consumer. Such events may be related to professional practice, health care products, procedures, and systems, including prescribing order communication product labelling, packaging, and nomenclature compound dispensing distribution administration education monitoring and use. Developed for use by the internal Coordinating Council on Medication Error Reporting and Prevention( http// English/index.html)Medication errors occur for a variety of reasons. An error can affect all areas of a health care facility from health care management, staff, physicians, pharmaceutics and especially patients. Studies have indicated that errors will usually occur when the staff demonstrates signs of fatigue, stress, are over-worked or encounter frequent interruptions and distractions. When physicians display bad handwriting, in movementive communication with patients, and do not educate staff and patients effectively, a medication error is more likely to happen. Poor management can result in more medication errors when there is an emphasis on volume, over emolument quality. This results in inadequate staffing and disorganization. Medication errors affect all components of the health care environment. (http// on client care.As lamentable as it sounds, one miniscule error can result in a patients injury or can even lead to their death. According to the American Journal of Medicine, s tatistics reveal that more than ii million American hospitalized patients suffered a serious adverse drug reply in relation to injury within the 12-month period and, of these, over 100,000 died as a result. http// Death and injury is a sad reality to any single error.The government established six rights of drug administration to interdict medication errors and ensure accuracy. These six rights include adept drug, right dose, Right client, right route, right time and right documentation. (Kozier & group A Erb 2004)Injuries that result from a medication error are called adverse drug events. Usually, these unpleasant effectuate can be eliminated and injury can be turn awayed. However, every drug produces harmful spatial relation effects, but the severities of these effects vary from individual to individual. These side effects also depend on the drug and the dose given. (Kozier & deoxyadenosine monophosphate Erb 2004)Health care professionals mu st report all errors and are accountable for their actions. No matter how insignificant, nurses are taught to document and report all mistakes. When statistics carry what fibers of errors are made, an analysis can be done. This analysis can be used to plan ways to prevent them medication errors. (Berntsen, 2004)When a nurse does not report a mistake, the probability that it will happen over again will increase.Medication errors have a huge impact on client care. They can result in death, injury, and result in unclaimed effects of drugs. It is our responsibility as nurses to comply with the clients six rights of drug administration, to prevent errors from taking place.Strategies to prevent medication errors.There are many businesslike ways to prevent nurses from making an error. To ensure patient safety in all aspects of client care, nurses are taught to think overcritically, and to problem solve. Nurses use critical thinking to ensure safe, knowledgeable, nursing performance a nd they must be able to keep up with updated health facts by constantly educating themselves with new information. (Kozier & group A Erb 2004) Critical thinking assists in the prevention of medication errors.The six rights in drug administration help prevent medication errors from occurring. It is important to adjudge the highest standards of practice of these rights for a drug to be prepared square-toedly. Failure to flummox to any one of these rights will definitely result in a medication error. (Clayton & Stock, 2004)Take your time when preparing medications and research any terra incognita drugs. Rushing should be avoided when preparing, administering and reading medication labels. Proper research must be done before an unfamiliar drug is administered it to a client. crimson when in a rushed emergency situation, drugs should be looked at cautiously to know the correct concentration and name of the drug, to prevent injury. (http// should be read carefully and accurately. Before a drug is given to a patient, triplet checks should be done to ensure you are giving the right-hand(a) drug and dose. In a situation where you are unsure of a drug order, you are expected to refuse the order and clarify it by law. If an individual is unfamiliar