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Risk Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4000 words

risk Management - Essay ExamplePreviously, the refuge culture at BP had presented a cause for concern with the Texas metropolis Refinery explosion and other issues presenting an adverse image. Toney Hayward, the former CEO of BP, had tried to enhance safety at BP when he took office at a time when BP faced three criminal investigations. However, it would appear that the managerial decision-making processes at BP remained flawed as managers continued to take risks in efforts directed towards act to manage costs and delays maculation neglecting safety. Although it is likely that a blowout preventer with a flawed design contributed to the BP Deepwater Horizon disaster, the managerial emphasis on costs and delays ca utilize BP subcontractors to become negligent. BP managers refused Halliburton recommendations to use twenty-one centralisers and proceeded to cement the well using only six centralisers. Halliburton used cement that did non pass its own laboratory tests to cement the w ell and this contributed to the flow of hydrocarbons into the well. Transocean crew did not take adequate notice of the kick in the well that pointed to a loss of well curb and proceeded to release gases from the well on to the rig through the mud gas separator instead of deviate the gas away from the rig. In addition, inadequate maintenance of the blowout preventer was to contribute to events. Because bonuses presented to BP project managers depended on complete projects close to budgeted costs and schedule, the wrong emphasis had persisted. It is likely that independent verification of managerial decision-making emphasising safety from a command that is distinct from the project management command at BP under a Chief rubber eraser Officer reporting directly to the CEO at BP depart help present the correct emphasis. BP did imbibe a safety director at the time of the BP Deepwater Horizon disaster, but it will appear that this safety director lacked powers, a separate chain of command and a capacity for working effectively to surpass effect to his mandate. The new CEO at BP has promised to create a safety division at BP with sweep powers. BP project managers should now receive bonuses that emphasise correctness of their managerial decision-making for a project instead of receiving rewards for trying to complete a job within budget and schedule while taking risks with safety. In addition, it will make sense for BP to try to contribute towards helping to improve the design and reliability of superior technology for offshore operations, including subsea blowout preventers. Contents Introduction 1 What Went Wrong? An Analysis of BPs Approach to jeopardize Management that Influenced the BP Deepwater Horizon Disaster 3 A Reasoned Discussion about How BP Should Progress in the Future with Regard to Risk Management 15 Conclusion 19 Bibliography / References 22 List of digits Figure 1 Typical Subsea Blowout Preventer Stack 7 Figure 2 Deepwater Drilling with S ubsea Blowout Preventer 8 (This page intentionally left blank) Introduction The word risk refers to the possibility of loss, injury or harm, and it is regrettably true that it is not possible to assign absolute certainty to the occurrence of any one event because there will always be some level of uncertainty associated with the outcome of events (Bonham, 2008, Pp. 183

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WHAT ARE THE PURCHASING ADDING VALUES TO A companion AND WHAT CORE PURCHASING ACTIVITIES CAN BE DONE TO MAXMIZE COMPANYS PROFITABLITY - Assignment ExampleIn the manufacturing sector, it is generally evaluate that the value of inputs materials forms a high percentage of the ultimate product price to the extent of as ofttimes as 60% and even more in highly competitive industries. In companies that execute major(ip) construction projects in the different engineering fields like civil, metallurgical/other process intentts, causation plants etc. the value of inputs will be equally high. In this background, the importance of economizing and strategizing procurement can non be over-emphasized. This essay examines the various aspects of procurement, developments in this professional activity and the scope for maximizing profits.In a regular manufacturing company, depending upon sales forecast, production plans and budgets are drawn up and these help the Procurement to anticipate and p lan the routine as well as non-recurring buys. Purchasing activities can be broadly identified as tendering, bid evaluation, negotiations, vendor selection, ordering and follow up. Make or buy decisions are taken at strategic management meetings and once a decision is taken to procure an item from vendors, Procurement receives the requests for purchase along with quantities and specifications. Tendering for non-standard purchases is more time consuming and involves calling for quotations based on buyers specifications and damage like quantities, delivery schedule, supply conditions, payment scathe, guarantees and warranties etc. Quotations are evaluated for technical and commercial comparison and to differentiate the preliminary list of suppliers for further discussions. Negotiations cover the technical specifications as well as other terms that differ from tender documents and to arrive at mutually acceptable terms of supply. Based on the mastery of such negotiations, one or mo re suppliers are selected and the purchase orders for going ahead with the supplies are issued. continuous follow up is part of the

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Marketing Environment of Hugs & co Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Marketing Environment of Hugs & co - Essay ExampleHugs take into deep consideration the natural resources within its environment to protect its interestingness in raw materials. This signifi fagtly improves its entrepreneurial opportunities and in the process their sales and revenue are increase (Ferrell & Hartline, 2011,p.122). According to Rhodes (2002), Hugo & Co social club is tremendously influenced by the political and legal factors. These factors are necessary in the marketing process because the company is involved in international operations. The Company exports and imports goods from different countries, therefore, require a conducive political and legal atmosphere to promote the ease of marketing of their products. However, the political and legal factors can negatively affect the operations of Hugo & Co Company by their unfair policy which leads to a wear and tear in the profits and revenue within the company. Hugs & Co Shoe Company belongs to the B2C market because of its the demographics and psychographs in use and also the consumer behavior of the majority of its customers. The consumers are drawn towards the product produced by the company because of the legion(predicate) advantages and usefulness of the loafer-shoes produced by the company. The company use the psychographs to allow them take into account their customers interest, values and attitudes, whereas, the demographics are capable in providing for company in classifying their buyers, therefore creating value for them through the products they offer. This might involve providing information relating to targeted auditory sense age, in answer or social class. Competition Analysis of of Hugs & Co Shoe Company Hugo has both weakness and durability that...This has greatly influenced the brand name positively, therefore attracting new and retaining existing customers of the product brand produced by the company. In addition, Hugo has the opportunity of competing favorably compared to a nother(prenominal) products because they are diverse in their products. However, Hugo & Co Company is vulnerable to other companies because the management finds it difficult to accept change within the company. This is a destructive tool because new companies come up with more technological advanced products and are also flexible enough to conduct their operations with the changes in time and even environment. Hugo Co & Company is also not well advanced in marketing ways and in the process are not good attracting new customers to their product. This tremendously affects negatively their ability to compete favorably in both local and international markets (Mcdonald, Smith & Ward, 2007, 229). Hugo Co & Company faces stiff competition from other companies in London producing priapic footwear. These companies include Alfred Sargent which manufactures males shoes and is based in Rushden, Northants. The second major competitor is the Sanders and Sanders Company producing males formal and leisure shoes and is based in Rushden. Lastly, Grenson acts as the third major competitor of Hugo Co & Company by producing a verse range of male shoes and boots.

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History, Consuption of BLUE JEANS (FASHION in U.S History) assignment Research Paper

History, Consuption of BLUE JEANS (FASHION in U.S History) assignment - search Paper ExampleIt looked dark blue as it was by and large colored with indigo, a type of colorant derived from plants in India and America. Almost 20 million tons of indigo is produced for the dyeing of jeans every year, though each check of jeans requires only a few grams of the dye. It was worn by workers as the fabric was very durable and strong. coin was found in California in the year 1848 which gave rise to the popular Gold rush, the workers of the gold tap required long lasting cloths that would last long and not be worn off easily. A man called Leob Strauss who lived in New York shifted to San Francisco which is quite close to California and started a wholesale business of give clothes, later he changed his name to Levi from Leob, who the founder of the well known Levis Jeans Company.The major problem faced by the miners was that the pockets of their jeans would easily tear away from the jeans, so a person called Jacob Davis thought of an composition to overcome this problem. He had the idea of using metal fasteners to pr fifty-fiftyt the pockets from tearing away and to hold the pockets and the jeans together. Davis wanted to copyright his idea but due to lack of funds. He could not do so. In the year 1872 Davis sent a written proposal to Strauss, offering him a deal if Strauss agreed to pay fort the copyright, the proposal was received by Strauss and Davis started manufacturing copper fasteners.Levi attached a leather label on their jeans in the year 1886 it displayed devil horses pulling a pair of jeans from in opposite directions, this was to display and advertise the strength of the jeans, and represented that even if it is pulled by two horses it would not tear apart.Hollywood stared making many western movies in 1930s, where cowboys generally wore denim waist overalls jeans were called that back then. This denim waist overall that

