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Cultural Tourism in Nigeria

INDIVIDUAL ESSAY Essay mankind activity heathenish touristry fetes and hithertots in Nigeria Name Deborah Vincentsdaughter TABLE OF CONTENTS content INTRODUCTION3 Cultural tourism3 writings REVIEW4 feasts and occurrences4 Cultural feasts in Nigeria5 Festivals and impacts6 Igue feast6 modern yam plant Festival (Iri ji Ohuru/iwa ji7 Gbagyi Gbodogun8 CRITICAL ANALYSIS11 CONCLUSION11 REFERENCES12 INTRODUCTION Tourism gener totallyy has to do a lot with social activities. A typical simulation is the encounter tourism which is a type of tourism that provides an opportunity for throng to challenge constitution and e precisething about it.This type of tourism provides opportunities for activities such(prenominal) as Hand sailplaning and Para sailing which atomic number 18 grouped infra hard adventure piece hot sports and wild manners ar grouped under soft adventure. The chambers dictionary has defined tourism as the stillts of tourists and those who ease up it avai lable for them. Tourism as defined in a handwriting says that it is the hire of how good kind-hearted universes can cope when they argon remote from their normal habitats, of the industry that meet his requests and lastly of the impacts that both he and the industry hold up on the troopss in such ways socio heathenish, economic and physical environments. Jafari 1977) Getting information from an early(a) tidings about tourism, differences in the definitions of tourism could be traced to the following getes stinting, technical and holistic. 1. Economic definitions emphasizes on the business ara of tourism, unless if it were to be criticized by leiper(1979) that it fails to even discuss about the tourist and his motivations or limitations in travelling. 2. Technical approach to the definition of tourism aims at mainly the goernments and the tourism industry organizations that exigency to monitor the size and former(a) important issues about tourists markets. . In 1942 ho listic type defined tourism as the sum of the phenomena and relationships arising from the travel and rub of non-residents, in so far as they dont travel to permanent residence be not connected to any earning activity. Cultural tourism Cultural tourism is a part of tourism. This part of tourism is an activity in which a particular group of large number in a definite area present their heritage or heathen assets for tourists to see and appreaciate.The UNWTO(united nations world tourism organization) produced devil definitions based on two approaches which are * The narrow definition-derived from the professional, product-based approach to defining cultural tourism. This definition includes feat of persons for basically cultural motivations such as study tours, performing arts, cultural tours, travel to fetes and so legion(predicate) other cultural events, visits to sites, travel to study nature, folklore and pilgrimages(Richards 199622) * The wide definition-is based on conc eptual, process-based approach.Has to do with the migration of persons because they satisfy the human need for diversity, tending to raise the cultural level of the individual and giving skip to parvenue sleep withledge, experience and encounters(Richards 199622) Cultural tourism involves four elements according to my search and they are as follows * Tourism * Use of cultural heritage assets * drug addiction of experiences and products * The tourist(cultural tourists) According to ICOMOS (International council on monuments and sites) find that cultural tourism means many things to many mint and herein its strengths and weaknesses.This part of tourism is overly known as a form of special tourism where socialisation plays the role of either attracting tourists or motivating people to travel (McIntosh and Goeldner 1992 Zeppel 1992 Ap 1992). LITERATURE REVIEW Festivals and events In this section, festivals and events in Nigeria impart be discussed fully and their impacts analy sed. It will be wise to discuss what festivals are all about rootage before going on to other things.Festivals are an important finding of human activity that contribute much to our social and cultural life and that they are excessively increasingly linked to generating business activity and providing income for their host communities(Ellen et all 2002). In some wooings festivals are not observed with the designer of attracting tourists, their nature,destination,range of performers and productions in one place over a short plosive of time ,comm exclusively in the summer months, encourages viewers(people) far and near/all over to come. They can take many forms, eg. music-rock, pop, jazz and folk types of music.There are also wine and cultural festivals. EVENTS INDUSTRY-this is an industry where festivals are grouped under. Cultural festivals in Nigeria Nigeria has so many festivals that draw been in existence since the time of our ancestors, until the reaching of different r eligions as we hand today but still except festivals are taken as important occasion. Local festivals in Nigeria stool a lot to do with different events such as harvest-festival festivals, betrothal festivals, crowning of a new head word and funerals. Today the westward world and system has influenced our local festivals eg. ances that were performed by members of each village have now been transferred unknowingly to proffesionals. This country is rich in divers festivals which includes * Egungun festival storied in Ijebu ode town of ogun put in in May. * Odum festival observe by the ijaws of okirika in Benue state. Normally do in the month of April. * Barakau ordinarily celebrated with animal sacrifices by the Fika people of Potiskun in yobe state. Done in July. * Nduku festival is known to be celebrated by the people of Ogume in Ndokwa local government area of Delta state. It is a November festival. * Igue estival this one is celebrated by the benis of Edo state in the month December. * New yam festival is done generally by the Ibos in Nigeria in the month of August. * Gbagyi gbodogun takes place in Gadabuke village and celebrated by the agadabukeyis ( inseparables of the village) in toto local government area in Nasarawa state. Often observed at the end of the year November/December. * Oro festival is a tradional annual Yoruba event usually observed in the month of July. Among all these festivals listed out and summarized briefly, only three of them will be discussed and their impact as strong in the next section.The local festivals are 1. The Igue festival 2. New yam festival(Iri ji ohuru/iwa ji) 3. Gbagyi Gbodogun Festivals and impacts Igue festival is the one am going to be discussing about first. It is done in the ancient city of the Benin kingdom, Benin located in Edo state in the southern part of Nigeria and takes place in the month of December. It tag the anniversary of the death of the past obas in Bini Kingdom. Igue festival usually g oes on for seven days, and then on the seventh day, the conclusion is now celebrated. Sacrifices and offerings are made to the gods, songs are also sung along during the period.The sacrifices offered are originally used to cleanse the land, so that it becomes clean enough for the gods to be appealed. The people involved are the oba (king) of the Benin kingdom, his chiefs, subjects and the Benis of Benin, Edo state. In the past, their practices used to be sacrificing human organisms for cleansing of the land to the gods until the present Oba Erediauwa came into power and stopped it. Presently such things dont take place in the festival again, though sacrifices are being made, humans are no longer sacrificed, quite an with animals for example goat.Apart from these, the Benis practice so many other things while celebrating the Igue festival which includes the chiefs dressing in their finest customalistic attires, joining the oba in songs and dances, by prepare Ugie Ewere. They do t his with the Eben Emblem. Masquerades also perform the local dances to entertain the audience. While the festival is still on, all the Ihogbe presents symbolic Ewere leaves to the Oba. As the festival is celebrated yearly, the Oba celebrates Ugie Ewere (the anniversary of his marriage to Ewere some years confirm).The Bini people also use the festival as an opportunity for offering thanks to the gods for sparing their lives and request for to a greater extent blessings. Public holidays are always given, and people are told not to go forward for that period of time. Impacts of igue festival The igue festival leaves its impacts in the lives of the Benin Edo people in these ways * Economically there are more activities in the area. For example a lot of people engage themselves in buying and selling in preparation of the event. * socially the festival creates a good publicity and image for the area. Eg. he people who come for the festival may indigence to re-visit the place, not just for a particular reason but to have a feeling of the environment. * Geographically as people come from other tribes to witness the event, it gives the community an opportunity to be developed and supports environmental enhancement. New yam Festival (Iri ji Ohuru/iwa ji) to eat a new yam/to break a new yam, that is what the words written in other language called Ibo means. Most times it depends on the village, but it is unremarkably celebrated in the market place, where the god of the community/village is kept.The Iwa ji festival (new yam festival) is celebrated in the month of August. This festival, is all about celebrating a new yam(which is one of the most important food and first curry to be harvested in the eastern region) Old yams are brought out and cast away/consumed and the breaking of the new yam follows, it is usually done by the Igwe(king) or the chief priest depending on the destination, The people involved are the members of the village, chiefs or elders of the vil lage, chief priest and the Igwe.In ordinate for the festival to be a winning one, so many practices are involved which includes sacrifices are made to the gods, to appease and thank them for fruitfulness, before the festival begins this is usually done by the chief priest(it is believed that their positions bestows the privilege of being intermediaries betwixt the gods and their community),they come with the biggest sized yam for the festival, because it shows the pith of abundant fruitfulness including dishes served.Old yams are discarded or consumed in order to pave way for the new ones, Masquerades are invited to perform and entertain people, traditionalistic gunshots announces the opening of the ceremony at times, children are being cleansed with rituals (ima cha ahu-to clean the body) because they judgement that before a person takes in anything new, it is important to cleanse the body. This persuasion is popular among the Easterners. Most times the yam dishes are share d between friends and well-wishers in order to enjoy and celebrate with them.Sons and daughters of the Ibo community come back home from wherever they are in the world. Late Dim chukwuebuka Odumegwu Ojukwu depict the events as the most igbo of Igbo events, because it clearly shows the gardening of the Ibos. Impacts of the new yam festival This festival impacts on lives of the locals of the eastern region in Nigeria, and they are compulsive impacts * Culturally it strengthens the bond of the Igbos (the relationship). it reminds people of how love and unity existed and reigned among them before the cultivated war in the east. Socially so many people feel happy during and after the event, because it brings their loved ones (sons and daughters) from far and near. For example Grandparents will be happy to see their children and grandchildren. * Economically it yields the locals so much money, after they are done buying and selling. A good example for this is-people who were present a t the occasion taste the yam, and would want to buy more maybe to take home or for many other reasons. Negative impacts * Culturally sometimes people are being used for sacrifices to the gods all in the address of tradition or preserving the culture.In addition, so many individuals get initiated into cults or fraternities which they never planned for. These initiations could be traced to the cleansing and sacrifices to the gods. Also People are being initiated into so many things. This happens because of the cleansing, sacrifices and others not mentioned. Gbagyi Gbodogunthe event takes place in blue part of Nigeria. it is being observed by the agadabukeyis or the Gwari people of Gadabuke village in toto local government area,in Nasarawa state. It is celebrated annually at he end of the year November/December. The festival is all about cultural values and tradition all showcasing with little sacrifices because religion has dominated tradition today. It helps to make the young ones get to know more about their usage and traditions. The people involved are the king, chiefs, governors, advocates and the villagers. Traditional dances, masquerades also display-the dance called Dawiya(the native name),their local or cultural food is being displayed and served as well by name Zhepo.Martial arts, like the traditional martial arts are being done also,magics such as pounding a genus Tuber of yam on a person, and it is not painful(odi e shi-which means it is not painful in a language called Igbo),cutting an individual with a very sharp knife and it doesnt hurt, eating razor blade and it doesnt cut the persons mouth, pouring water into a basket and it does not lick. They normally drink palm wine, and the local food Zhepo with something to go with it. for example, tend formal soup and ponded yam.Ceremonial cleansing is being done also before the festival, traditional wears are being worn and they are called Ajesinda. This is the local food called Zhepo The Zhepo and ga rden egg soup mixed in concert Impacts of Gbagyi gbodogun Positive impacts The festival effectuate the locals in so many ways, a few of them are * Socially it is exciting for example when people watch the masquerades dance and the magicians act, it is pleasing to the essence and heart at times. Fun people get to enjoy themselves while celebrating the festival. eg. he people acting as masquerades find it interesting scaring people (when they run, because of fear), the traditional dancers also have fun while performing at the festival. * Culturally it awakens the gbagyi people about their culture for them to remember, to preserve, conserve and leave the culture Authentic just the way it has always been from the first days, if not because of skill and technology or the 21st century age that came in and has rightfully impacted into it. Negative impacts * Socially the festival reunites the Gwari people. For example Gbagyi eople come together from far and near to celebrate, and throug h this, people get to meet new individuals. * Culturally youths try stupid things. Eg. they go home and practice what they have seen the magicians do at the festival just to know if it true or not. At times they aspire to be magicians and have magical powers to do whatever they wished to do. CRITICAL ANALYSIS A. Is it fair for human beings to be killed all in the name of preserving culture? For example in the Igue festival human beings were being sacrificed to appease the gods.I personally believe that, no human being should be killed except the person has committed any crime punishable according to law and order. B. Can a festival be authentic, even after the foreign tourists impacts on them? Most at times, when foreigners grace these local events, they tend to introduce the western system to the locals who judge it and put it into practice. It takes a person who is properly educated and learned to know how to preserve their culture despite the influence of the foreign tourists. CONCLUSIONIn a nutshell, change surface if Nigeria is rich in cultural festivals, there are some practices that are not supposed to be sustained anymore and there are some that are meant to be preserved and maintained. For example, sacrificing of human beings. On the other hand, it is good for foreign tourists to come for the events and educate the locals more about festivals, but the locals also need to be educated on how to preserve their culture. REFERENCES http//emeagwali. com/nigeria/cuisine/igbo-new-yam-festival. html Robertico Rosendo croes. (2000), Anatomy of demand in international tourism, a case study of Aruba, Van Gorcum. ihttp//www. nasarawastatetourism. com/events/GbagyiGbogun. html Bob Mckercher, Hilary du cros. (2002), cultural tourism the coalition between tourism and cultural heritage management, U. S. A. the Haworth hospitality press. http//nigerianartatoyasaf. blogspot. com/2012/02/in-benin-igue-festival-2011-c elebrates. html stopcock Robinson, Sine hietmann, peter Dieke. (2011), Research themes for tourism, UK, CAB international. http//www. onlinenigeria. com/festivals/? blurb=471 Milena Ivanovic. (2008), Cultural tourism, pallium Town, South Africa, Juta & company. ltd. ICOMOS AND UNWTO.

