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Effects of social media on the real estate industry Essay

Effects of social media on the unfeigned estate industry - Essay ExampleSocial media also represents enormous changes perspective for barteres. For most individuals, get a home is a thing done once after ten years at most. Selling of in truth estates is the kind of business benefiting from constant streams of new prospects (Crowston, K., & Wigand, 1999). Social media enables real estate agents to physical body the reputation of their business. This enables them in attracting new clients. Moreover, social media enables them in networking in the real estate industry (Wigand, 2003).Social media makes it diffused to reach out to more individuals but it does not assure that these individuals will purchase from you (Huertas, 2012). A business needfully to work on still setting up its social media framework. After doing so, the business needs to work more until it gets the needed results. Knowing how to use social media needs a period of kind more on hands giving a business the idea of how social media can aid it in succeeding given the problems faced by the business.In conclusion, social media has made it certifyal and quicker for real estate agents to connect with their clients. It has given them a way of engaging individuals in their precise area and allowing them to inform their clients.Additionally, social media helps real estate agents to constantly post new releases and engage daily by responding timeously to their clients and potential drop buyers. It is clearly seen that social media has enabled real estate agents to build good relationships with prospective home buyers.

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Business Requirements Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Business Requirements - Research Paper ExampleIn addition, the distinguish will offer an insight on the importance of Joint Application Development (JAD) and the significance attributed to the selective information package diagrams.The foremost function of requirement gathering in the development process involves the determination of the spirit of requirements that be fit for the system development in terms of action, measurement, definition, testability and needs relative to the required heading. In addition, this stage of gathering is critical in identifying the errors and correcting them before codes are given for the functions. This helps in reducing everywhere 50% defects in the whole system (Tremblay & Cheston, 2001).The building of the a data warehouse and available databases persona commonalities in terms of technological support in terms of use of function based keys and views. both are founded on a data model. However, differences between the two exist. The foremost being on the structural perspective whereby the operational database development transaction, offers solutions to the operational requirements, while in the case of warehouse database, the ad hoc questions are operational for management functions. The other difference involves the diverse functional requirements for the two types. In the case of operational database, the primary rivet is on data security and coherence, while in the case of warehouse database the focus is on the economic analysis, which gives predictable indexes. In addition, the design of the two databases is different. Whereas the design of the operational databases are organise to fit online processing of the transactions, that of warehouse database is structured to fit and enhance data analysis (Tremblay & Cheston, 2001). The operational design helps in efficient large scale storage of transactional data storage. An example of this type of information includes modern information that needs updates. It is imp erative to note that,

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Technology is impacting daily lives in many ways, especially children Essay

Technology is impacting daily lives in many ways, in particular children. Examine the uncollectible effects of technology on the health, education and social life of children in - stress ExampleWith the advance of technology more and more children are no longer favoring playing beyond the walls of their homes instead their play times have been replaced with long hours of sitting in front of the TV, play seat Xbox or on the internet posting videos on you tube, or on twitter and face throw if not gaming online. According to Jones, R. (2005) Children need a minimum of 1hr of play per day to ensure they notice their social life.This poses the danger of mis-information on the children who unlike adults can tell a hoax from the real thing. This ends unaccompanied confusing children and setting them up for long-term mental failure. According to Graeme, P. (2012) of the Telegraph however points at an pull down more serious problem a generation of children risks growing up with obsess ive personalities, poor self-control, short-change attention spans and little empathy because of an addiction to social networking websites such as Twitter.(para 4) Furthering this Graeme, P. (2012) of The Telegraph states, Young peoples brains were failing to develop properly after being overexposed to the cyber world at an early age (para 5) agree to Chelsea C. and James P. S. (2012) CNN article children were on average doing more than 3000 texts a month. The report accounts that unlike the earlier long time children are spending more and more time in the media more than with their teachers or parents leaving the parenting and educating to the cyberspace.The bad effect equally applies to the learning process with the internet largely filled with unverifiable health information. apart(predicate) from academic sites linked to universities, colleges and reliable libraries, many websites are full with unverifiable information. Baumeister, R. & Bushman, B. (2011) note that it is i mportant to note that, the minds of children are like sheets of a blank books waiting to be filled. With the current

These two places differ Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

These two places differ - Essay ExampleIn contrast, 24 hours gymnasium caters to the lower end of the market and caters to the mass market.Due to the huge disparity of the frugal requirements of these two gyms, the the great unwashed who frequents there can easily be categorized according to their income status. The mountain who goes to equinoctial point atomic number 18 typically professionals, business people, some entertainers and their dependents. They are typically well-off and rich and sports with designer clothes during work out. The people in Equinox gym have more choices where to train other than the present gym because of the choices that their economic capacity commands.The type of people who frequents at the 24 hours gym are typically those who belong in the low bracket income and sometimes the unemployed who take fitness to occupy their time. Their choice where to train is limit because budget is a major consideration to them. Their choices are often limited to thos e similarly priced gym and go out have difficulty in moving up to gyms like Equinox because the resource requirements of gyms like Equinox will take toll on their resources.Due to their different economic standing, the interaction of people parti-color significantly. In equinox, it is observed that people there talks more just about their work and business. Sometimes, the gym itself is do as a place to establish business connection. Conversations outside work typically revolves about the up-to-the-minute fad and hobbies like opinions on the latest model of cars, new places to visit, whats in and whats out. With run across to their dependents, it is observed that their conversations revolves around fun and how to enjoy life. They usually talk about gadgets and whats cool today. It is too noticed that people in Equinox are more protocol consicous and more polite compared to those who are in 24 hours fitness gym.In contrast, people at Equinox talks more about issues. Especially on when will this economic crisis will end