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SWOT Analysis for My Writing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

SWOT Analysis for My Writing - Essay ExampleIn the act I have employ simple sentences that ar voiced to understand. The sentences are short and precise. This makes them easy to comprehend and understand. The paragraphs are too short and the sentences link making them to be characterised by coherence consent and adequate development of the ideas. The points are valid and supported by strong ideas and arguments. I have used good vocabulary that is easy to understand. The paper also have virtually elements of creativity as it carries my disposition opinions and individuality.The weaknesses in my writing is some spelling errors that is evident in parts of the essay. Some words are not spelt correctly hence lowering the quality of the essay. The paper has also elements of poor grammar that makes some sentences cumbersome to read. In some paragraphs the sentences are not well organised. The ideas are distorted making the essay difficult to understand. Some sentences are not logical and clear inhibiting the coherence of some paragraphs. Some sentences want appropriate punctuation marks. I failed to put comas and full stops this makes some sentences to be unnecessarily keen-sighted and difficult to understand. English being my second language the grammar used was in some cases poor. My paper also lacks a clear conclusion.The opportunities I had in my writing was the availability of the writing centre. I was able to hear breeding and ideas from the writing centres. There was also the online dictionary which helped in confirming the meaning of some words. I also got appropriate vocabulary in relation to my subject and topic from the online dictionary. The library also came in handy in acquiring information and ideas which support my writings. In the library there were books and journals which provided supportive information and guides for the writing. The writing instructor from Saint John College also played a big deal in ensuring the quality of the

Reasons for Selecting Joanna Eberhart as a Representative in the Film Essay

Reasons for Selecting Joanna Eberhart as a Representative in the Film Stepford Wives - Essay ExampleDuring the year 1975 when the icon Stepford Wives was first released, it was widely regarded just as sensation of the chilling parables approximately mens fears of womens liberation movement at the same time it was considered as a tale of horror which worked as a one of the social satire on bigotry. For sure, it struck a few womens liberationists as a incompetent tried to cash in on the movements. Therefore it is curious that the term Stepford wives that have really enjoyed such(prenominal) a strong meaning in our culture, is rarely used during a critique of sexism. The term has unremarkably signified the kind of feminine perfectionism that is greatly evidenced in the domestic realm, though not unavoidably in the services offered by husbands. This clearly evokes the existing critique freak rather than hopeless obligingness that women have over their husbands as seen in the new 2 004 film. Therefore, Eberhart Joanna is chosen to clearly bring out the orbit of the story to show how men transform their wives into some cookie-baking robots. On the other hand, another most sticking thing regarding the original Stepford Wives, both the movie and the novel is generally how children occupy a small place. The champion Eberhart Joanna and her husband move out of Manhattan to a suburban Connecticut partially due to the reason that schools were untold better there, though there is nothing else much about that fact is made. A Stepford Wives that acts as a satire today would definitely be different from its predecessor. It would be just as less about the project of trying to perfect children like that of perfecting wives. At the same time, it would be the collaboration between the determined mothers and fathers who always believe so much in the meritocracy as well as doing whatever it takes in order to rig it in the attention of their own offsprings Ivy League prosp ects. This would be about shameless kind of string-pulling so as to get kids into the right nursery schools.

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Fear Crime Report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

cultism Crime Report - Essay ExampleThis report is to summarizes the findings of the survey carried out and give a everyday outcome of the findings (Chatterton and Hollands, 2002). Table one Table one shows a survey taken in Kingston, considering heterogeneous attri plainlyes like the age group, gender, disability, ethnicity of a person, focusing on the minority ethnics. It also targeted those who were residents in RBK, adults, in complete time education, how they travel to town, the purpose of visit and if they were aware that there was the presence of CCTV in the areas (Gant, 2010). There devote been public concerns about the safety of the public beca put on, despite the good record of low reprehensible offence, there take in been exceptional cases of crimes occurring at the town. The table gives statistics of the research from the year 2007 to 2012. It is evident that the number of people willing to get in in the survey increases every time. The highest recorded number of people in the survey hit a record of 1136, in the year 2010 (Table 1). These people are then divided in age groups of down the stairs twenty five years, between twenty five and thirty nine years, between forty and lambert nine years, and fin eithery sixty years and over. According to the statistics, those who were under twenty five years among all the age groups, were the ones with the highest number of fear of crime, whereas those who were at the age of sixty years and over, had the least fear of crime in the town. This explains that it is the young ones who have a lot of time in their hands and commit these crimes. intimately criminals fall in the age gap of below twenty five. When assessing between the male and female? In all the years, the female is more afraid of crime in the town than their male counterparts. However, these statistics have dropped from a high of 59, to a low of 50.8 in the year 2011. This is encouraging because it shows that the fear of crime has reduced, and this could be attributed to the facts that criminal offences have reduced, and the public safety is ensured. For those who are in full time education, in the town, the story is antithetical because the fear tends to escalate drastically. Another record worth taking note of is the means that people use to travel to the city center. Those who travel by motor cycle are the least fearful of the group, but statistics still shows that the fear of crime has increased, although it is still lower than other means of transport (Oc and Tiesdell, 2001). Those who travel by means of vehicles, that is by bus or personal cars. This shows that these people obtain a high regularise of crime, therefore they fear for their property and lives. Those who go to school at the city center have the intimately fear of crime. This was equated to crimes committed in school like bullying, being beaten up and harassment from their swearword students. An exceptionally large number of people are aware of the availability of CCTV in public areas at heart the town. This gives them the sense of security, since they believe that there safety is assured and do not have to fear. It was also describe that some of the crimes committed include vandalism, graffiti, antisocial behavior. Table 2 Table two shows the reported experience of victimization in percentage, in the years 2007 to 2012. The levels of personal victimization are reviewed in the table, and from

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Substantive Law Movie Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Substantive Law - Movie Review ExampleThis paper intends to analyze from the indispensable legality point of view of the unfolding events within the movie The Accused as written by tom Topper in 1988 (Ebert para 1-10). The movie is a description of disastrous happenings that involve Sarah Tobias who is the criminate of luring herself into the unfortunate rape ordeal and who is accused of the same. Moreover, in a rather twisty way, the occurrence moves from her accusation and she becomes the accuser in trying to seek justice for her own misfortune. The movie therefore depicts that rape victims would stand to be accused in causing it to happen. The winos in the bar where she goes and drinks uncontrollably, shows the substantive sides of the legal movie through the abuse of Tobias unspoileds. The drunkard men blamed the accused for first over-drunkard-ness after which she engaged in provocative dance, which leads to her rape. Under the substantive law provisions, the public (rep resented by the people who were drinking within the bar at the time of the happening) had the right to disciplined dance by the accused, which was non observed when the accused engaged in dancing provocatively. On the other hand, the accused had the right to personal security as against the assault through rape and jeer by the drunkards in the bar. ... Moreover, while drunk, the accused disrupts the peace of the customers who were enjoying themselves in the bar through indecent dances, which make the men to rape her. This was therefore offensive and the accused would be rightfully accused under(a) the nefarious law of engaging in risky behavior in the public. On her side as the defendant, Sarah would entreat that she was entitled to taking alcohol in the bar just as any other grownup person was. She would justify her dance with the fact that though she was drunk, she was allowed by the law to dance and as such, she was not responsible for any possible offence she would cause t he other people through her dance. She was therefore not rightfully being accused for being the cause to her rape but rather, the rapists should have been accused for physically assaulting her and emotionally hurting her through the chanting and the jeers, which encouraged her perpetrators to continue with harassing her. On the other side of the case was the accused accusing the rapists of causing physical and emotional harm to her through the rape as sound as the jeers and the chants. With the plaintiff deciding to lower the charges against the accused in the cases for aggravated assault, the complainant feels rather assaulted in that the case involved had the magnitude of brutal rape in front of other people. The court under the substantive law framework had the responsibility to treat the case with the seriousness of such a evil against the complainants rights and freedoms. The complainants argument was therefore that though she as a cleaning woman who acted indecently in the bar had the right to say no to the atrocities and be heard which was not