with a particular drug, the drug should not be given. (http// a label is unclear, do not try not to examine the drug order yourself. Do not communicate an associate, or ask for anyone elses interpretation of the drug. To get the correct information, hitting the individual who ordered the drug to clarify the label. In order to decrease the chances of error, verify all unclear hand writing, abbreviations, decimal points, decimal places and sexually transmitted diseases. (http// of dosage abbreviations should not be used to avoid drug miscalculations. Dosage abbreviations are misinterpreted more often, than any other type of abbreviation. Using standardized abbreviations, would assist in preventing misinterpretation of abbreviations. (Preston 2004)A drug check should be done three times prior to the administration of a drug. The drug label should correspond with the physicians orders. The three checks should be done Before removing the drug from the shelf or dosage cart, before preparing or measuring the actual prescribed dose, and before switch the drug on the shelf or before opening a unit dose container, just before administering a dose to a patient. (Clayton & Stock, 2004)Do not make assumptions regarding drugs. Physicians, pharmacists, make mistakes and other split of the health system may be flawed. For example, when documentation shows the patient has no drug allergy, it is wrongful to assume the patient will have no adverse reaction to a new drug. This could result in insalubrious results to a clients health. Therefore no assumptions should ever me made. (http/ / quiet environment for preparing medications will prevent prescription errors from occurring. Sometimes, nurses are repeatedly interrupted when preparing a medication. Distractions interfere with processing information and decision making. Errors will least likely occur when preparations are done when there are no distractions. (http// preventing errors, staff must be certain all dosage calculations are correct and clarified. It may be beneficial to ask a colleague to assist you in checking doses, to minimize the chance of miscalculations. Other suggestions to minimize error include making pre-calculated conversion cards, always use a leading zero before a decimal, never use a zero after the decimal and include indications whenever possible. Miscalculations are preventable if proper methods of inspecting calculations are used. (Preston 2004, p.72)Assess for the effects of drugs to avoid h arming a client. A client must be assessed before and after a drug is given. For instance, before giving an oral medication, assess whether the client can swallow or feels nauseated. An appropriate follow up should be done after a medication is administered. It is important to check if the client experienced the desired effect of the drug. Significant abnormal responses to drug should be reported to the physician. (Kozier & Erb 2004)Conclusion.To finalize this assignment, medication errors are mistakes that can cause harm to patients and can even result in death. The articles that have been summarized illustrate situations where medication errors have occurred and review what the health care industry is doing to prevent errors. A medication error is preventable and errors can be caused by a variety of reasons. This paper has discussed the impact medication errors have on client care and strategies of how to prevent errors from occurring. As a nurse, this knowledge will assist me in care beneficence a priority for client care.ReferencesClayton, Bruce D., BS, RPh, PharmD, and Yvonne N. Stock, MS, BSN, RN. Basic Pharmacology for Nurses. thirteenth ed. United States of America Mosby, 2004.Government of Canada Online. (2004, Summer). Retrieved July 18, 2004, from HealthCanada Web site (http//, William N. Medication Errors. Professional Safety 49 35. Academic essay Elite. EBSCO. Assiniboine conjunction College. 22 July 2004 .Government of Canada Online. (2004, Summer). Retrieved July 18, 2004, from HealthCanada Web site (http// & Erb, Barbara, et al. Fundamentals of Nursing. 7th ed. Upper Saddle River, New Jersey Pearson prentice Hall, 2004.Minimizing Medication Errors. (n.d.). In NAPRA discipline Association of PharmacyRegulatory Authorities. Retrieved July 17, 2004, from NAPRA National Association of Pharmacy Regulatory Authorities Web site http// /166.aspPreston, Rosemary M. Drug errors and patients safety the need for a change inpractice. British Journal of Nursing (BJN) 13 72. Academic Search Elite. EBSCO. Assiniboine Community College. 22 July 2004 .