Natural Progression: Dissent to Disagreement

Boorstin discusses the distinction betwixt disaccord and disagreement, and deems one to be a dangerous crabby person, and the other to be the life blood of social commentary. Despite Boorstins claim that dissent is the ugly mutation of disagreement, dissent is actually the more powerful, complete trumpeter to disagreement. Dissent is the antonym based off of an unpopular opinion, whereas disagreement is an opposition to more socially explored issue. Disagreement is the safe way to bring astir(predicate) change, a passive and fast moving path as you possess support nates you.In the beginning of the womens suffrage movement, the scrap they proposed to society wasnt a simple disagreement, but a radical dissention. Until it became a popularized nonion, womens suffragettes were considered to be out for their own personal amusement, and not for the betterment of a society. Once enough support had been gathered behind the movement, the ideas that had once been considered dangerou s were no longer all that socially unacceptable. This is not to say, however, that disagreement is not a worthwhile pursuit, it is in that the seed of dissention essential be continued to be carried out, but it is the safer method.The argument against dissention is, a minority opinion should not be supported so as not to disturb the social waters. However, it is necessary for dissent to occur for disagreement to cultivate and for society to change. Without radical opposition to the current social norms, society leave never move beyond its current state. Progress is necessary in human society. In other words, rather than being a cancer of argument, dissention is the necessary struggle before the art of disagreement. It is a necessary procedure of the social plotting process.

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Jared Diamond. the Worst Mistake in the History Essay

Jared rhomb. The Worst Mistake in the History of the Human incline Jared Diamond writes about the consequences of agriculture on the human race. He suggests that the soonest farming societies did not have an easier more productive lifestyle than hunter-gatherer societies, depraved to popular belief. For example, the Kalahari Bushmen spend a mere average of 12 to 19 hours a week to getting food, and on average sleep a lot, work less hard, and have more free time than flock in hunter- gatherer societies.Another consequence agriculture had on mankind is their diets. Hunter-gatherers eat many various unhinged plants and animals therefore, they have bettor victual than farmers who generally only eat the limited variety of crops they produce. For example, the Kalahari Bushmens fooling intake was 2,140 calories and 93 grams of protein, whereas farmers gave up good viandsal crops for cheap calories run aground in their starchy crops. In my own opinion, I believe that Diamonds pap er is for the most part skewed for the reason that he has a great anti-progressivist incline.Whenever Diamond makes a direct comparing in the midst of farming and hunter- gatherer societies, he shows all the positives for hunter-gatherer and the negatives for farmer societies. For example, when Diamond is study the nutrition of the two societies, he talks about the balance of nutrients and diet, he mentions that the Kalahari Bushmen eat a variety of over 75 different wild plants and receive more calories than needed. On the other hand, he mentions the fact that thousands of Irish farmers died during the potato famine during the 1840s.Another example of how Diamonds bias towards the gatherer side affects the paper is when he tries to compare the Bushmen to the Ethiopian farmers. The parity is trying to show that being a gatherer is a better choice by comparing Kalahari Bushmen to the Ethiopian farmers. This is not an equal comparison because he uses the Kalahari Bushmen who are apparently above average on nutrition and one of the most successful Hunter-gatherer societies to one of the lower, undernourished farming societies in Ethiopia.

Unit 9 – Assignment 2 Complete the Assignment Specified in Sam.

Judy Vasquez HCMG745-Dr. Szostek March 27, 2013 Week 4-Assignment 4 You lead explore these beas in a research based typography with at least four scholarly references. Be sure to re-start the weekly focus atomic number 18a, evaluate its effect on the future of health care and your practice, and conclude the aspects of quality and outflank practice involved. Due Day 7 For Week 4 Operations, develop an overall operations plan. TOPIC unofficial EFFECT ON HEALTHCARE FUTURE OVERALL QUALITY & take up PRACTICE ISSUESWhat will be a typical patient control? Patients are first seen with either our primeval physician or orthopedists, umteen are experience joint, spinal, or neck issues from motor vehicles accidents or mouse and falls, so they are usually in a lot of pain. Patients are prescribed pain medication if needed, and go through a series of tests performed by our physicians at our practice. Imaging is usually needed, so some(prenominal) moldiness hurl MRIs and X rays perfo rmed and bring their CDs with them to be reviewed by our doctors.We always finish with each of our patients, and if they accept procedure they have ore-surgical and post surgical consultations with our physicians. appoint patient flow from making the appointment to paying the bill. Many of our patients have been in car accidents or slip and falls, they are being referred to our surgeons, neurologists, primary physicians, and orthopedists from attorneys. If the pain is tolerable we do not recommend surgery, however when patients are in excruciating pain we have them see our neurologist to have various neurological tests performed.When we have a new patient referred to our office, we cockle all of their demographics and insurance information, if they do not have insurance many times there is a liable fellowship information involved.. scratch we call the attorney to get more information on the solecism, side by side(p) we telefax the attorney letters of protection. Some of our cases are funded so we fax the funding company the information on the case with liable party information such as limits. Next we schedule a surgery date for the patient if surgery is needed, and ax the surgery center the case and Letter Of Protection for patient to sign.Lastly, after the surgery we fax the paperwork for coding. How will you address regulatory compliance and risk management? From a health check practice standpoint complying with regulations not only decreases risk but tummy decrease mortality and costs. http//www. acponline. org/running_practice/practice_management/regulatory_compliance/How will continuous quality improvement and best practices be addressed? How are you going to develop and maintain an ethical, quality, and tutelage practice for the long term? What regulatory bodies will you have to be concerned with on an ongoing basis?Medicare and Medicaid Audits are some of the major(ip) regulatory bodies our practice is constantly concerned with. Recovery Aud it programs function to decrease the likelihood of overpayment and underpayments of their beneficiaries. This means our practice must stay on top of proper coding and billing to avoid penalties associated with false claims. http//www. cms. gov/Research-Statistics-Data-and-Systems/Monitoring-Programs/recovery-audit-program/index. hypertext markup language? redirect=/rac/ What do you see as possible futuristic operations issues/policies? How will you create the optimal care environment?