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Homework Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 10

Homework - Assignment ExampleIn investigating rubeola, epidemiologists embark on sundry(a) strategic steps that enable them get information. The first step involves preparation for fieldwork which entails getting the right tools, information, financial support staff and personal arrangements. Information on morbilli finish be obtained from past research on measles (Bystrianyk & Humphries 2013). Additionally, the epidemiologist should delegate roles and responsibilities at this stage of investigations. The second step should be verification that the suspected indisposition exists. Besides, they ought to establish whether there is an outbreak. Before one decides whether there is an outbreak, they have to determine the number of cases that are judge from an area within a given period. In determining the number of measles cases, for example, one can use the health department surveillance records. The records help determine whether there is an epidemic. Finally, it is important to d o a prior investigation before the actual investigation. For instance, one can visit some of the children suffering from measles and try to get useful information on the condition.Furthermore, once the data has been collected a measles outbreak should be characterized by place, time and person. This technique is called descriptive epidemiology because it deals with description of what has occurred in the population world studied. This description allows one to evaluate the outbreak on what is recognized about the disease and develop causal hypothesis. These hypotheses can be tested using analytic epidemiology technology. Analytic epidemiology has two components, the cohort and the case-control studies. They help in developing the null and the alternative hypotheses. These hypotheses are later refined after carrying out additional epidemiologic study (Bystrianyk & Humphries 2013). The hypothesis is then used in developing and implementing of control measures. Finally, the findings s hould be presented to bodies such as the

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Effects of social media on the real estate industry Essay

Effects of social media on the unfeigned estate industry - Essay ExampleSocial media also represents enormous changes perspective for barteres. For most individuals, get a home is a thing done once after ten years at most. Selling of in truth estates is the kind of business benefiting from constant streams of new prospects (Crowston, K., & Wigand, 1999). Social media enables real estate agents to physical body the reputation of their business. This enables them in attracting new clients. Moreover, social media enables them in networking in the real estate industry (Wigand, 2003).Social media makes it diffused to reach out to more individuals but it does not assure that these individuals will purchase from you (Huertas, 2012). A business needfully to work on still setting up its social media framework. After doing so, the business needs to work more until it gets the needed results. Knowing how to use social media needs a period of kind more on hands giving a business the idea of how social media can aid it in succeeding given the problems faced by the business.In conclusion, social media has made it certifyal and quicker for real estate agents to connect with their clients. It has given them a way of engaging individuals in their precise area and allowing them to inform their clients.Additionally, social media helps real estate agents to constantly post new releases and engage daily by responding timeously to their clients and potential drop buyers. It is clearly seen that social media has enabled real estate agents to build good relationships with prospective home buyers.

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Business Requirements Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Business Requirements - Research Paper ExampleIn addition, the distinguish will offer an insight on the importance of Joint Application Development (JAD) and the significance attributed to the selective information package diagrams.The foremost function of requirement gathering in the development process involves the determination of the spirit of requirements that be fit for the system development in terms of action, measurement, definition, testability and needs relative to the required heading. In addition, this stage of gathering is critical in identifying the errors and correcting them before codes are given for the functions. This helps in reducing everywhere 50% defects in the whole system (Tremblay & Cheston, 2001).The building of the a data warehouse and available databases persona commonalities in terms of technological support in terms of use of function based keys and views. both are founded on a data model. However, differences between the two exist. The foremost being on the structural perspective whereby the operational database development transaction, offers solutions to the operational requirements, while in the case of warehouse database, the ad hoc questions are operational for management functions. The other difference involves the diverse functional requirements for the two types. In the case of operational database, the primary rivet is on data security and coherence, while in the case of warehouse database the focus is on the economic analysis, which gives predictable indexes. In addition, the design of the two databases is different. Whereas the design of the operational databases are organise to fit online processing of the transactions, that of warehouse database is structured to fit and enhance data analysis (Tremblay & Cheston, 2001). The operational design helps in efficient large scale storage of transactional data storage. An example of this type of information includes modern information that needs updates. It is imp erative to note that,

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Technology is impacting daily lives in many ways, especially children Essay

Technology is impacting daily lives in many ways, in particular children. Examine the uncollectible effects of technology on the health, education and social life of children in - stress ExampleWith the advance of technology more and more children are no longer favoring playing beyond the walls of their homes instead their play times have been replaced with long hours of sitting in front of the TV, play seat Xbox or on the internet posting videos on you tube, or on twitter and face throw if not gaming online. According to Jones, R. (2005) Children need a minimum of 1hr of play per day to ensure they notice their social life.This poses the danger of mis-information on the children who unlike adults can tell a hoax from the real thing. This ends unaccompanied confusing children and setting them up for long-term mental failure. According to Graeme, P. (2012) of the Telegraph however points at an pull down more serious problem a generation of children risks growing up with obsess ive personalities, poor self-control, short-change attention spans and little empathy because of an addiction to social networking websites such as Twitter.(para 4) Furthering this Graeme, P. (2012) of The Telegraph states, Young peoples brains were failing to develop properly after being overexposed to the cyber world at an early age (para 5) agree to Chelsea C. and James P. S. (2012) CNN article children were on average doing more than 3000 texts a month. The report accounts that unlike the earlier long time children are spending more and more time in the media more than with their teachers or parents leaving the parenting and educating to the cyberspace.The bad effect equally applies to the learning process with the internet largely filled with unverifiable health information. apart(predicate) from academic sites linked to universities, colleges and reliable libraries, many websites are full with unverifiable information. Baumeister, R. & Bushman, B. (2011) note that it is i mportant to note that, the minds of children are like sheets of a blank books waiting to be filled. With the current

These two places differ Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

These two places differ - Essay ExampleIn contrast, 24 hours gymnasium caters to the lower end of the market and caters to the mass market.Due to the huge disparity of the frugal requirements of these two gyms, the the great unwashed who frequents there can easily be categorized according to their income status. The mountain who goes to equinoctial point atomic number 18 typically professionals, business people, some entertainers and their dependents. They are typically well-off and rich and sports with designer clothes during work out. The people in Equinox gym have more choices where to train other than the present gym because of the choices that their economic capacity commands.The type of people who frequents at the 24 hours gym are typically those who belong in the low bracket income and sometimes the unemployed who take fitness to occupy their time. Their choice where to train is limit because budget is a major consideration to them. Their choices are often limited to thos e similarly priced gym and go out have difficulty in moving up to gyms like Equinox because the resource requirements of gyms like Equinox will take toll on their resources.Due to their different economic standing, the interaction of people parti-color significantly. In equinox, it is observed that people there talks more just about their work and business. Sometimes, the gym itself is do as a place to establish business connection. Conversations outside work typically revolves about the up-to-the-minute fad and hobbies like opinions on the latest model of cars, new places to visit, whats in and whats out. With run across to their dependents, it is observed that their conversations revolves around fun and how to enjoy life. They usually talk about gadgets and whats cool today. It is too noticed that people in Equinox are more protocol consicous and more polite compared to those who are in 24 hours fitness gym.In contrast, people at Equinox talks more about issues. Especially on when will this economic crisis will end

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Philosophy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 61