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Year round school

Mr.. Cooker For generations the command transcription In the US has been a major In how our world is wrought today. And changing it could maybe service the the Statesn deal In ship canal you couldnt imagine. For stratums now America has go short In raw material math, reading and writing while early(a) countries carry exceeded expectations. Education Is cay to staying connected to other countries and organism equal to make It In the satisfying world. With that said the united States program line governing body require to be recognize as a huge role In our ally lives and needs to be changed.Like other countries education system they have informtime year around showing a huge difference In the haemorrhoid they get comp ard to the US. Having the opportunity to have shallow year round could take into account students to graduate from high school faster and potentially college. The freedom to go at the pace that best fits you is what is amazing. In High school thi s could go out you to get the credits you need and that will allow you to potentially go to the college of your choice. With this it could decrease school drop outs and helper they economy by maturement much jobs.This could have the potential to change our system and bring America out of the hole we made for ourselves. A student may up to now be struggling in a particular subject and with the fixture education system it wouldnt be a priority to the teacher or the student to fully understand the subject. With the year round school this problem could be easily solved. Students would be exceeding the level expected or just staying level with their class. There are also numerous opportunities to being able to graduate from high school with your first year of college staple fibre classes already completed.That saves money and a whole lot of stress, also the education on how to study and write essays in grade school help prepare you for College. Having school year round can allow you to have the time to practice and prepare for the many things that college may bring. College is what sets you up for opportunity to get a job and participate in society. College sets you up for many things in look and to have some of the education from high school with year round school can help you tremendously.In order to be successful in college you have to have the write study bits and shipway to prepare yourself for test and quizzes so you can pass the class. With the year round school the teachers would have time to teach you all the correct ship canal of learning that. Education Is key In this day and years and with long education you can get through many things faster and get across more. To have an opportunity to change the economy by having more people thinking and making life changing decisions is amazing.This could not only benefit that but the teachers, they would be more recognized for their work and have something to point It, their successful kids. Also th e time that school would start and end would be more realistic for this day and age not to mention having days withdraw more often than now, If we could Just have one school regularise to try this out to see If It would work It could potentially demote things that are unbelievable we just need to try. Year round school By Kay-Lucerne For generations the education system in the US has been a major in how our world is shaped today.And changing it could maybe benefit the American people in ways you couldnt imagine. For years now America has fallen short in basic math, reading and writing while other countries have exceeded expectations. Education is key to staying connected to other countries and being able to make it in the real world. With that said the United States education system needs to be recognized as a huge part in our daily lives and needs to be changed. Like other countries education system they have school year round showing a huge difference in the scores they get co mpared to the making more Jobs.This could have the potential to change our system and bring expected or Just staying level with their class. There are also many opportunities to a Job and participate in society. College sets you up for many things in life and to ways of learning that. Education is key in this day and age and with yearlong would be more recognized for their work and have something to leaven it, their realistic for this day and age not to mention having days off more often than now. If we could Just have one school district to try this out to see if it would work it could potentially reveal things that are unbelievable we Just need to try.

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Heroin and Pretty Good Book

Jude by Kate Morgenroth is a floor about a fifteen year old named Jude. Its a pretty good intelligence about a nestling who struggles in a drug and tally world. Judes mommy toss away him when he was young. His protoactinium was drug dealer that mainly deal with heroin. unhappily his dad was murdered and he was a witness. He cant go to the police or his life will be in danger. This is the story of a fifteen year old named Jude.When his dad dies of an drug he is alone. Till his mom with open arms lets him in her life. The accompaniment that his mom has a boyfriend didnt make his stay easier. On top of that he is a police officer named annoy. Harry is a good guy but a stereotype towards Jude cause of his report with his dad. His mom thinks it would be best if he went to a private school. Jude didnt standardised it and didnt have many friends. One day a classmate dies of a overdose and Jude is the first person of all timeyone looks at. Cause of his archives with his dad he is held for trial for murder.Jude has a court date for his murder trial. Though innocent, he has no evidence to prove otherwise. His mom is disordered and Harries trying to devil the evidence to prove him not guilty. Jude is pretty much in his own world. This fifteen year old boy with a broken mother and died dad. All he can do is agitate his dad for this horrible history he is left with. Then his moms boyfriend goes to his room to give him the news program. He tries to explain the unsteady scheme he has came up with. Jude thought it was either the plan or jail so he decides to go through with it.The plan that Harry came up with was risky but it was all they got. He explains how he has to get his friend Anna elected for an anti-drug campaign that would clear his name and his history. He got news that he was going to be tried as an adult for his trail. It worried him that if the plan doesnt work he could do up to 5 years. So he helps Harry on his plan to prove his innocents. It worked, he got Anna elected for the anti-drug campaign. When trail was up the biggest twist I have ever read. Harry double crossed him and got him sent to 5 years of unattackable labor. The plan was for finical gain towards the campaign and getting Jude out of the way.This story about a fifteen year old boy named Jude. rough his drug, murder, and jail filled life. His life started with a dead drug dad and a mom that didnt even want him. Now he is jail doing 5 years cause of his mothers boyfriend. This is a story of a boy and his messed up world. This is probably the best book if u likes twist and action. I recommend this book to older teens like 15+ but a really good book.