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Philosophy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 61

Philosophy - Essay ExampleAs for Robin Penslar and Aaron Ridley, utilitarianism is teleological moral surmise which asserts that the correct action is a function of its consequences (the greatest good for the greatest number) which can be predicted. The consequences of the good must be distributed as widely as possible the person making moral choice should look not only for personal good or for whom they care about(predicate), but withal for welfare. The choice made is provided by the rationale and logical argument and a person can social function it on an individual basis. According to this ethical possibleness, the correctness of behavior is determined by its final use. The supporters of the theory say the utilitarian ruler is the only moral criterion of human acts, and this principle is to ensure that we should evermore seek to maximize the predominance of good over evil. The ethics of utilitarianism defines natural process in a person coming into antagonism with itself in consciousness.According to the utilitarism morality is based upon the common good (happiness for almost people) which Bentham called the common benefit, of course, distinguishing it from self-interest, or personal benefit. Under the principle of common benefit he understood the principle of action selection and evaluation of acts, which focuses on the greatest possible benefit. If the act concerns the interests of the community, we are talking about the benefits (happiness) of community, if it is about the interests of the individual, so, the benefits of the individual is a predominant thing. Utilitarism is also a theory directed against selfishness. The admissibility of pleasure or profit made in each case is determined by whether they contribute to a higher(prenominal) purpose. The definition (assessment) of phenomena and events either good or bad is also based on that principle. And according to the theory a person should (bearing in mind the supreme moral principle) strive to provide at

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2010 Texas State Political Party Platforms Assignment

2010 Texas State Political Party Platforms - identification ExampleThis is because the unborn child has a right to life that cannot be infringed. Consequently, those organizations including hospitals and abortion clinics that support and investment company abortion should be abolished and prosecuted. In addition, I support the Texas state in regards to the reversal of Roe v. wade and this is the reason they affirmed the appointment of judges who respect family values as well as the sanctity of innocent hu man life (CTC Texas Politics 117).The act of homo kindleualism is immoral and it is the reason I learn with the Republican Party that it is a felony to issue marriage license to couples of the same gender. Moreover, I view that homosexuality is the biggest contributor of the breakdown of the family unit. Additionally, the practice has contributed to the spread of dangerous communicable disease and contradicts to the truth ordained by God. In my upbringing, I deal always known that marriage should be between a man and a woman. This is the reason I agree with the Republican Party that no civil official should suffice such marriage ceremonies. In addition, Texas State neither accepts nor support homosexuality and opposes the legal entities. They refuse to recognize, as well as give special privileges including and not limited to persons engaging in same sex marriages, protection of children by homosexuals, insurance and retirement benefits for homosexuals (CTC Texas Politics 117). This is the reason the state opposes any criminal or civil penalties against those opposing the act out of faith. In addition, the state opposes homosexuals and other individuals convicted of child abuse should have the right to adopt or be a custodian of a minor. In my opinion, homosexuality should not be presented as a good thing to do or a lifestyle in any family setting.Lastly, I know that all children have a right to education. I also believe

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Knowledge Management, Social Networks and Innovation - google Assignment

Knowledge Management, Social Networks and Innovation - google (google+) - Assignment voiceTwo years later, the company formalized and adopted the name Google (Reichental). Since then, the company has presented various services and products to the market, including net profit applications of all kinds and various forms of advertisement, all in various languages.The companys website and its more than 180 domains behave vast information, including local cleans, international news, sports news, and even local stores and post offices addresses. It also contains images, patents, maps, and many more (Young). The new advertising paradigms services and products of the company have stirred the imagination of entrepreneurs and business. Google has since tripled its profits and operating margins.In summary, Google has presented a variety of services and products over the bygone years, but there is one area of application that reckon hard to crack, social networking. The recent unveiling of Google Plus is among the recent developments of social networking application (Serrat). Google has in the past tried to develop other social network services, but with a degree of failure. Starting from the learning of Pyra Labs, Blogger creator, the company has had other major involvement with the social media. Some of the important acquisition by Google includes Picasa, You Tube, DodgeBall , Postini, Zingku, Feedbanner, Jaiku, and Aardvark. different social media applications developed by the company include Orkut, Google Talk beta, Google Reader, Google friends Connect, Google Voice, Google Buzz, and Google Plus.Google Plus is a social network that integrates various platforms of other Google products like Profiles and Buzz. The social network was launched in June 2011. The key element of Google Plus is the stress it places on targeted sharing among members of a given subset, or circles, within the social group. The subsets or circles are hardly a small group of people with whom one can share with, with names likes classmates, co-workers, friends, and family. The