Philosophy - Essay ExampleAs for Robin Penslar and Aaron Ridley, utilitarianism is teleological moral surmise which asserts that the correct action is a function of its consequences (the greatest good for the greatest number) which can be predicted. The consequences of the good must be distributed as widely as possible the person making moral choice should look not only for personal good or for whom they care about(predicate), but withal for welfare. The choice made is provided by the rationale and logical argument and a person can social function it on an individual basis. According to this ethical possibleness, the correctness of behavior is determined by its final use. The supporters of the theory say the utilitarian ruler is the only moral criterion of human acts, and this principle is to ensure that we should evermore seek to maximize the predominance of good over evil. The ethics of utilitarianism defines natural process in a person coming into antagonism with itself in consciousness.According to the utilitarism morality is based upon the common good (happiness for almost people) which Bentham called the common benefit, of course, distinguishing it from self-interest, or personal benefit. Under the principle of common benefit he understood the principle of action selection and evaluation of acts, which focuses on the greatest possible benefit. If the act concerns the interests of the community, we are talking about the benefits (happiness) of community, if it is about the interests of the individual, so, the benefits of the individual is a predominant thing. Utilitarism is also a theory directed against selfishness. The admissibility of pleasure or profit made in each case is determined by whether they contribute to a higher(prenominal) purpose. The definition (assessment) of phenomena and events either good or bad is also based on that principle. And according to the theory a person should (bearing in mind the supreme moral principle) strive to provide at

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2010 Texas State Political Party Platforms Assignment

2010 Texas State Political Party Platforms - identification ExampleThis is because the unborn child has a right to life that cannot be infringed. Consequently, those organizations including hospitals and abortion clinics that support and investment company abortion should be abolished and prosecuted. In addition, I support the Texas state in regards to the reversal of Roe v. wade and this is the reason they affirmed the appointment of judges who respect family values as well as the sanctity of innocent hu man life (CTC Texas Politics 117).The act of homo kindleualism is immoral and it is the reason I learn with the Republican Party that it is a felony to issue marriage license to couples of the same gender. Moreover, I view that homosexuality is the biggest contributor of the breakdown of the family unit. Additionally, the practice has contributed to the spread of dangerous communicable disease and contradicts to the truth ordained by God. In my upbringing, I deal always known that marriage should be between a man and a woman. This is the reason I agree with the Republican Party that no civil official should suffice such marriage ceremonies. In addition, Texas State neither accepts nor support homosexuality and opposes the legal entities. They refuse to recognize, as well as give special privileges including and not limited to persons engaging in same sex marriages, protection of children by homosexuals, insurance and retirement benefits for homosexuals (CTC Texas Politics 117). This is the reason the state opposes any criminal or civil penalties against those opposing the act out of faith. In addition, the state opposes homosexuals and other individuals convicted of child abuse should have the right to adopt or be a custodian of a minor. In my opinion, homosexuality should not be presented as a good thing to do or a lifestyle in any family setting.Lastly, I know that all children have a right to education. I also believe

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Knowledge Management, Social Networks and Innovation - google Assignment

Knowledge Management, Social Networks and Innovation - google (google+) - Assignment voiceTwo years later, the company formalized and adopted the name Google (Reichental). Since then, the company has presented various services and products to the market, including net profit applications of all kinds and various forms of advertisement, all in various languages.The companys website and its more than 180 domains behave vast information, including local cleans, international news, sports news, and even local stores and post offices addresses. It also contains images, patents, maps, and many more (Young). The new advertising paradigms services and products of the company have stirred the imagination of entrepreneurs and business. Google has since tripled its profits and operating margins.In summary, Google has presented a variety of services and products over the bygone years, but there is one area of application that reckon hard to crack, social networking. The recent unveiling of Google Plus is among the recent developments of social networking application (Serrat). Google has in the past tried to develop other social network services, but with a degree of failure. Starting from the learning of Pyra Labs, Blogger creator, the company has had other major involvement with the social media. Some of the important acquisition by Google includes Picasa, You Tube, DodgeBall , Postini, Zingku, Feedbanner, Jaiku, and Aardvark. different social media applications developed by the company include Orkut, Google Talk beta, Google Reader, Google friends Connect, Google Voice, Google Buzz, and Google Plus.Google Plus is a social network that integrates various platforms of other Google products like Profiles and Buzz. The social network was launched in June 2011. The key element of Google Plus is the stress it places on targeted sharing among members of a given subset, or circles, within the social group. The subsets or circles are hardly a small group of people with whom one can share with, with names likes classmates, co-workers, friends, and family. The

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Different Societal Institutions Such as the Family, Government and Religion Essay Example for Free

Different Societal Institutions Such as the Family, Government and Religion EssayDifferent societal institutions such as the family, government and organized religion, prepargon been seen to deal an impact on marriage. The government plays a business office in marriage and mate endurance when divorcement raises issues. Not only does the government play a mapping in marriage and mate survival, religion also raises conflict for married couples, such as where and how a couple may unsex married, and if the religion supports the legal issue of divorce. Lastly, family plays a great role in marriage and mate selection through the way their children ar raised since plurality take to the woods to marry people who share correspondent beliefs and values. The societal institution such as the government, have been seen to have an impact on marriage such as divorce and cohabitation when legal rights come into force. When a divorce happens between couples, the legal issues will gi ve you rights to things such as child support-if you have children, property share and spousal support. Both parents are forced into supporting their family financi eachy in the legal rights called child support. If you and the former(a) parent do not live together, you must split the costs of caring for your child.In just about cases, child support is paid until the child send away be dependent until the age of 18. However, if the child choses to get married or leave home under the age of 18, they are no longer considered dependent. right away you must be wondering how much child support will cost an private. The costs may vary depending on the province you are currently living in. This is called the Child Support Guidelines. Many factors are involved in deciding how much child support is paid such as pure(a) income, and how many dependent children the parent with physical custody is supporting.Furthermore, when you apply for child support, the court is entitled to eff infor mation about both spouses finances. This is known as financial disclosure. Did you know that in Ontario you must be at least 18 years old to get married? Since that in Canada it is a police that you cannot marry another person if you are already married, also known as polygamy, divorce becomes a legal issue. The Divorce Act and the process of getting a divorce remains the same all over Canada. First, you or your spouse must apply for a divorce in court.When you are applying for a divorce, you must be able to demonstrate that the marriage has broken-down. The most common situations that the court sees is that you and your spouse have been separated for at least a year by living in separate housing, if you or your partner committed infidelity, or if the marriage is abusive that it is no longer safe to live with each other. Functionalist might say that divorce is dysfunctional in society since it goes against the norm in marriage where it states that twain people are united until dea th do you part.The societal institution such as religion, have been seen to have an impact on marriage such as same sex marriages and the ceremonies people have when they get married. There are many types of marriages that you can have as we witnessed in the film, lead off Him to the Greek, where the family wanted a religious ceremony performed by a religious organization listed in the coupling Act. In contrast, some couples prefer a civil ceremony that is performed by a judge, justice of the peace, metropolis clerk or someone else who is licenced to perform marriages.Divorce also brings religious barriers to remarriage. Some religions do not believe in divorce and say that you cannot get remarried in a religious ceremony. Furthermore, religion can have a barrier on same-sex marriage. Some religions consider same-sex marriages to be abnormal, so it can be tough for the family to accept that their son or daughter is gay or lesbian. Family acceptance is important to the individuals self, and if the individuals family does not accept a part of who they are, they might smell disowned and a loss of self-worth, which leads to conflict in the relationship.Family plays a role in marriage and mate selection through the way they raise their children for the reason that people tend to marry people who share similar beliefs and values. Martin Whytes look at of dating and marriage mentions that marital victor can be determined. He mentions in his study that the dating experience was not a predictor of success, enduring married couples had several characteristics in common, which are having similar values, enjoying similar leisure time activities, pooling their incomes, sharing in power and decision making in their relationship, having friends in common and having an active friendly life together. Whyte, 2001)Family has an impact on peoples beliefs and values, how they drop down their leisure time, and their social life. System theorists agree that families have an i mpact on marriage and mate selection of their children because the system theory can help explain issues seen in an individual such as social issues by looking at how they were raised. Different societal institutions present may challenges for married couples.Many factors from divorce amongst all the legal issues associated with it, to religion beliefs, of when and how a couple gets married and the family acceptance of same-sex marriages. Last of all, factors of exactly how an individual is raised by their family plays a significant role in marriage and mate selection and Martin Whyte explains. all(prenominal) three of the different societal institutions play a significant role in determining the success of the couples relationship.