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Reusability of Code Essay

Designing a grave faeces often take a lot of time, depending on the complexity of the coding. This is wherefore statute reusability has set out a standard when it comes to computer scheduling. But to consider why you would reuse inscribe, you need to understand what goes into creating cypher. This essay will equate and contrast procedural planming modules and objects. Also, it discuss the security terms in concealment code, passing of data versus data encapsulation, code reuse in more than one program, and how object-oriented methods are similar to procedural modules.According to Gaddis (2010) at that place are two methods of programming that are primarily used Object-oriented and adjectival. Procedural programming is more focused on creating procedures object-oriented programming is focused on creating objects. When dealing with procedures, the data items are separate from the procedures. Gaddis (2010) says this muckle cause problems, exclusively at the same time it will help the program become larger and more complex. But where procedural programming separates code and data, object-oriented programming handles it through encapsulation and data hiding.Encapsulation takes an object and combines data and code into it. Data hiding makes it possible to hide code in the inside of an object from the code outside of the object. An object normally hides its data, but leaves the methods available for access. Gaddis (2010) states, When an objects internal data is hidden from outside code and access to that data is restricted to the objects methods, the data is protected from accidental corruption. thither is also no reason to worry about formatting of the code inside the object, skilful the methods of the object.If you want to reuse codes, the best way to do it is to create modules. They let you duplicate code in a program so that you can execute whenever youneed the service. The Microsoft website (What Is Reusable Code?, 2013) says that code reusabilit y can be used if the code doesnt have to modified, and can perform a specific service regardless of what the application uses it. It just can be too complex of a code. Just as we use standards in everyday life, there are standard code that is used with computer programs. Venit and Drake say (2011) that inheritance goes along with code reusability. heritage takes the methods and attributes from old classes and uses them in new ones.In conclusion, there are distinguishable aspects between object-oriented programming and procedural programming. These two methods have different shipway of functioning within a program. And as long as a code isnt to complex, code reuse is very possible.ReferencesGaddis, T. (2010). Starting step up with Programming Logic & Design (Second Edition ed.). Addison-Wesley. Microsoft. (2013). What Is Reusable Code? Retrieved from http// program library/office/aa189112(v=office.10).aspx Venit, S., & Drake, E. (2011). Prelude Programming Concepts and Design (Fifth Edition ed.). Addison-Wesley.

Peer Event Management

accomplice Events prudence Head Saadaan confederatezada Brief Introduction A leading exit management accompany of Pakistan, couple Events focusing has promoted the crops of numerous top Multi- subject Companies through non-media communication across Pakistan. fellow Events Managements creative approach is complemented by the largest inventory of enunciate and light equipment and trained personnel.We nominate solid experience in organizing contrasting commercial events like product launches and re-launches, branded activities in schools, clubs, restaurants, road shows and in-house company programs. We at the Peer Events Management atomic number 18 confident of our capacity to nominate the extravaganza. We have the credentials to manage whole aspects of creative conceptualization on with efficient execution and organization on mass-scale. Peer Events Management tail offer you, the client, adept project management team, one cohesive focus.We argon unique in the indu stry since we can provide full event management services through our extensive in-house capabilities and our proven net break down of strategic partners. From the development of initial logistical and creative requirements, through the actual proceeds and management of events, we are the only partner you will need Peer Event Management utilizes state-of-the art equipment and techniques and its professional personly staffed.Peer Events Management is Pakistans attracter in specializer state, set, fabrication, product launches, road shows, concerts, fashion shows, annual conferences, Peer Event Management and creativity and innovation, deliver the talent and take distri bute of the full production, from soaring tech sound and lighting systems to cleanup and gives a special meld of experience, technical expertise and creative energy. History With either over 25 years of experience in the art of science of mental synthesis sets for touring road shows, cinema , idiot box, music videos, mega events all over Pakistan.Our reputation as been earned by turning some of the some adventurous tip set concepts into practical and economical realities. The diverse list of nation simple clients proves that there is an ever increasing motion control technology. fragments Salmaan Peerzada Salmaan Peerzada study History, economic science and Philosophy at the University of the Punjab and alike appeared in some super favored productions of the organisation College Dramatic club. He directed plays and gained much bank bill for his work which included A Midsummer Nights Dream, consanguinity Wedding, spirit and Picnic.He entered the plastic snap industry as a Camera Assistant, but then turned to acting. He went to England in 1964 and throughout the vities and mid-seventies he played a number of prominent roles in UK tears and television series and plays. Most notable amongst these were the popular TV series catch Ward 10 and Twisted Nerves, a Boulting Broth ers burgeon forth in which he co-starred with Hailey Mills and A Private Enterprise, a highly in(predicate) feature film directed by Peter smith in which Salmaan played the lead. On the death of his father he returned to Pakistan and founded the Rafi Peer sphere shop in his memory.He directed several highly successful productions for the workshop including plays of Rafi Peer. He played the lead role in Blood of Hussain winner of the Prize of the Nations at Taormina, and shortly afterwards wrote and directed Maila for furrow 4 television UK. He has just finished a major(ip) international feature film Zargul which he wrote and directed and which is now on international release. Producer Usmaan Peerzada executive director ProducerUsmaan was a Student at Government College Lahore 1967 74, Secretary, Government College Dramatic Society, Master in English Literature.Awarded outflank proletarian of the year 1971 at the Najam-ud-Din Drama fete, Kinnaird College, Lahore. Organized and acted in the USIS Repertory Theatre Company, 1974. During the 1975-76, he played the lead in the 1st Pakistani English language film produced and directed by Senator Javaid Jabbar Beyond the Last piling. Starred in the 1st Pakistani co-production with Sri Lanka 1976-77 Sazish. Starred in a Sri Lanka/Italian/French co- production Seeta Devi, an international film and shot on location in Sri Lanka, Maldives and Australia.During the hitch 1977-79, he worked in Pakistan Film assiduity as an actor. Usmaan is one of the top billing stars on Pakistan TV and is in like manner a documentary filmmaker. He also worked on UNICEF projects in consultatory capacity as a film journalist. In 1985, 1st Peer Films film Nazdikian was produced. Nazdikian was a new concept of low budget film in Pakistan. Film bagged over 17 awards and 4 national film awards including the Best Film of the year 1986. In 1989, he wrote, directed and produced a mega star Punjabi film called Gori Dyan Jhanjran whic h did remarkable business on box office. Gori Dyan Jhanjaran win 6 national awards given by the Government of Pakistan including the Best Film of the year 1990, which is an all time record in the history of the National Awards. Since 1990, he has been touch on in creating a ripe video/film studio with latest technology. He wrote, produced, directed and acted in one of the most commercially successful Tele-drama 13 part serial SOFIA for TV. In 1997 he directed QARZ which got 14 nominations for national film award. He is also involved in producing and directing 90 minute Tele-films. Imraan PeerzadaImraan Peerzada is a graduate of the Punjab University and has examine design at National College of the Arts for 2 years. He was studied fashion and product word picturegraphy at Parsons Schools of Art, New York (U. S. A). Imraan is presently doing his know in Cinematography and Video from U. C. L. A. , California, U. S. A. He has also been very supple on stage and produced, directed and acted in many plays during the period 1981-88. He has contributed as a writer by writing 25 plays for children which have been staged and also produced as television serials.Produced 25 audio cassettes of syndicate tales for children and has written columns for different newspapers on assorted(a) subjects and also worked as photo journalist. Photographed covers and major fashion spreads for all leading Karachi magazines (1985-90). He is an Associate Member of the Multiracial Theatre in Washington D. C. He has worked extensively as an actor for televison, radio and stage and acted as the leading star in ZARGUL a Peer Films feature film. Imraan Peerzada is presently works on various stage projects and 90 minutes independent televison dramas.Saadaan Peerzada Producer Puppeteer, Mime Artist, Producer, Executive Director of Peer assort, chairman of the International Puppet feast Pakistan, strategian in various Departments of the company i. e. Finance Management, Administration , Strategic Marketing and merciful Resource Management Saadaan is the master-mind providing the structure on which dreams are woven. Currently he is involved in creating a private production of puppet programs for television. another(prenominal) than his artistic prowess, Saadaan Peerzada is the driving force behind Rafi Peer Theatre store.The success of Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop is to a large extent repayable to the business acumen, energy and foresight of Saadaan Peerzada who is its Executive Director. Saadaan Peerzada is also the fo under/ condition of the Puppet Theatre Division of Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop, which today has the distinction of being not only among the first but also the best of the puppet theatre groups in Pakistan. As a puppet hustler par excellence and with much sensitivity Saadaan has played several twelve characters on stage with Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop. His main experience is in art developing projects.Right from inception, he designs, organizes and structures. He has prepared several bang-up concepts and conducted them very successfully. He knowing and per work oned in a solo clown and Magic Show and toured with puppets all over Pakistan. This was over a period of several years and the show was very successful with more than two thousand productions. Faizaan Peerzada Producer and director Born in Lahore, Pakistan, The son of Pakistans foremost playwright Rafi Peer, Faizaan began his career at Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop in 1977, which he now heads as its Artistic Director.He has experience in organizing cross-cultural events that the company has arranged with over a thousand different programs for children as well as adults all over the country. Some of these shows are pioneering efforts in the upcoming history of the playing arts in Pakistan. Faizaan Peerzada has worked with committedness for several years designing programs to develop childrens minds by making them advised of the visual arts, as well as providing opp ortunities for them to participate in the performing arts.These programs include child art fetes, art workshops, and live art demonstrations with children. He specially designed programs to celebrate the International Year of the Child in 1979 spread over the entire year, including three major art festivals in which at least 35,000 children participated in a span of six months. Faizaan Peerzada is a puppeteer with distinction and has been awarded the Presidents medal for the Pride of Performance. He has performed regularly in all the major towns of Pakistan and in many cities abroad.The puppets have also given a sense of achievement to Faizaan as an artist both for stage and television. He has created more than 2500 puppets for an assortment of puppet plays, and has produced over one hundred TV puppet shows as a director as well as the stage and puppet designer. He has also travelled internationally on over 7 major international tours and festivals with various productions. Another major step in the development of the puppetry art form is the setting of the museum of puppets in Lahore, of which Faizaan is the Project Director. This museum will be the first of its attractive across South Asia.Faizaan has been the integral driving force in creating fifteen International Festivals of Puppets, Theatre, Music, and Dance beginning in 1992. These Festivals have had participation from 56 countries, with over 3000 artists representing over 300 groups. The Fourth International Puppet Festival 1998 held in Lahore was declared internationally as the biggest international puppet festival in the world. He now heads The World Performing Arts Festival Pakistan with its latest session planned for October 2003. Faizaan has also been a founding segment for UNIMA Pakistan.He is presently the president of UNIMA in Pakistan, which was setup on the 15th February, 1993 in PakistanIn 1976 he held his first painting exhibition at the American cultural Centre, Karachi and then follo wed that with approximately forty painting exhibitions in Pakistan, and twenty six solo art exhibitions in the United States and Europe. He is a modern expressionistic painter who is presently dedicated to working with puppets and large faces. Faizaans fascination for lights over the last two decades has now given him the experimental condition of a household name as a lighting designer.He has designed stages and lights for several programs in Pakistan including festivals and several instillations for events abroad. Visual media has always fascinated Faizaan and this has resulted in Laatoo, his first documentary with co-director Alix Phillippon. The documentary covers all aspects and problems faced by jumprs in Pakistan. It also looks at the popular forms of dance which are officially permitted by the Government the Vulgar Dances in the movies, the Heera Mandi influence, and the commercial stage.In addition, it looks at how the true dance form has suffered and how the cheep commer cial dance has mushroomed, eventually twisting the value of dance in our culture giving it its dire image and restrict status . It finally looks at the hypocrisy that has been forcefully imposed on the dancers and the mankind, making everyone lose. Film has now given Faizaan a new belongings to express himself and he intends to continue in it. Currently he is record a project delineated into three major documentaries on the Sufi Shrines of Pakistan.The project takes an in depth look at, and analyzes, over 800 diverse shrines all across the country, while the individual films are separated into studies focusing on the Architectural, Spiritual, and the Poetic elements of the Shrines. Tasneem Peerzada Executive Director Tasneem Peerzada has had a varied and diverse professional career it spans the entire spectrum from beginning as a primary and subsidiary school teacher, to a journalist, a playwright, a lyricist, a press and public relations coordinator, and last, but not least, a poet.After her professional origins in the educational establishment, Tasneem moved onto a more potent public forum by joining The Daily Jung as a journalist. At this leading Urdu language newspaper she worked in both the capacities of an editor and a featured columnist, incorporating all forms of current social and political issues in her writing. She cover Television, Film, Theatre, and political personalities under human interest, reported on social and political dilemmas for awareness, and also covered fashion for the front pages of the media and entertainment sections.Tasneem later wove all these fundamental elements into a singular vocational focus when she joined the Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop as a company director. Here she wrote scripts for TV shows, awareness productions (whether on anti-narcotics or childrens education), theatre skits, as well as lyrics and songs for product anthems, corporate launches, and Television jingles. She also became an ardent media and press c oordinator for the Peer Group and its sister companies as well as a director in the companies numerous internationally acclaimed national and international performing arts festivals.Currently Tasneem Peerzada is working on her first novel and a poetry publication slated to be published soon. The services Peer event management utilizes state-of-the-art equipment and techniques and its professionally staffed. Peer events management is Pakistans leader in specialist state, set, fabrication, product launched, road shows, concerts, fashion show, annual conferences, Peer Event Management and creativity and innovation, deliver the talent and take care of the full production, from high tech sound and lighting systems to cleanup and gives a special blend of experience, technical expertise and creative energy.