Speech on Bullying.

Speech Imagine puffting beaten up e very day at school for no reason, by your set mates or maybe by some senior boys you bustt blush jockey, or maybe even an adult. You come scale in bruises and cuts and dried up blood. Can you imagine that? Or if you atomic number 18 a girl imagine getting teases every day. People profession you horrible names, mocking you because of your appearance or your back ground, you come kinfolk all sad and hurt inside.Can you imagine that? Or can you even imagine getting punch at and getting picked at call you names in class and threating texts every minute whether you be in class or at stem and your friends wouldnt help you come forth because they are too scared of the swagger and the bully would follow you home wouldnt you feel scared? Imagine that? There are mint who experience this in their day to day life.When bullied someone especially for a long time wheater its physiologic, verbal social or cyber, it would instal the individuals li fe very miserable and in some very bad cases it might lead to killing themselves because they just cant hand the pressure or the humiliation that they face every day. Im going to tell you about bulling and why I cogitate it is bad to bully someone There are for types of browbeat physical, verbal, cyber and social.Physical determent as you know is when the bully punches, kicks, hits or any types of physical attacks. consequently in that respect is verbal determent, basically what verbal bullying is, when the bully uses rowing to hurt or humiliate you. Verbal bullying includes name occupational group racist comments and insulting. Social bullying is a strange type of bullying because it kind of links with verbal bullying. Finally there is cyber bullying. Cyber bullying is when you are threated humiliated, harassed by the bullying using the internet.There is no limitation of cyber bullying because there is so many social occasions you could do on the internet to cyber bully. Yo u could get cyber bullied on Facebook, MySpace or msn or in some cases, the bullies can cyber bully you by just making a website just for you. Also the thing with cyber bulling is that it is a new type of bullying because if you go back 50years, there wouldnt be any internet or any expeditious phones therefore no cyber bullyingPersonally I think that physical bullying is the least dangerous type of bullying because when you get physically bullied there will be scars or marks and your parents will know that something is wrong. Where verbal, social is and cyber you wouldnt know when it will go away, you wont know when the bully will stop calling you names and humiliate you Some of you might still argue that some bulling at a young age can be good for you because it will make you have to overcome problems and you will develop some social skills and divulge that life isnt always fair.I disagree with this because most of the victims cant and wont stand up for themselves and how would you develop social skills if stack are rejecting you. Everybody learns that life isnt always fair not by dint of bullying but from maybe getting blamed for things they didnt do or having to do chores at home every day. So what do you think of bullying now?

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nearly say there is nothing stronger than a bond in the midst of a capture and his tidings. The trying and heartwarming relationship between the acquire and his boy is testifyn in the theme pulverise by Tibias Wolff. There ar galore(postnominal) differences and similarities between the don and his tidings, mayhap a few more than differences than similarities and that doesnt stop them from spending time with separately other. To catch with, through and throughout the story the endorser makes it clear the differences between the two characters. get-go off, the fix has more of a rebellious, extroverted resonantly whereas the son likes to play more by the rules and stays more reserved.You sympathize this not only in the second fate where it dialog about the drive pussyfoot his son into the club s political machinecely besides when the father calls the state trooper to point him in the opposite direction so they could drive on the icy unfortified highroad to get his son home for Christmas dinner. You would imagine that all teenage boys would love a father who is willing to break the rules, but from the story it translatems like this kind of actions from his father makes him more uncomfortable because it upsets his mom.Also the father was more of a risk taker where his son looked forrad and thought things out more. You skunk happen upon this in the communication In the car when the son talks about his success in take and al ways acquire his home written report while his pop music Is fetching a risk driveway on the closed road. Even though there are major differences, the father and son do have rough similarities. They both computem to care a lot about their families and their relationship together.Throughout the poor story you see the wild and nutty actions of the father UT if you read deeper you see he Is only doing this to get his son home In time so his mother will continue to permit him see his son. You can even a nnounce the son cares about the relationship with his father because hes doing things outside his comfort zone much(prenominal) as going on a ski trip and trusting his father to drive on the dangerous, winding road. You can even start to see them adhere In the last paragraph when the son starts to relax and actually for in one case know the fun crazy put on the line his soda water Is taking him on Instead of existence uptight and worrying.Theres many different ways to express your love to the closest nation around you. Through the story Powder you see the father trying to show his love to his son by taking him on crazy adventures and showing him a good time. Through these you can see the many differences and saltcellars In the two, but through these differences and saltcellars you begin see them bond and break-dance a real father-son relationship. Powder By cylindering 123 more.You can see this in the conversation in the car when the son talks about his success in school and always getting his home work while his dad is taking a risk but if you read deeper you see he is only doing this to get his son home in time so his You can even start to see them bonding in the last paragraph when the son starts to relax and actually for once enjoy the fun crazy adventure his dad is taking him on instead of being uptight and worrying. See the many differences and similarities in the two, but through these differences and similarities you begin see them bond and develop a real father-son relationship.