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Infancy and Early Childhood Paper Essay Example for Free

Infancy and other(a) Childhood Paper EssayI believe Pi periodts theory of cognitive development best explains the cognitive development both(prenominal) in infancy and early childhood. His theory is explained by a theory of cognitive organization called schemes. Schemes argon the actions or mental representations that organize knowledge (Santrock, 2008, p. 94). According to his theory, schemes change with age in other words, they are action-based (motor patterns) at first and then gradually change to a mental (thinking) level. at that place are several key terms that explain Piagets process of developmental change those include adaptation, assimilation, accommodation, organization, and equilibration. sensorimotor make up is the first of the Piagets theory of cognitive development. It lasts from birth to the about 2 years of age, where awareness of the globe is limited to what can be kn make by dint of sensory awareness and motor acts. Furthermore, Piaget divided the sensor imotor stage into six sub-stages 1) simple reflexes (2) first habits and primary visor reactions (3) substitute circular reactions (4) coordination of secondary circular reactions (5) tertiary circular reactions, novelty, and curiosity and (6) internalization of schemes (Santrock, 2008, p. 96).Reflexive Schemes this is present in newborns. Initially, the infants actions are mastermindd through reflexive behaviors, much(prenominal) as rooting and sucking. But gradually the infant produces behaviors that resemble reflexes in the absence seizure of the usual stimulus for the reflex (Santrock, 2008).Primary circular reactions it develops between 1 and 4 months of age. In this stage, infants arrive to adapt their reflexes to their environment simple motor habits are centered around own body (Caulfield, 2001) second-string circular reactions it develops between 4 and 8 months of age. The focus of infants exploration shits to external events. Infants develop awareness that objects ex pand to exist even when not in sight at about 8 months of age (Caulfield, 2001)Coordination of secondary circular reactions develops between 8 and 12 months of age. Infants begin to demonstrate intentional behavior and anticipate events they coordinate separate actions to achieve desired goals (Caulfield, 2001).Tertiary circular reactions develops between 12 and 18 months of age. Infants reach an progress level of proficiency they begin to explore properties of objects through novel actions (Caulfield, 2001).Internalization of schemes develops between 18 and 24 months of age. Their ability to represent the external world internally begins to develop, also called as symbolic representation. Also, deferred imitation, the ability to apply and copy a representation of an observed behavior, begins to develop (Caulfield, 2001).I also believe Piagets theory best explains the cognitive development in early childhood as well. His Preoperational period, the second stage of Piagets theory of cognitive development lasts from approximately 2 to 7 years of age. In this age, children begin to represent the world with words, images, and drawings. not only that, they begin to form stable concepts and embark on reasoning (Santrock, 2008, p. 145). Also, egocentricism (inability to distinguish between ones own perspective and someone elses perspective) and magical beliefs also begin to play a role in childs cognitive development. There are different sub-stages of the preoperational stage.Symbolic function sub-stage is the first sub-stage of the pre-operational thought. In this stage, the child has the capability to mentally represent an object that is not physically present. This stage occurs between the ages of 2 and 4 years of age.The visceral Thought Sub-stage, the second sub-stage of preoperational thought that mostly occurs between 4 and 7 years of age. In this stage, children are tempted to ask many questions. In other words, one of the most prominent words for the child ren around this age is why. There are many similarities and differences between the Piagets theory of cognitive development that explains infancy and early childhood.Similarities both(prenominal) the selected theories that I believe best describes cognitive development in infancy and early childhood bonk from Piaget.Both theories bring forth stages (Sensorimotor and preoperational) and are further divided into sub-stages.Both theories rely on the assumption that infants and children actively construct an understanding of the world.Both theories give a time frame of when the stages and the sub- stages occurBoth theories have limitations.DifferencesSensorimotor stage deals with infants from birth to 2 years of age and Preoperational stage deals with early childhood that generally occurs between the ages of 2 and 7.Sensorimotor is the stage one of the Piagets theory of cognitive development whereas preoperational period is stage two of his theory.The limitation of the sensorimotor st ages rests on the accuracy of the timing of the events that Piaget mentioned whereas the limitation of the Pre-operational thought rests on the concepts such as centration and conservation.Therefore, in this paper, I have considered Piagets theory to explain cognitive development in both infancy and early childhood. I have also considered the similarities and differences between the two theories.ReferencesCaulfield, R. A. (2001). Infants and toddlers. Upper Saddle River, NJ Prentice HallSantrock, J. W. (2008). Essentials of life-span development. NY McGraw-Hill.

African Americans Consequence Essay Example for Free

African Americans emergence EssayThe African Americans played a major role before and after the gracious warfare, rootage from 1861 to 1870, which helped shape the run away and events of the Civil War. In determining how African Americans shaped the course and consequences of the Civil War, adept must assess how African Americans were given more opportunities. Politically, African Americans began to have a role in voting and to have the President and Republican troupe contract for their full freedom. Socially, the African Americans class began to be looked at differently. Ideologically, the African Americans were world looked at as equal and made confident(predicate) that mint knew they were people too. Although African Americans had to continue to fight for their equality, they did, in fact, shape the course and consequences of the Civil War by having semipolitical, ideological, and social actions. African Americans had no rights to vote or involve themselves in poli tics only when that changed after the Civil War. Giving African Americans the right to vote shaped the consequences of the Civil War by African Americans views being looked at as well. On overbearing 1865, the Convention of the dyed People of Virginia was proceeded which claimed that since African Americans are free, they deserve to vote (Doc H).The African Americans spoke of being given suffrage, and thence they were given the right to vote. This shaped a consequence of the Civil War because the African Americans views were no perennial over looked. During the Civil War, no one J. Crespo P a g e 2 paid attention to what the African Americans wanted but afterward, they were granted the voice to speak virtually what they wanted. later on being heard and given the right to vote, the African Americans had participation in natural Conventions. A map shows the undermentioned the participation of African Americans and Whites in Constitutional Conventions during 1867-1868.(Doc J). Politically, the whites did non want to be overtaken by the African Americans, so they had a larger participation to overrule the African Americans. The whites wanted a knock-down(a) Democratic troupe that supported their wanting. The African Americans still participated in the conventions to remove sure the Republic Party was strong enough to continue to give the African American their rights. African Americans participating in the Constitutional Conventions shaped one of the consequences of the Civil War by not letting whites take over the political system.Not only did the African Americans have a consequence politically with being heard and not having white supremacy, politically African Americans were in addition given their freedom. African Americans were being given their freedom. Politically, African Americans were being granted a change in society. Abraham Lincoln published a letter on August 26, 1863 that proposed the following the African Americans as a whole, all o ver, should be granted their freedom for they fought for the North (Doc C). Abraham Lincoln was difficult to persuade the Whites to agree on freedom for the African Americans in the unite States.African Americans were being freed everywhere instead of just the North. Politically, this helped the African Americans tremendously because they were going to be freed everywhere. One of the consequences was African Americans being freed in the North, but then African Americans were going to be freed everywhere, including the South. After the letter sent out by Abraham Lincoln, the Republican Party decided to try to get an amendment that freed all African Americans. In 1864, the Republican Partys platform stated the following they wanted an Amendment to J. Crespo P a g e 3 officially end slavery everywhere (Doc D).Politically, the African Americans were beginning to be seen as people passim the nation. This consequence after the Civil War proved that African Americans were no longish going to be slaves anywhere. African Americans found their freedom with the help of the political power of Abraham Lincoln and Republican Party. Then the African Americans were socially looked at differently. The African Americans were no longer such a low class because people began to look at them differently and notice the good things to the highest degree African Americans. Socially, the African Americans were being helped by the people.On July 30 1861 General Benjamin F. Butler reported to the secretary of the war stating the following the African Americans should be free since they are a part of the North (Doc A). Socially, the North no longer presented the African Americans as property. This shaped the Civil War because the African Americans became part of the Union that fought for the North. Then after the Civil War was won and the African Americans were freed, their school system proved them socially equal and good as the whites.In March 1864, Charlotte Forten, an African A merican teacher in South Carolina Sea Islands, said the following she spoke of how happy the African American children were to learn and how much knowledge they have attained (Doc E). Socially, the African Americans were no longer looked at as less smart than the Whites.The consequence of the Civil War with the African Americans socially with schools showed their equality to whites. Socially, the African Americans were no longer looked at as slaves or less knowledgeable. The African Americans, ideologically, were no longer looked as property. The African Americans were beginning to be looked at the same as the whites. The African Americans no longer were looked at as property.Ideologically, the African Americans caused a consequence of the Civil War to be looked at as people. On March 7, 1864 in The New J. Crespo P a g e 4 York Times it stated the following African Americans have gone through a forceful change to now be free Americans in the United States equal to the whites (Doc F). The African Americans were no longer the property they were once known of African Americans were people just as the Whites. Ideologically, this proved that a consequence of the Civil War was the change of equality that African Americans had.After The New York Times had posted the article, doubting Thomas Nast from Harpers Weekly on August 5 1865 had posted the following a hear of lady liberty standing next to an African American Union Solider asking And Not This troops? (Doc G). Ideologically, the picture proved that the people no longer were going to look at African Americans as property so they should be treated equal. The North wanted the South to have the same thoughts about African Americans. This set a consequence of the Civil War by having the African Americans no longer being looked at as slaves as they were when the war had begun.After the African Americans were no longer looked at as property, the African Americans made sure the Whites thought of them as people no m atter what. African Americans were going to deal with racism and injustice but they made sure that the whites knew they were people also. Ideologically, the African American consequence after the Civil War was that African Americans are people, not slaves nor property.On August 20 1862 in New York during the resolution of African Americans in Newtown, African Americans stated the following they wanted to make sure that the President knew that they were not going to leave because the United States was their country also that they were going to fight in for their freedom (Doc B). This constructed the course of the Civil War because the African Americans began fighting in the Civil War.Ideologically, African Americans were looked at as people in the nation of the United States to fight along the Whites for their freedom and country. After the Civil War, when African Americans were no longer slaves and granted their freedom, some J. Crespo P a g e 5 whites resisted the full freedom of African Americans. In 1867 with Rebecca Parsons she went through the following she went back to receive her identical since she was a free slave but the owner would not allow her to because they were his (Doc I).Although, Parsons did not allow Rebecca her children it proved that Parsons realized she was also people because she demanded them back from him. Rebecca is no longer a slave who has to stand down, she also had rights which proved she is as equal as Parsons. Ideologically, after the Civil War this was a consequence by African Americans no longer being looked at differently because they were people also. African Americans ideologically created the course and consequence of the Civil War by being looked at as people and not slaves.African Americans shaped the course and consequences of the Civil War by ideological, social, and political reasoning. African Americans were known in the United States as slaves and property but they no longer were during and after the Civil War. T hey became people of equality to the whites in the United States. They no longer had no say in politics they were given rights and opportunities to speak of their views. They no longer were viewed as property but people. Also, they werent the low class everyone had always labeled them as. African Americans helped the Union win the war to win themselves the freedom they deserved.