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Labeling and Discrimination Essay

Theory is the criminal process. It is the way people and actions are defined as criminal. The one definite thing that all criminals percent is the negative social reaction as being designate as bad. Law-abiding partnership often shuns the wrongdoer causing them to be stigmatized and stereo roled. The negative label applied to an offender often shapes their self-image and often leads them to hot up to their newfound identity by committing acts that are more criminal.Edwin Lemert set forth this as being secondary deviance caused by primary deviance. The self- belief identifies deuce major theoretical perspectives. The first concept being that deviant labeling whitethorn subsequently influence deviance by altering a souls self-worth. The role of self-dynamics and symbolic reaction amplifies negative expectations of hostel. The second concept focuses on social structure aspects of exclusion of offenders by blocked access to structural opportunities. Matsudo, 1992) This ultimat ely becomes discrimination for people labeled by alliance as criminals. Felon is a label that is inclined to ex-offenders by society that confirms the degrading status that accompanies conviction. This is labeling. An offender is discriminated against because society views them as being bad. In short, a felon is a levelheaded outlaw and social outcast. Not all the good that a mortal may run through done previously suddenly matters and society assumes that in that location is nothing but despicable traits left in this souls reference point. Their integrity is lost forever.Society assumes that felons washstandnot change and it becomes a struggle to be given a second chance to prove that people can, and do change, if the get out to do so is in that location coupled with the tools needed to strain a law-breaking free aliveness are also. The stigma connect to felons is so great that most opportunities for education, employment, and housing are not sluttish to obtain. Thes e opportunities (tools) are often blocked because the offender has a criminal conviction. If society insufficiencys a lower offensive activity rate then it seems that these opportunities should be on hand(predicate) to individuals in this category.In order to rehabilitate individuals there mustiness be a way for them to raise their self-image and seek out a shame free life. A sense of self-pride and achievement for m some(prenominal)(prenominal) offenders could be the turning point in life needed for them. In turn, the abomination rate would decrease. (Bodwitch, 1993, Freeman, 1991, Hagan, 1991, Link, 1982, Sullivan, 1989) These peoples are no less human or match than all different except that they have made a mistake. Our society has somehow decided it to be acceptable to treat this congregation of people, and there are more than two million in the United States, as outcasts, undeserving of housing, employment, or education.Society has decided that felons should not only dish the sentence given as punishment for their crime, they should be punished for the repose of their gets. This seems very unfair and cruel. In my opinion, we as a nation should be not be discriminating against this group of people, but instead should be giving them equal opportunity to be educated so that they can obtain employment to yield themselves and their families. They should have the same opportunity to live in adequate housing just as the stick of society does.This would be a step in the right direction to attention increase the self- image that has been shattered by labeling and mayhap deter any behavior by responding to this labeling by continued criminal activity as a means of defense, adaptation, or by attacking back at society. (Bernberg) Education is the first step to rehabilitating an offender. Many offenders do not regular have a high school education. Some cannot read or write. In order to obtain remunerative employment sufficient to support ones self o r a family, they must have at least a basic education.If not, some form of crime pull up stakes be used to compensate for the lack of income provided by employment. In order to be employed by any company you must have a high school diploma or a GED certificate. Denying education is a form of discrimination to suppress a group of people from gainful employment. Employment is one of the hardest things for an offender to obtain. Employment applications need for any convictions to be harkened. If an offense is not listed on the application, it can be a reason for termination.Anyone that does choose not to disclose their convictions runs the risk of losing benefits from geezerhood of employment such as their retirement benefits and/or medical coverage. more(prenominal) often than not, if an offense is listed on the application it will be a disqualifying factor for consideration of the position. Even if the offense does not disqualify the applicant the mere fact that there are so many another(prenominal) people looking for work that the applicant without any previous convictions will probably be placed ahead on the qualifying list for employment.Most employers view a felon just as the rest of society does. They do not want a person of this character working for them because they may view them as being dishonest, or they major power even be frightened of the felon. This practice of asking for convictions on employment applications is also a form of discrimination. It greatly reduces the possibility of gainful employment for criminals by asking for this information. The past convictions of a person does not have any bearing on whether or not they are the best qualified applicant for the position offered by a company.If any person is denied employment and has no way to support himself or his family, that person will ultimately turn to some form of crime in order to do so. The offender will adapt and live up to societies expectations of them. If this type of di scrimination stops, there is a possibility that more offenders will conform to the expectations of society and rehabilitate into productive citizens, thus, decreasing crime in our communities. Another area of discrimination for offenders is the housing market.Society does not want anyone with a criminal past living in their community among them. An offender can have a conviction that is over twenty days old and still be denied housing in many communities such as mobile home parks, apartment complexes s, private rentals, and even from some home loans. Some communities will not allow anyone with any type of criminal history to live there. A person could have had their offenses brush off by the court and still be denied because of the accusation alone.Many of the brass programs offered to help low-income people are not available to anyone with a felony. A felon is automatically disqualified from receiving any help from government programs. offenders often end up living in communitie s that are offered by slum lords in areas that have a bigger crime rate than in other areas. This practice of discrimination could lead to offenders locomote back into committing criminal acts because other criminals surround them, thus, reinforcing a negative self-image perhaps leading to a return to criminal activities. If society continues to accept the criminology supposition it will continue to cause social difficultys for both the community and the offender. Labeling is a stepping stone in the development of criminal careers. (Benrburg) This social problem ruins peoples lives and creates a pattern of recidivism. The goal of society should be to try to find ways to decrease crime, not condone practices that will potentially increase crime. Everyone deserves a second chance in life to correct the mistakes that have made.If society was as quick to give a second chance, as it is to label and condemn someone for their mistakes, we could possibly rehabilitate a good number of o ffenders into productive citizens. Our nation could even possibly decrease the crime rate at the same time. None of the other practices of the criminal justice system seems to be working very well, maybe an approach of removing the barriers blocking education, employment, and housing might make a overbearing difference.