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Noli Me Tangere Cover Symbolism Essay

Major events* Juan Crisstomo Ibarra y Magsalin commonly referred to the invention as Ibarra or Crisstomo, is the protagonist in the story. Son of a Filipino businessman, turn in Rafael Ibarra, he studied in atomic number 63 for seven years. * Mara Clara de los Santos y Alba commonly referred to as Mara Clara, is Ibarras fiance. She was raised by Capitn Tiago, San Diegos cabeza de barangay and is the most splendid and wide celebrated girl in San Diego. * fall apart Santiago de los Santos cognize by his family name Tiago and political title Capitn Tiago is a Filipino businessman and the cabeza de barangay or channel of barangay of the town of San Diego. He is also the know father of Mara Clara. * Doa Victorina de los Reyes de Espadaa commonly known as Doa Victorina, is an wishful Filipina who classifies herself as a Spanish and mimics Spanish ladies by putting on heavy make-up. The novel narrates Doa Victorinas younger days she had lots of admirers, just she did not choo se any of them because zippo was a Spaniard. Later on, she met and married weary Tiburcio de Espadaa, an official of the customs bureau who is about(predicate) ten years her junior. * Dmaso common purslane or Padre Dmaso is a Franciscan friar and the former parish minister of San Diego. He is best known as a notorious character who speaks with vulgar words and has been a cruel priest during his stay in the town.He is the reli fit father of Mara Clara and an antagonist of Crisstomos father, Rafael Ibarra. * Pilosopo Tasyo is another major character in the story. Seeking for reforms from the government, he expresses his ideals in paper written in a cryptographic alphabet similar from hieroglyphs and Coptic figures hoping that the future generations may be able to decipher it and realized the abuse and conquest done by the conquerors. * Sisa is the deranged sustain of Basilio and shrewdn. Described as beautiful and young, although she loves her children very much, she can not encourage them from the beatings of her husband, Pedro. * Crispn is Sisas 7-year-old son. An altar boy, he was unjustly accused of larceny currency from the church. After failing to issue Crispn to return the money he allegedly stole, Father Salv and the distributor point sacristan killed him. It is not directly verbalize that he was killed, but the dream of Basilio suggests that Crispn died during his encounter with Padre Salvi and his minion. * Basilio is Sisas 10-year-old son. An acolyte tasked to ring the church bells for the Angelus, he face the dread of losing his younger brother and the tumble of his mother into insanity. At the end of the novel, Elas wished Basilio to bury him by importunate in exchange of chest of luxurious located on his death female horse Clara = Leonor RiveraIbarra & deoxyadenosine monophosphate Elias = RizalTasio (the Sage) = PacianoPadre Salvi = Padre Antonio PiernaviejaCapitan Tiago = Capitan Hilario Sunico of San NicolasDona Victori na = Dona Agustina MedelBasilio & Crispin = Crisostomo BrothersPadre Damaso = represents all typical friars of that epoch