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Hurricane Hits England By Grace Nichols and Storm on the Island Essay Example for Free

Hurricane Hits England By Grace Nichols and Storm on the Island EssayHurricane Hits England nigh a hurricane that came across from the Caribbean and hit the South coast of England (Sussex). In 1987 the poem takes place at night and follows the poet, Grace Nichols, as she talks and questions the hurricane corresponding it were an old friend. Storm on the lsland is set on the travel by of a cliff on a barren island off the coast of Ireland. It describes the storm and how the village slew are prepared for it and have built there houses squat. This shows that there are storms there frequently and it similarly speaks of no trees to avoid falling branches.Storm on the Island is indite in sportsman desire verse. This reflects the crashing motion of the storm. It was a good deal used by Shakespeare because it sounds like spoken English, this makes the poet sound like he his talking to the reader. However Hurricane Hits England is written in resign verse which gives the poem a relaxed feel. Also breaking it up in to stanza lets you show how the desire changes throughout the poem from questioning, to understanding. Come to break the frozen lake within me the frozen lake cosmos her maven of belonging and home.By not using an article before the title Heaney makes it sound blunt and gives a sense that he is not proficient talking about one storm in finicky but many. To create drama Heaney writes the poem in present tense. Enjambment is used to create the admiration a storm would give when it blows full / Blast like a gust of wind suddenly Blasting in at the start of a new line. Despite the confident start Heaney admits to being scared of the storm it is a huge nothing we fear. Whereas in the first stanza of Nichols uses a very utile metaphor to describe the hurricane howling ship of the wind this creates a ghost like quality to the hurricane this is later(prenominal) backed up by the word spectre. The view of the hurricane changes from stanza to sta nza. In the third stanza Nichols questions the like it were an old friend. The mood is then saddened when Nichols describes roots as cratered graves.The island is described as Wizened which at first conjures thoughts of a raw and barren landscape. There are no stacks suggests there are no crops, but as the hurricane is introduced the view of the island has been change and maybe its not just the ground that is Wizened but also the villagers. The event the villagers are prepared for the storm is emphasised more so by the lack of trees. He uses the imagination of a tame cat / Turned savage because the sea is usually calm a gentle but can become violent and angry. The fact this is spread over two lines is to use the geological fault between them as the quiet before the storm.The military theme is carried on when he uses words like dives, strafes, salvos and bombardments to show the distructive power of the storm. While the storm in Hurricane Hits England is show to be an actual per son or a one point a God this is meant show that Nichols has not rejected her culture and is nevertheless capable of seeing things in terms of her native culture. The poets heart is unchained by the hurricane which breaks the frozen lake in me. There is a clear implication that she has felt trapped in England and by riding the hurricane (a planetary event, of course) she finds her freedom.Heaneys poem is written in a repetitive and confident elan and by using blank verse it reflects his mood that he will survive the storm. Although this changes throughout the poem, halfway through he uses phrases like the thing you fear and exploding comfortably to portray he is scared. While Nichols writes in free and open way which reflect her past in the Caribbean to show this she uses the words the earth is the earthThe final lines of Hurricane Hits England are a plea for multiculturalism and a pride in ones own culture. The poet has realised that she can only be free and happy in England if she stops yearning for her own culture and accepts that, that culture is a part of her she brought it to England with her just as the hurricane has brought a feeling of the Caribbean to England. This is unlike the ideas in Storm on the Island which concern our uneasy human relationship to powerful natural forces and the feelings of vulnerability and fear. That we feel in the face of the potentially destructive powers of a storm.

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Hume’s critique of causation Essay Example for Free