Erikson’s Theory In Today’s Culture: A Reflection

A somebodys genius directly affects how he conducts himself and ultimately, how he go out live his life. In much ways than atomic number 53, then, somebodyality helps direct a person towards victor. Having said this, it is no wonder that the exploitation of a persons personality has long been the subject of psychological research. Of the many theories in personality and child development, Erik Eriksons is one of those that arouse stood the test of time. Perhaps this is largely due to the fact that unlike most theories, his covers the whole life cycle of man.It also helped that amongst the rather purist concepts of the nature vs. urture phenomenon his recognizes twain the effect of internal development (of the body and the mind) and the influence of the outside public to a persons personality. However adaptive Eriksons psychosocial stages are, though, it is solace important to reexamine it alongside our polish today, in order to venture how effective and accurate it fre e is. On a general viewpoint, the master(prenominal) tenet of Eriksons philosophy that there are specific traits substantial (or lost) in a particular stage in a persons life electrostatic holds even when analyzed alongside our ever-developing culture.This substance that on most counts, contemporary culture has strengthened Eriksons hypothesis not negate or redefine it. For example, that the viewpoint of a person with regard to how trustworthy the world is shaped during the early years is still true (whether that occurs exclusively during infancy is up to now subject to verification) late(a) studies of incidents of suicide show its relation to the formation during the early years of the underlying belief I have earlier mentioned.Likewise, it is still true that a sense of self-sufficiency is developed during the toddler years when we learn to go on our own, and feed and bathe ourselves. The continuous development of our educational system of rules supports the two subseq uent stages play age and school age in Eriksons theory indeed, it is during the time we start going to school and increase our circle that we develop initiative and the value of industry.As for the close stage, adolescence, it still is the case that during these years in our struggle for independence from parents in our cause to develop romantic relationships and strengthen our ties with friends in our quest to find the coiffure to the question Who am I? we develop a deeper sense of our identity. I mentioned that on most counts, Eriksons theory holds. There are several(prenominal) points in his work, however, that are redefined by a change in our culture. integrity of the most glaring changes would be in his stage of young adulthood. magic spell it is true that during this time we seek love and a deeper relationship, more and more of the American youth opt to stay single until their thirties. Whereas before offset a family occurs at this stage, now having kids occurs more in Eriksons next stage middle adulthood. In my opinion, the high incidence of divorce nowadays, and the tempt of leading a life devoid of the immense responsibility get hitched with life entails, instills in us the belief that having a family takes careful be after and thus, takes time.Upon examining Eriksons theory, it is prevalent that he sees his stages as having a linear manner that is, the stages and the development of the traits he singled out for each stage occur one after the other, with each one having a direct effect on the stage it precedes. In simpler terms, then, if a person failed to develop trust in infancy, he will have a hard time cultivating autonomy in the next stage, if he even ever does. Such a pessimistic way of putting things, I believe, is doomed to criticism and negation in itself.How many times have we heard of success stories, of people who roseate above a troubled childhood to find love and success in their adult lives? Erikson, it seems, failed to take into account the strength of the human record to rise above any predicament. If there is one characteristic of our culture and our world today that may hinder us from successfully navigating by means of Eriksons psychosocial stages, it is their being fast-paced.In an environment where success is predominantly measured by what you own, we are driven to lead lives that place personal relationships in the back seat. Given this fact, it is possible that more and more of us will fail to pick a crisis or two in the rightly time, as outlined in Eriksons work. I believe, however, that disdain this fact, in the end we will still tackle the issues inherent in our struggle to form our identity, and we will still be able to resolve them all.

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Blue Streak Essay

What suggestions would you offer to artistic production to improve his operation? It seems as though, Art prematurely opened the two locations in bordering states. Because Art was a constant figure in his otherwise locations from inception, the vision that he had for those locations were taught and competent to be practiced to his standards. There are at least trey areas in which this operation can be improved. It is crap that art weighs that the public denominator in the success of all his other locations is his presence.At the locations in neighboring states his managers feel as though, he frequents the locations too much. There is a clear disconnect in his intent and their out look of the situation. His manager seeming believe that he doesnt trust them to effectively manage, and do the strain in which they were hired. They likely seem his as a micromanager. I believe that this enigma can be solved with simple communication.He explains the cogitate behind his constant v isitations and Im sure his manager forget be able to recognise his reasoning and that leave relieve whatever of the tension. Also, his managers do not seem to know what Art is expecting of them as managers. This problem can be handled with training. Art may want to think or so closing down his locations for a limited period of time in order to teach his managers what is expected of them. When Art visited these locations, it seems as though he never effectivelyWhat management skills must Art master if he is to resolve his problems and continue to grow? Conceptual skills may help him to understand that in order for the company to succeed he needs to intention and organize his goals. Using these skills increases the ability to see the organization as a whole. It would help Mr. Benton to understand the relationships among the different offices and see how the organization fits into its broader environment. These skills are furious for the top management and go out the company wi ll grow and it will also allow Mr.Benton to grow as a person. Mr. Benton can obtain the skills mastered in his company by realizing how the out-of-state offices are connected to the other offices. By understanding this he can understand the business as a whole and decide on the objectives and then proceeding to computer program and organize management task. Therefore, mastering conceptual skills are recommended to learn since it will help the CEO understand the company as whole fashioning better decisions and resolving the problems at ease.

Mono Lake Committee

The atmosphere here makes you feel at tranquillity with yourself. Not only do people FRR mom all everywhere the world come here photographers, journalists, ornithologists, but even locals come to unify with nature. As I am meditating on the shore line of monaural Lake, I begin to take in my sours endings. The scenery is unique and brings me peace. It unifies me with who I am and who I will become.I feel the UN baking down on me as a breeze lifts the smell of salt water towards me. When that settles, pickaxe up a thick earthy smell that reminds me of wet grass. Its blue to notice different types of birds flying around, for example, lake birds and shore birds, Canadian geese, California g lulls, an osprey flying off the towering tuffs. Its amazing how the tuffs are dispassionate of the same subs dances and yet they each have their own complexity. Was fascinated by the seagulls nests tucked into the tuffs. If this lake wasnt here, there would be no place for the birds to rest and eat.Mono Lake isnt provided a lake, its a special lake. This lake is ever changing, theres always something new. Every back(prenominal) around me is peaceful and yet buzzing with life. Places like Mono Lake offspring because it gives people the chance to connect w tit nature and in todays overstretched world its important to rest and reflect on life. In the cit y, theres no woods for people especially kids, to explore and discover places like these. No matter how many times people drive past this sorcerous place, it never gets old.

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Is the Customer “Always Right”

Is The Customer Always Right? Abstract The client is invariably well(p). It is the merchandisers wealth to safeguard the interests of nodes. many an(prenominal) venders count that some the node is unreasonable and roughhewn. Customer is always right for three reasons. First, the customer is always right is non the criterion of distinguished surrounded by right and victimize but is the criteria of the table service work because the focus of the work is how to economic aid customers curb the right choices, and how to provide good service to customers. Next, understand the psychology of the customer bottom help employees easily complete with them.It is dope make the seller better serving the customers and make customers to accept a higher take aim of satisfaction. Finally, allowing guests to be grouchy, bum improve the quality of companies and salespeople. The example of Apple and Nokia demonstrates that busy customers can make the seller better serving the cust omers and make customers to absorb a higher level of satisfaction. The survival and development of enterprises rely on the trust and support of the customer. Like Zhang (as cited in Gluckman, the last paraphrase 2012) give tongue to we leave always be wrong. So we will do betterIs The Customer Always Right? The customer is always right. Many people dont think so, because when customers walk into a store, the shop assistant gives many different kinds of merchandise for them to choose from. However some customers will complain about the products. Some sellers think that some customers are picky and unreasonable. Nevertheless, no matter what kinds of the customers go into the store, regardless of the attitudes and tempers, they are Gods, since they bring expectant amount of profit for the business. Therefore, customer is always right and I have three reasons.First of all, the customer is always right is the goal of service work, not distinguishing between right and wrong. Also, th e slogan the customer is always right can be seen in many companies. However many people do not understand it or misunderstand the original meaning of this slogan. The customer is always right is not to judge the rights and wrongs of the matter. It means that companies to do their uttermost(a) best to create a good environment for the customers make guests to respect quality service, and to ensure the quests feel they have received good set no matter when and where.As Ray Miller (2012) stated, It does not matter who is right and who is wrong. For this sentence a customer may have his or her own ideas, and mayhap these ideas are wrong or misguided. If pointed out that the customer is wrong, it will make things worse Do not need to condole with about right and wrong with customers as a service industry. How to help customers make the right choices, and how to provide good service to customers that is the focus of service work. Secondly, misgiving the psychology of the customer ca n help employees easily cope with them, but how do they cope when the customer is picky?When customers walk into a store, the clerk take out the merchandise give him the choice, more than fractional of customers are very critical. Frequently, customers dont want to buy something maybe have three reasons show off own appreciative, looking for an apology to demand for lower prices and thinking its too expensive, as a reason of do not buy it. Understanding these reasons, employees can more easily seel products. Actually, a salesman usually has three purposes he or she hopes the transaction is successful, hopes customers come again, and hopes the customers to introduce other customers to the business, because a friendly staff.Therefore, understanding customer psychology is a discipline. Serving customers as serving themselves, therefor they can provide a higher level of satisfaction. Finally, allowing guests to be picky, can improve the quality of companies and salespeople because man y good advises from some customers. By contrast, Xiaoyao (2102) observe in The difference between Apple and Nokia that ten years ago, Nokia fluent phone sold was first place staler. With the advancement of technology peoples requirements is as well rising.Because of the discerning of customers, Apple innovate their products to satisfy a clients needs. However, Nokia did not think that this is important. So, Apple exceeded Nokia less than a decade. Even though some vulgar and unreasonable customer think they always right, a simple philosophy said by Zhang (Gluckman, 2012) we always think we are wrong and unaccompanied take the customers need as right can impel company carry on realistic reason of tender activities is society advance and power that develop. In a highly war-ridden market, customers have a wide right of freedom choice and to leverage the commodity.In fact, the customer also can fire anyone in the company, because they can elapse money in other places that make c ustomer like a boss. In my opinion, the customer is a consumer of goods and services and is the foundation source of enterprise. The survival and development of enterprises rely on the trust and support of the customer. Therefore, business should subscribe to the issue from the customers point of view and its polar to put customers satisfaction and their interests at first stage. following this standard will improve sales and our profits.In other words, there would be no profit if on customers bought products. Hence, taking carry off of the interests of the guests is to take care of the business own interests. As Zhang (Gluckman, 2012) said we will always be wrong. So we will do better Reference Miller, R. (2012). Is the customer always right? Retrieved from http//www. thetrainingbank. com/article_is_the_customer_always_right. htm Gluckman, R. (2012). Every Customer Is Always Right. Forbes, 189(9), 38-40. Xiaoyao (2010,7). The difference between Apple and Nokia Retrieved from htt p//www. williamlong. info/archives/2236. html 1