Humes critique of origin EssayOur work aims to define David Humes plentys on causation. At first we should say that his critique of causation rose from the full possible action of causal resultant. In this way we may be better able to pose discover what is critical and what constructive in Humes views of causation and substance. It is some prison terms said that Humes depth psychology of causation and substance is thoroughly dependent on his theory of vagarys as to be quiet vitiated by the falsity of that theory. The constructive theory of causal inference, by which Hume connects his sceptical analysis of the causal parity with his final discovery of the impression of necessity in the matte up determination of certain habits or customs in imagination, shows the limitations of such criticism as would dispose of Humes origination of experience as atomistic merely. It pass on be rec onlyed that Hume begins the Treatise of Human Nature with an analysis of the perception s of mind into impressions and subjects and that, in the subsequent sections of Part I, he discloses the remaining elements of perception.Therefore, it would be incorrect to identify perception with any matchless of its elements, or with all of them taken respectively in isolation. Only mere fancies or perfect ideas issue forth divorced from all associations. Normally, in the experience of mature persons, thither occurs, at the least, a lively idea associated with a present impression which is, by definition, the general nature of belief. These beliefs vary in elaborateness and pull in betwixt the extremes of proof and mere chance but lonesome(prenominal) at the extreme of mere chance, or gratuitous fancy, do isolated impressions or ideas live on.Ordinarily, the terms of Humes analysis of perception occur in the implication which he articulates in his theory of belief. Normal experience, then(prenominal), will consist of perceptions, themselves the syntheses in habit which argon beliefs. The demonstrable identity of things present here and now may be compared in direct perception. But only on the assumption that the pretends of a things existence remain unaltered may the move existence of a thing beyond perception be inferred.Again, although times and places as such admit of comparison without inference, be quiet any constancy or variation in such comparisons may be inferred to exist only as a result of causation. That relation, therefore, is the principle of all inferences about matters of facts. Nothing exists which may non be considered as either a cause or an solution though it is plain there is no one quality, which universally belongs to all beingnesss, and gives them title to that denomination (Hume, 185). Since, therefore, the origin of the idea of cause and ensnare is to be found in no quality of our perceptions, it must be derived from some relation between them.Hume at once finds two such relations causes and effects are contiguous in set and time, and the cause is always prior in time to the effect. Dr. Broad (120-2) points out that Humes proof of the temporal precedency of causes is formally vicious. Hume himself seems to ask had some doubts about its validity, for he writes If this argument appear satisfactory, tis well. If non, I beg the lecturer to allow me the same liberty, which I have used in the preceding case, of supposing it such. For he shall find that the mapping is of no great importance (225). But contiguity and succession do not afford a complete idea of causation.A thing at once contiguous and prior to another lock away might not be considered its cause. There is a inevitable connection to be taken into consideration, and that relation is of much greater importance than any of the other two above mentioned (Hume 211). Necessary connection is then the defining characteristic of the causal relation. The impression from which this idea is derived is therefore the one we are looking for. notwithstanding the only relations between impressions Hume has found so far are those of contiguity and succession, which I have already regarded as imperfect and unsatisfactory (216).And he proceeds to divide his problem into two questions wherefore we believe that every event must have some cause or other and wherefore we believe that the same cause must necessarily produce the same effect (Hume 223-6). Hume thus distinguishes the police force of causation from the legality of causation, and takes it that together they are what is meant by a necessity connection among events. Though a general maxim in philosophy, that every even must have a cause is not a matter of knowledge. This Hume demonstrates first on the grounds of his own view of the extent of knowledge.The constabulary of causality may be identified incomplete with resemblance, degrees of quality, contrariety, nor proportions in quantity and number. The law is therefore not cognize to be true. Hume thinks that anyone who would controvert this conclusion will be obliged to exhibit a relation at once identical with causality and known by direct inspection, which it will then be time enough to examine (224). He proceeds next to urge that the law in question is to be present by apagogic formering on no theory of knowledge, and therefore is neither intuitively nor demonstrably certain (228).That every event must have some cause or other kernel that the ideas of cause and effect are necessarily connected. Was this the case, it would be impossible that those ideas should be separable. all the same, since they are distinct, the ideas of cause and effect are separable and the self-renunciation of their necessary connection involves no contradiction. Here Hume relies on the principle of his atomism. Yet he need not have done so for the contradictory of the law of causality being not self-contradictory, that law is not demonstrable by apagogic reasoning.For since the relation of cause and eff ect is the principle of all inference about matters of fact, no inference to a probability can be independent of that relation. Hume takes his analysis thus far to have shown that our only notion of cause and effect is of certain objects constantly conjoined. We cannot fathom into the reason of the conjunction. We only observe the thing itself, and always find that from the constant conjunction the objects acquire an join in the imagination (128). Our notion of cause and effect, as so far disclosed, is no more than a philosophical relation.Thus though causation be a philosophical relation, as implying contiguity, succession, and constant conjunction, even so it is only so far as it is a natural relation, and produces an union among our ideas, that we are able to reason upon it, or draw any inference from it(Hume 131). And causation is more than a philosophical relation practiced so far as it is association. Concerning the nature of the transition from impression to idea in causa l inference is thus that the transition is the work of associations or habits in imagination, not of reason.So understood, the inference from impression to idea Hume declares to be one part of the definition of an opinion or belief that it is an idea related to or associated with a present impression (Hume 137). Hume insists that the idea of necessary connection derives from the felt force of the natural relation of cause and effect. The ideas of cause and effect being separable, there can be no contradiction in denying their necessary connection. Here again, however, Humes conclusion is valid independently of the assumption on which he himself makes it out. For the contradictory of the law in question is conceivable.And in going on to show the concurrence of nature to be indemonstrable, Hume points out on the one hand that we can at least conceive a change in the course of nature, which sufficiently proves that such a change is not absolutely impossible and, on the other, that the uniformity in question being the presupposition of seeming reasoning, any attempt at its demonstration by knowledgeability could only beg the question. Hume is giving a definition of cause and effect, so in conclusion he is describing the observed or felt nature of that relation. Those impressions may have causes Hume does not deny.He says the ultimate causes of sense-impressions are, in my opinion, perfectly inexplicable by human reason, (223) and he finds the alleged necessity that they have a cause to be not demonstrable. Nor are his arguments that impressions are prior to and productive of ideas advanced as a denial that impressions are thus productive. And the attraction of association is also assumed and its origins are regarded as inexplicable. Yet this instrument that impressions, ideas, and the attraction of association are found to exist in constant conjunction, not in necessary connection.That the than the consistent necessity of Malebranche, means that what has been called a necessary connection is in fact habitual not that from this conclusion we may infer the non-existence of causes. For the fact that the rational necessity of causation is not to be demonstrated plainly does not imply that nothing in the nature of a cause can exist. If we do not know the laws of causality and causation to be true, neither do we know them to be false. therefore there is no reason, the contradictory of which would be inconceivable, why causes should be or should not be assumed.The law of causation, being demonstrable by neither apagogic nor inductive reasoning, if demonstrable at all, will be on the ground that necessary connection in fact is disclosed within sense-perception. Since Humes ruin to find that logical necessity obtains between the elements of sense-perceptions has been held to require his own analysis of experience, it may be well to consider presently the fact that in other interests, and through a conception of experience not that of Hume, th e same conclusion had been reached by three of the Cartesians. Hume may well emphasize the conclusion that all of our beliefs that are justified by experimental enquiry and all of our accurately successful causal inferences will depend upon the operation in the understanding of those fundamental habits by which cases of constant conjunction are disclosed and inferred. The nature of the understanding thus is what constitutes the foundations of generalisation.That the habits of which the understanding consists can in no case yield demonstrably certain conclusions, means that the foundations of induction are essentially illogical, to be neither demonstrated nor denied either by the reason of the Cartesians or by inductive theory itself. It is, finally, of the nature of the understanding that logic proper consists the pretensions of our scholastic headpieces and logicians are simply to be set aside (312). The assumption that the elements of experience are intrinsically self-identical i s thus requisite to the view of impressions as complete in themselves. But the finding of elements by analysis is itself not the further explanation that these elements may be regarded as self contained because, like being simple, resemblance is not the name of a passage predicate. Whether or not the theory of philosophical relations be rejected along with the doctrine of impressions and ideas, the conclusion, as such, that apagogic reasoning is powerless in matters of existence, remains no less free of that theory and that doctrine, than is the conclusion itself of Humes failure to find necessary connections among matters of fact.For, as Professor Kemp Smith has pointed out, it was Hume who first perceived the falsity of the Cartesian, rationalistic view of the causal relation (537). Malebranche could discover no necessary connection between events, yet he continued to conceive of the causal relation as being intelligible to the pure understanding, and, as a aftermath of his theor y of knowledge as the vision in God, failed to draw the conclusion that the law of causation is neither intuitively nor demonstrably certain.For a real cause, Malebranche says, is a cause between which and its effect, the mind perceives a necessary connection (Rome 94). This conclusion drawn, Hume can attack the root of any assumption that the law of causation may be justified by experience. The attempted justification could only be inductive and the law of causation is the presupposition of induction. Since causal inference is found to be neither rational nor merely sensory, if explicable at all, it will be so through an analysis, not of the fancies of the philosophers, but of the imagination that is the foundation of the senses and the memory.It is thus found that probable inference consists of the habits of imagination, or beliefs, which are the perceptions that constitute the mind, and of which the more firmly established in the imagination are the understanding. To conclude the work we should say that Humes chief innovation in associations theory is his cellular inclusion of cause and effect among the natural relations, or modes of association.Yet even a moderately detailed testing of Humes theories of causal inference and belief in substance may suffice to indicate how groundless is the intrust of total scepticism, while at the same time it discloses the character of unanalysed experience in Humes view. The relation between his critical analysis of causation and that of the Cartesians, as well as the logical nature of Humes arguments in that regard, make it plain that his analysis here is independent of his chief psychological dogma. Works Cited Baillie, James. Hume on Morality. London Routledge, 2000.Broad, Charlie Dunbar. Perception, Physics, and public an Enquiry into the Information that Physical Science Can Supply About the Real. New York Russell Russell, 1972. Hall, Roland. Fifty days of Hume Scholarship A Bibliographical Guide. Edinburgh Edin burgh University Press, 1978. Hendel, Charles William Jr. Studies in the Philosophy of David Hume. Princeton Princeton University Press, 1925. Hume, David. A Treatise of Human Nature. New York Penguin Classics, 1986. Kemp Smith, Norman. A Commentary to Kants Critique of Pure Reason. Houndmills Palgrave Macmillan, 2003Noonan, Harold W. Philosophy Guidebook to Hume on Knowledge. London Routledge, 1999. Potkay, Adam. The Fate of Eloquence in the Age of Hume. Ithaca Cornell University Press, 1994. Rome, Beatrice K. The Philosophy of Malebranche A Study of His Integration of Faith, Reason, and Experimental Observation. Chicago H. Regnery Co. , 1963.Stewart, John B. The Moral and governmental Philosophy of David Hume. New York Columbia University Press, 1963. Strawson, Galen. The Secret Connexion Causation, Realism, and David Hume. Oxford Clarendon Press, 1989. Stroud, Barry. Hume. London Routledge, 1977.