Case Study Darling Chocolate

22. 11. 12 Case Study Darling deep brown (Group 7) 1. The population is precise huge in St. Petersburg and and so there is racy sales potential. The population has experienced improvements in living conditions and material well-being however the standard of living was not that high and incomes atomic number 18 mum very low. The annual average growth of income was 23% and average annual inflation rate was only 12%. The average spending on victuals is about 56% of family budget. Only 2% of monthly expenditures for food ar dog-tired on chocolate and brush asidedy.Due to several reasons the attitude of Russian consumers is more or less negative towards imported ( irrelevant) products. They perceive that national products are at least as good as conflicting products. So, in general they prefer national products. Hence, it is not very well to create scrape awareness, because Russian consumers are very skeptical and take over not trust publicize blindly. Chocolate is ma ss consumption product. Hence, either quite a little are potential buyers. Russian consumers were desiring and increasingly demanding more admixture in all kinds.The trade can be dissever into cardinal categories, box chocolates which are seen as more luxury products and are practically used for gifts and chocolate bars which are used for personal (more spontaneous) consumption. The commercialize experiences seasonal ups and downs for example Christmas and New Year Holiday season and Womens Day are very great times for selling chocolate. The intensity of consumption is around 4 kilograms per person per year. Consumers can be divided into heavy, medium and light user. There are many companies, foreign and domestic, are competing on the market.Foreign companies had been very successful due to low prices and aggressive advertising, exactly in recent years most consumers prefer domestic brands. The jacket three Russian companies in this business are Krupskaya, Azart and Red October. angiotensin converting enzyme of the most important characteristics entering the market in St. Petersburg is the price because it for customers it is the main(prenominal) decision criteria for purchasing or not. The second one is the specific butt joint group due to the fact that different groups prefer different tastes, ingredients and type.Additionally, the competitors are very important to take into consideration. In order of magnitude to achieve brand awareness and to get acceptance from the Russian customers as a foreign brand the advertising expenditures are very high. 2. It seems to be very serious to succeed as a foreign connection in the Russian market, because customers are quite price sensitive and focused on domestic brands. Therefore, we recommend entering the market with chocolate bars first in order to create higher(prenominal) brand awareness due to higher sales in volume.With those products the company has lower costs for production, experiences econ omies of scale and can offer lower selling prices. Additionally, the heavy users which spent the most add together of money on chocolate are targeted with this strategy. Besides, customers rely on opinions of others line advertising could be a bene pass away. Finally, an aggressive and huge advertising trial is useful. After having brand awareness, the groundwork of higher priced (luxury) chocolate could be easier. However, a good quality is necessary. . The most appropriate customer is the Heavy User, because those people are buying chocolate continuously and spontaneously. More or less, the younger and mid-aged target group should be the aim, because older people rely on their experience and are very loyal to domestic products. Advertising depends on the available budget for this project. In general we would recommend a very aggressive advertising campaign victimisation nearly every media that is available. ace reason is that there is a high level of competition.Very import ant in this case is advertising on Metro-trains and busses as well as at Metro and bus stations. At those points a lot of people spent much time and recognize the ads repetitive. Moreover, our aimed target group is usually using these opportunities of transport and people are often commuters. This kind of travelling enlarges repeating effects and reinforces brand awareness at no additional costs. Additionally, advertising on TV and Radio has to be done as well because those are very important media in Russia to reach the target and therefore to create brand awareness.However, TV is preferred over Radio (although it is more expensive) because you can sell your message easier by pictures. Adverts in newspapers are too important because 70% of households read a daily newspaper. It is also a good medium to offer coupons and give away. But in order to reach younger people and advertise colorful (brand awareness) magazine has to be used for advertising as well. 4. The most important thi ng could be to convince the people that a foreign company is able to fit the needs of the customers in Russia. Therefore, it is very important to sell products with high quality at an affordable price.In order to get a higher market in whole Russia the company has to spread to Moscow and other important cities. Additionally, the product portfolio has to be enlarged to reach more people. At first, the introduction of higher priced products (box chocolates) is necessary in St. Petersburg. Depending on the time this introduction could be most successful when there is Christmas Holiday or Mothers Day when people are seeking for special gifts. Probably the company can think about a production plant in Russia, employing domestic people, lowering transportation costs etc. getting a more positive image.

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Language needs African American Language

The elusive part of the Ebonics controversy is an extremely old problem in the unite States that the status of African American as American and their dialect. It was greatly makes it toilsome to develop a state national level nurtureal constitution for using it in the schoolroom as a way to die hard toward monetary standard American face that was long to implementation is local.It was probably commonplace when it we proposed for the state or in national, we run in to problem of identifying merely what is the meaning of it. This problem can be Avoid by addressing the publish in less effective as kinsperson language. If in practice the policy were, directed generally at all home languages the special needs of African American Vernacular English speakers would be unaddressed. however, the policy were expanded to national educational policy directed at the African American Vernacular English t here would be weapons-grade pressure to identify or even develop a tired version for African American English in order to correctly implement. Which would continue to neglect those who do not speak the new standard, and worsened it would result in the need for African Americans to learn devil standards. The Standard English and African American English were the two standards that the African American needs to know.The validity and arrangementatically of the home language is reasonable However, the social occasion of contrastive analysis ends up sending exactly the message that the firmness was intend to eliminate. If the students home language is allowed in the classroom and then organisationatically translated by the teacher of Standard American English and then no matter what the language or method apply there is the implication that what is being corrected is an mistake, the home language is in error. In this, such of way, the decision could result in even greater stigmatization of the African American Language than already exists.The proposal to int ake Bilingual education methodology to move one language system to another has intrinsic logic that there are systematic differences among two languages and the methods and materials have already been develop and tested. However, the message sent here in practice would be one that is consistent with the intent of the Ebonics Resolution. By classifying African Americans among immigrants populations and the implication is that, immigrants they remain outsiders until they were assimilate themselves to another language or culture. In effect there us an implication that African American do not gain their full citizenship by birth just now earn the assimilating to American culture which by implication is a culture that is not their own.The status of the home language of African Americans is polemical even among those whose sociopolitical goals are one and the same providing equal opportunities for employment and education to a minority group that has historically received less that its beautiful share of the American trance. The issue remains contentious because nobody suss out the use of their language variety towards African Americans. The United States continues to struggle with two worthy but often contradictory ideas in integration and the jubilance of diversity. At the end, little was clarified or even changed by the Ebonics response but the African Americans continues to underachieve in the United States educational system nearly guarantees another discussion of this matter.


The crises write forthment is the fulfilles to wait the threats which be harmful or dope be harmful for the presidential term since it would oblige a greater impact on the reputation of the organic law and construct financial loss. Crises management is the response of the musical arrangement to deal the crises earlier their situation, during their occurrence and after the crises has been occurred. The crisis management involves all the stakeholders and policy incurrs to make the policies to avoid the crisis.When addressing a crisis it is important to structure the scripted communication such that it clearly tells wherefore we argon make the crises management report. Define all the aspects of the crises management. Tell the node near the importance of the crisis management, that how crucial they ar to be managed for growth and do a good reputation perspective. Be prepared to handle the brook crisis Describe all the precautions and the crisis avoidance, settlements and repairing which hurl been done.Tell the customer ab extinct the procedures about crisis all these procedures fulfilling the needs of the brass section or it is just enough and not consoling the organizations needs regarding crisis. Tell the reader that how the procedures and precautions taken raise be more(prenominal) secure and productive for the organization, how the improvements muckle be made to the procedures applied. How information has been collected and includes the reports of performances along it. Explain the crises occurred during the business period.Provide the effects of the crisis to the business and how organizations overcome to these crises. tell clients about the future threats which whitethorn hurt the organization. 5 CRISIS MANAGEMENT- IMPORTANCE OF scripted COMMUNICATION There are various forms of indite communication that are occasiond inbredly for cuisines operations include memos, reports, bulletins, job descriptions, employee manuals, e-mail , and Instant Messages. Examples of written communications generally used with clients or different businesses include e- mail, profit websites, letters, proposals, telegrams, faxes, postcards.An telling written communication follows 7 Cos principle which are- Clear, Concise, Concrete, Correct, Coherent, Complete, and Courteous A crisis is almostthing which poses genuine threat to the reputation or even survival of the organization. This could be eitherthing from a member of staff or trustee who has be encounterd inappropriately, to the closure of some of your organizations services. It might be that one of your service users is unhappy with how your organization has behaved -? and told their tarradiddle to the local crushed leather.Very often, it is when a bad news story about an organization becomes public that it constitutes a real crisis. In crisis management, the threat is the probable deadening a crisis back impact on an organization and a blotto. A crisis can create deuce-ace inter r exultant threats interchangeable it may harm the safety of public, can cause financial loss and more importantly it would damage the reputation of he organization. Crisis management is a process designed to veto or lessen the damage a crisis can inflict on an organization and its stakeholders. Crisis management can be viewed in three phases 1.Pre-crisis It is c at oncerned with the pr vitrineion and preparation. 2. Crisis response This is the phase when management mutually respond to a crisis 3. Post-crisis In this phase management opines for ways to amend handle the crisis and prepare for the next crisis. Importance Of written communication is that with flop structured written message, there is less scope for misinterpretation than with whatever other kind of immunization. A superstar corporate statement on an fruit that deals with public relations can be circulated among alliance employees, the press and the general public.It allows the company to be re applyed by a single statement and creates a sense of continuity. It is effective public relations shape to make sure a company sends a single and reproducible message. 6 CRISIS MANAGEMENT (Techniques & Examples) Crisis management is a systemic approach that engages the satisfying organization in efforts to avert crises that may affect the firm and to in effect manage those that do occur. The objective of organizational crisis management is to make well timed(p) decisions imbrutedd on scoop facts and clear thinking when operating chthonian extraordinary conditions.As fast a crisis is detected it is much easy to manage it. When the first signals of a possible crisis are detected, summoning even undistinguished assets go out empower the organization to manage the situation swiftly. CRISIS MANAGEMENT-Key concern points 1. sexual relation the truth in a balanced way. We live in this present reality where reality can be uncovered rapidly. Being observe lying about your firm s wrong activities can demolish our firm. The exult for revealing firms wrongdoing is colossal. 2. Tell it quickly with all possible mediums By and large, associations have less than a day to tell their truth version.After that, the media and other remote stakeholders get out have taken advantage of auxiliary and tertiary experts who will have their perspectives on what has happened. Utilize all the accessible correspondence conduct including the Internet, Intranet, social net working letters and mass notice frameworks articles, discourse prints. 3. Answer the sou-sou-west of the crisis accurately Firms should have looked more than ten times before making any PR moments about what happened? Where did it happen? When did it happen? Who was involved? why did it happen? 4. Crisis management should be an ongoing process.Crisis management should be an ongoing process that requires careful and constant modification by senior executives. 5. entertain your employees as they are interna l stakeholders. Organizations do not wait for its employees to receive about crisis in the firm from external sources. They are the stakeholders and firm should make arrangements to inform them about crisis in the firm. 6. Designate one spokes someone and extract support to him with experts. 7 The most slap-upforward approach to convey a reliable message amid a crisis is to have one senior formal as representative.All senior administrators ought to experience crisis correspondence preparing. At the point when a crisis hits, the representative ought to be encompassed by specialists who can elaborate on answers to adept questions. 7. Extend support to carriers of bad news. Welcome and help those reporting potential issues. At the point when a crisis is approaching, your most significant asset is the person who advises you about the debilitating circumstance rapidly. 8. Have positive relationships room starting.You can enhance the likelihood for this, in any case, on the off port ion that you take the time to manufacture positive associations with workers and outer stakeholders well fore of time of any emergency circumstance. Doing so permits you to have a clearer face of which people you may depend on. 9. During and after crises, have patience with other and with firm itself Attempting to think plainly under exceptional conditions takes a buzzer on the cerebrum, the heart and the body. It is essential to go to every one of the three amid and after a crisis. Communication Role in Crisis ManagementOf the above describe concerns its quite noticeable that communication covers the major(ip) chunk. Be its informing the internal employees or the external stakeholders use of communication plays significant employment. The communication can occur in various means with major classification as 1) Written communication-Letter, email, copy on company intranet(internal) or website(external) 2) Verbal communication-Face to face, police squad meeting, media conferenc es, telephone call and TV/radio interviews Crisis handling by written communication pros and cons It takes less time to skim through written articles.It can be sharp and to the point. It can be documented and reproduced time and again. besides they are open to misinterpretation because Of limited information and specific paper styles. KEY EXAMPLES (Written Communication) a) TOYOTA- product Recall Three consort but related recalls of automobiles by Toyota Motor Corporation occurred at the end of 2009 and start of 2010. The issue was mechanical sticking of the accelerator pedal causing unintended acceleration, referred to as Sticking Accelerator Pedal by Toyota. Toyota also issued a separate recall for hybrid anti-lock brake software in February 2010.In this section hardly a(prenominal) points in the recall letter will be discussed that failed to deliver their accredited intention because of the ill composition. Key elements Of First Letter (For submit schoolbook of the lette r please refer to concomitant- Part- a) We noticed that Toyota stayed away from apologizing for an accelerator that seems to have a mind of its own. Instead, theyre sorry that they caused problem by implementing the recall. Toyota is the largest car manufacturer in the world. Customers dont care about the closing down the production.We dont think firm is going to discover clients feeling regretful that firm needed to accidentally end the sequential assembly line. Key elements of First Letter (For exact text of the letter please refer to appurtenance- Part- a) We feel that saying straight forward the line Here are the realities for our clients is much stronger than the normal thoughtlessness Here are the certainties. I doesnt seem as though It has a plan of conciliatory sentiment. In this letter their primary focus has shifted to the 99 percent with cars still humming along. They are not concerned about those 1 % who were bothered by the sticking paddle problem. ) FLIPPANT- Bi g billion Day Situation On 6th October, 2014, Pastry introduced its One one million million Sale. flippant had offered massive discounts On products across varied (70+) categories. Flippant had put in months of effort to check off enhanced capacity of products visible(prenominal) to customers on time. Problem -Flippant failed to estimate the demand for its products for the eventful day, as the items went out of stock within a few minutes after the bargain began at 8 am. To avoid the chiding of late delivery, the company stubborn to keep the orders pending.It further cancelled most orders and assured customers that it would refund the notes within 1 0 days. Customers also claimed that the prices were marked up before the discounts, and were available on competing sites at a lower price. Within 10 hours, though Flippant managed to get more than a billion clicks, it attracted criticism from angry customers on social networking sites accusing Flippant for cheating customers on prices and product availability, keeping money of the people without paying interest for 1 0 days, canceling the order without customer request etc.Flatcars response As the flow swayed against it, Flippant sent a mail to its entire customer base the next day, apologizing for the flaws that occurred on he eventful day. Having discussed exactly what went wrong that day, Flatcars ingenuous apology the very next day sought to mitigate the head that it was cheating its customers by giving false promises on price discounts. They discussed the quadruplet major problems that occurred the previous day prices, out of stock products, cancellations and website issues. They highlighted that they would improve their systems to ensure customer trust is not broken again.It assured customers that they are determine by the company and they were sorry to have broken customer trustfulness in them. Thus, Flippant apologized for the inconvenience caused to customers and discussed its future course of action to prevent this from repeating. Key elements of letter (For the exact contents of the letter refer to vermiform process Part-b) The letter followed the principle offs and SW. The letter intended to restore the credibility of the organization amongst its customers. It had an apologetic tone, gave the customers accurate and succinct information about whatever had bygone wrong and excuseed the reasons for the same.The company accepted full responsibility for the entire walloping and did not attempt to shift he blame by any means. It was also emphasized in very polite yet effective tone that they hold the interests if the customers is paramount for them and reassured that such an incident will not repeat in the future a) SOUTHWEST AIRLINES (For the coerces refer Appendix Part- c) The Southwests Flight had a faulty and dangerous landing and it is perfectly exhibit by southwest airlines as in how to handle the crisis situation through quick, clear and transparent communic ation on social media.It eventually helped the organization to win the trust of the customers and overcome the crisis successfully. As seen that the fans supported the response from southwest and had appreciation for Southwests open communication and quick response. The incident showed that the organization had a proper backup plan and the staff was trained properly to handle such situations thereby successfully improving the goodwill of organization. They utilized the straw man on social media with clear roles and response, scripts for those who need to respond immediately to a crisis. ) RED CROSS (For the exact tweets refer to Appendix part- d) Social media was once again the cause of a PR crisis when a personal tweet as sent on the company official Twitter deem in 201 1 . This started turning into a disaster for the organization working for humanitarian cause and when the situation went out of control the Red mess up responded brilliantly with transparency, humor and good grac e. Now, deleting a tweet isnt always the best idea since a) if you have a big audience who notices these things, it can look shady when you delete things , secondly anything deleted can surface to haunt the organization later.But, Red Cross did the right thing by acknowledging that the tweet went out, they elated it, and explaining with humor that it was all a mistake. It never turned into a major crisis. We found that Red Cross went beyond that response and turned a potentially harmful tweet into an hazard for engagement. They took to their corporate blob to explain the situation, show their humanity, and engage with fans and followers. The employee who made the mistake accepted the same with obscureness and humor. This shows that organizations should be careful when using social media as channel of communication.But it was seen that when a crisis arises it is always best to be honest with your mans and followers. Social media folks are very forgiving, as long as an organization does not use dishonest ways to hide their mistake. C) J PENNY Sometimes what happens in the social media can be as dangerous as the company itself causing a blunder. Thus is the case with the J Penny Teapot that looked like Hitler. Reedit is a social bookmaking site, and one of its users posted a picture analyse J Pennys new teapot with Doll Hitler. The Telegraph was quick to pick up this trending topic, and posted in on Twitter.At first it seemed that a trivial event like this would not pose any robbers. J Penny unyielding to take remedial measures to prevent this seemingly harmless tweet from snowballing into a full blown controversy. Key elements of the tweet (For the tweet refer to Appendix Part- e) The reply was quite unique and was humorous and the reason was that they thought that a serious tone would project them as being defensive. By doing this the event was turned into an excellent marketing exercise with the teapot being sold out within days. This is a classic example where a crisis was turned into an opportunity to market its product.We found that the company was expensive to the influence of social media and thereby by acting quickly and with wit a big crisis was avoided. 11 CONCLUSION In times of crisis, written communication plays an important role in mitigating a crisis. A formal communication to stakeholders assures them that the company is rightfully addressing the problem. It provides the customers an accurate description of the crisis facing the company, and the organizations plan of action to mitigate it. Our attain findings from this project were 0 In a world of information technology, media pressures and controversies may put the company into severe downturn.

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Eastern Foods Essay

IntroductionYou impoverishment to do the same search and prep ar before discourteous a new eatery. As a member of UK planning team, I need to provide a penning about the ch each(prenominal)enges facing Eastern Foods in next few months, which is truly important thing for starting your trade. AS the saying goes, everything is hard in the originatening, to open a new restaurant, it leave behind certainly encounter problem. For example, on that top dog is no vogue to tear customers at a loss or gain customers but no cyberspaces which tierce restaurant father a normal origin. Furtherto a greater extentcomplaint due to nutrition galosh issues. Next, recruitment and perspective-training. For a manager, it is similarly crucial psychological qualitiesand can finish off the problem & make logical decisions and take the initiative & respond flexibly to change situations. Hence, writing a report can help you write out that what issues you pull up stakes meet and let you can do psychological preparation.The ch allengesHRM kind-hearted resource heed (HRM, or simply HR) is the care process of an transcriptions workforce, or human resources. It is responsible for the attraction, selection, training, assessment, and rewarding of employees, while also overseeing organizational leadership and culture and ensuring respect with employment and labor laws. (WIKIPEDIA, 2014) Thus, maturation Eastern Foods which need the HR department essential prepare in advance and qualified candidates to start. We need make a plan to attract people join us, and we go away face the choice of employees that what we need employees, managers, chef and host or other(a) to do and they moldiness meet our satisfactions. Whether the recruitment of employees and compliance with labour laws and the principles of in effect(p)ice. Organization is not a simple tree, pulp, machinery or inventory. gay resources centering involves the application of centering functions and pr inciples. Its function is applied to the recruitment, mining, maintenance, and reward employees. The mental facultys decision must be aligned. On different aspects of the decision-making of employees, it must compete with other human resources (HR). Decisions will certainly affect the validity of a restaurant. The effectiveness of an organization must lead to improved function to customers at a reasonable cost to provide in the manoeuvre of high-quality returns.AccountingAccounting will directly affect the financial restaurant, a intelligibly accounts will undoubtedly bring galore(postnominal) convenient restaurants. The results glitter the elements of corporate account.1. RevenueIncome is an opening move formed in daily activities, which will lead to an increase in haveors equity and the total inflow of capital has nothing to do with the economic interests of the thrower of inputs.2. costCost refers to an enterprise in their daily activities, which will lead to dim inish in owners equity, and profit has nothing to do with the statistical scattering of the total outflow of economic benefits to the owner.3 ProfitProfit is an enterprise in a certain accounting period operating results. pelf income includes profit after subtracting expenses, gains and losses directly recognized in reliable profit and so on. Directly included in the current profit gains (Gain) or loss (Loss), which shall be included in profit or loss that refers to will lead to changes in the occurrence of changes in owners equity, and the owner of the invested capital or profits unrelated to the owner or the distribution of profits loss.MarketingMarketing is an important part of business operations and includes a number of different activities. Marketing is now seen as essential to the success not only of manufactures, retailers, and other businesses but also of political science agencies, hospitals, law offices, schools, and churches. (James Burrow, 2008). We need to do some seek before open a new restaurant. The first aim of marketing is to create customers, secure and maintain customers To consider how to effectively compete head to defeat unconquerable from a long-term perspectiveFoc victimisation on market look, stack away and analysing large amounts of information under the change of environment and market, and the only way has to make the in effect(p) decisions in different cases such as dynamical promoting innovation, which is proportional to the degree and effect Conducted in a changing decisions, which requires its makers incur a strong ability like entrepreneurs insight, discernment and decisiveness.HenceWe need to consider how to expand our market to attract customers.Operations ManagementEverything seemed ready, the restaurant will begin operations heed. Operations management is targeted at operational processes and operational systems. Operations management is an investment operation process, convert, process also is a la bour process or value-added process, which is the first large quarry operations, operators must consider how to carry out operational activities such as production planning, organization and control. If the operator improper control which easily lead restaurants into a loss situation. Operations Management deals with the design and management of products, processes, service and supply chains.MITSloan management2014The main objective of enterprise operations management is to control quality, cost, time and flexibility, which is the fundamental source of corporate competitiveness. Therefore, operations management has an important role in the business. Operational departments will face these challenges, and aim specific work goals, developing specific means to achieve goals and approaches, clear goals.Key issueAccountingAccounting is the currency of the main units of measurement, using a range of specialized methods, accounting and supervision of an economic management of a unit of e conomic activity, which is designed to provide accounting information and economic efficiency. Accounting work is an important guarantee for improving befriend governance, which requires to have some work experience in professional accounting staff to help managers of restaurants, and can earn more profits for the restaurant. A simple ramble to load the software onto your computer (see appendix I), or a suitable business accounting software also is very important (see appendix ). And in the eyes of many, business accounting is the universal accounting bookkeeping, accounting reports afterwards and not specifically involved in the management of the business, even if part of the work involved in business management, but also the financial managers who do it. In fact, divided by the statements of accounting methods for other management staff provides company information, directly or indirectly involves in the company ofmanagement.Whether it is cost accounting, reimbursement, billing or accounting, assist insiders budget execution and supervision of the first person, from material procurement to sales outstanding, adoption of the budget, compare prices, credit management, indicators and contrast. Accounting oversight fulfill all the functions, which all involved in corporate management. There are cardinal questions to discuss. First, does not pay attention to the overall budget. The budget only be in budget, completely ignoring the fee budget. Companies are not able to master copy the use of a comprehensive budget implementation status of strategical objectives, resulting in a waste of corporate finance, fare, and human and other resources. cater enterprises due to lack of effective overall budget, which is not able to adjust business strategy in a timely manner in accordance with market changes.Next, accounts of chaotic management, accounting is not timely. Many food and beverage companies with a breakdown of the property chronological mix of cutting materials. For the food and beverage industry is concerned there will be a lot of consumables, and many companies do not have this determined up a separate subsidiary ledgers. As the supply business for the accounts do not pay attention, for a serious lack of master documents, certificates and registration does not barrack the original accounts. Financial accounting irregularities comprise very original certificate changes, account card cant be consistent. Such as consistent account statement, account match the reality, in line account statement. Accounts of accounting is not timely, resulting in a breakdown of the accounts do not match with the total accounts.MarketingThat marketing. This post is divided into two types, one is called front-end marketing, the other is called the back-end marketing. Both the role and do are different, qualities and abilities needed to be different. Front-end sales and marketing in order to serve as the core of the sales company, which is respo nsible for market breeding and promotion to stimulate customer demand, they did no matter how the product is manufactured, just out of the product promotion. Of course, a good front-end marketing staff will promptly to customer WHO needs feedback to the back-end marketing AND go to help understand the various back-end marketing target market dynamics and customer needs. The back-end marketing, research anddevelopment in manufacturing as the core segment, the pre-market survey is responsible for product definition and development, which is to understand the market, understand the rivalry, understand target customers, and according to the market, customers and aspiration to complete the new product Definition a complete translation of the product-specific documentation.All aspects of the catering business activities are inseparable from the consumers , constantly analyse and changing consumer demand , while consumer demand to develop and deliver the food to admit products to m eet consumer demand which has become a synonym for catering business large operators how to treat customers, employees continue to instill the concept of the right customers small staff of each service , customer preferences are all trying to figure out to do market positioning , we must figure out who is your target customer and What are their characteristics, such as income, spending habits, . Then we develop targeted promotion. Do not blind interestingness of high profits, location, price, and features which are not unified, and cost less than consumer expectations, completely ignoring consumer psychological science and consumer needs of the guests. Not with changes in market conditions and the relative adjusted so that the food does not adequately reflect the variety of price point factor in the difference in price, guests cant adapt to the different needs of consumer motivation.In todays technologically innovational world, such as the Internet, wechat, facebook, buy, review sites, etc. These fashion marketing, restaurant operators are embodied acclimatized. Which always wanted a simple way to earn more complex thing. Bosses nothing wrong result, and one-sided emphasis on the results without knowing basically failed process. Restaurant carrying out marketing activities in the process, there will be adverse environmental factors leading to damage or failure, so you must know how to transform strain markets, strengthen research marketing environment, the establishment of put on the line prevention and treatment agencies, face risk head-on, and improve the quality of restaurant employees.ConclusionThe restaurant industry is highly competitive. Its difficult to be and stand out amongst the hundreds, if not thousands, of other restaurants in your local area whether its the food, customer service or brand, customers will consistently critique your restaurant and even the smallest error could rush up a storm. (Sammy Jo, 2013) Opening new restaurants, will fa ce many challenges, first, to choose a good location which can bring more customers, and also make it easier for customers to remember your restaurant, then the product positioning, elect their own signature dishes can be customized with the positioning of the menu. Then, it can be renovated, emerging consumer demand of customers, store environment position in restaurants has become increasingly high, a good environment, and sometimes can be a advert factor in the success of the restaurant. This comes into play when the external environment. The human resources department is responsible for hiring, and training employees on the audit.Then for the restaurant staff to begin custom equipment, such as kitchen equipment, customer use chopsticks, etc, which is the soul of a leader, and the organization is a corporate body. Organizational strategy is to create and run a business which is not only an internal team competition THAT needs external lateral and vertical industry chain to com port the organizations business, because the strategy is implemented by the organization.Excellent organizational strategy, first set aggressive strategies and goals, and implementation strategies needed to build possess excellent organizational effectiveness of the implementation of the system, and continue to temper their own sustainable development, building efficient enterprises to continue to promote a appointed goal. Restaurant management also needs leaders who will radio link together the various departments, and less any one department will lead to failure, therefore, whether it is accounting, marketing, human resource management or operational management which will even encounter different challenges that we must face yes, because they are an essential part of the restaurant.Reference1. Sammy Jo. 2013 Challenges of Operating a Restaurant. LERA BLOG. Weblog Online 24/07. on tap(predicate) from http// Ac cessed 24th March 20142. WIKIPEDIA, (2014) Human resource management. forthcoming at http// Accessed 24thMarch 20143. James Burrow, (2008) Marketing.4. MITSloan management2014What is operations management. Available at http// Accessed 26th March 2014AppendixI inauguration