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Children and adults alike enjoy fairy Essay Example for Free

Children and adults alike enjoy fairy EssayChildren and adults alike enjoy fairy tales because, to a trusted extent, there are universal themes which make the stories predictable. Three of these themes are parental abandonment, victimization, and the all-important happy ending. world-beater tales provide an escape for the reader and a way to vicariously experience a different lovely of life in which anything is possible.The idea of parental abandonment seems an anathema in a childrens story. Neverthe slight(prenominal), miniscule Red Riding yobo ventures alone into the forest to walk to her grandmothers house, in smart of the danger presented by the wolf. Snow White and Cinderellas parents die and leave them with barbarian stepmothers. In sweetie and the Beast, Belle is without a mother and her father is a bit of a kook who cant look after her properly.All of the characters are placed in situations in which they become victims. The three trivial pigs must protect their homes from a wolf Little Red Riding Hood must hedge a wolf who has eaten her grandmother and disguised himself. Cinderella and Snow White, on the other hand, must outsmart their cruel stepmothers in order to find true love.The most common theme in fairy tales (except, of course, for the Grimm versions) is that they ca-ca a happy ending. Cinderella and Snow White defeat their stepmothers and marry the prince, Little Red Riding Hood and the three little pigs outsmart the wolves and save themselves from certain death. A fairy tale just isnt a fairy tale without a happy ending after all, the story of Cinderella would be less compelling if she had missed the ball and one of her ugly stepsisters had married the prince. Beauty and the Beast would have been less of a fairy tale if Belles love hadnt transformed the Beast.

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A Description of the Sumerian Society Essay Example for Free

A Description of the Sumerian Society Essay?Sumerian society migrated into the center East and settled in the Mesopotamian area around 4000 B. C. E. , resulting in the settlement of that civilization. Sumerians contributed the city-states concept, created an essential writing system, built their connection to their religion, and also recorded the worlds oldest story. The addition to Sumers city-states idea had a thriving affect in their political structure.They were more organized than most political systems in other civilizations. With this, the Sumerian society was able to regulate religion and enforce laws in a better manner. Their concept afterwards became a tradition of regional rule, basically creating an early bureaucracy for other societies to adopt and learn from. subsequently several centuries of Sumers settlement, writing, the most significant invention in millennias, was introduced into Sumerian society.See more constancy essayAlthough it was very sudden, the a ddition to such a revolutionary idea made their culture eve more favourable. Things led to another, and soon enough, the Sumerian society had an entire alphabet that was referred to as cuneiform, in the handle of their hands. They began to record their history and culture, later resulting in the worlds oldest story, the Epic of Gilgamesh and much more from their culture. Sumers introduction to cuneiform bloomed into an economical boost throughout their entire society.Their invention helped to promote trade and manufacturing. They were able to communicate much more flawlessly, leading to trades as far as India. Not only did it sustentation the trading system, but it did wonders in recording much of Sumerian history. Sumers settlement meant many prosperous things. Their ideas and inventions of cuneiform, city-states, ziggurats, job specialization, etc. , led to great achievements that other civilizations adopted and duplicated.

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Chilean Copper Mine Collapse Essay Example for Free

Chilean pig Mine Collapse EssayOn August 5, 2010, employees of Minera San Esteban Primera woke up, stretched come to the fore, bathed, ate breakfast, and walked around their assuredly modest homes. They verbalise their casual goodbyes to family as they headed off to yet another dark day at work dark in the San Jose copper tap in northern Chile. Little did they know it would be the last epoch for nearly two months they would see the light of day. These same blessings of life they most likely took for granted to begin with that day to be qualified to stretch out, to bathe, to eat, and to walk around in the comfort of their own homes would be taken from them unexpectedly later that same day. Some time around the miners lunch time on August 5, 2010, the upper galleries of the private copper mine collapsed trapping the miners. Many on the outside feared the worst. by and by all, when the collapse occurred the miners should have been in or near the hazard z atomic number 53 on their way out for their lunch break. Furthermore, with limited necessities such as food, water, and oxygen it was unknown whether the miners could have survived. Liliana Ramirez, the wife of one of the oldest minders trap, tell she had faith all along that they were still alive and that she knew that her husband would never let his fellow workers r separately (Hughes, 2010).Families of the missing miners, like Liliana Ramirez, started gathering and camping out at the mines near since the collapse was first disclosed. Finally, 17 days after the collapse occurred, on August 22, 2010, the 33 trapped miners were discovered alive and doing healthful well. Drilling probes discovered the refuge area located 2,297 feet underground (Hughes, 2010). At that time loved ones were able to send inspirational, encouraging, and heart-felt messages down through the probes to their trapped miners. The miners were able to inform those above how they were faring.Upon hearing of her husbands wel l being, Liliana Ramirez give tongue to her message was that she wished him the strength to resist until they can be pull through, and that she loved him (Hughes, 2010). Over the next two months, the miners trapped nearly half a mile below the surface endured trying circumstances. Food supply was extremely limited. Water was obtained from the mines storage tanks that survived the collapse. Sugars, water, and liquid nutrients were sent down to the trapped miners from the surface via tiny bore holes (Barrionuevo, 2011). Risks of spare cave-ins were always pledge.In fact, just days after the initial search and rescue efforts had begun a cooperate cave-in occurred suspending relief efforts for several hours (Weik, 2010). After nearly two months of being fed by a realistic umbilical cord, overcoming claustrophobia, and wondering if theyd ever see their friends and family again, late in the evening of October 12, 2010, the first miner ascended to the surface and to safety. One by o ne the remaining 32 miners were lifted through the rescue shaft and were greeted by cheers, hugging, crying, and feelings of elation.The bosh of the trapped Chilean miners (which actually consisted of 32 Chileans and one Bolivian) was a story that gripped the world. More than 1,400 journalists were present to witness the final rescue operation (Barrionuevo, 2011). Seemingly every race, color, tongue, and ethnicity was engaged one way or another, hoping and praying for a positive outcome. Amid all of the news-worthy stories that capture the audiences attention with their negative trauma-like effect the story of the trapped and rescued Chilean miners stands out. This was a story that united nations.This was a story that was bigger than the color of ones skin, the language one speaks, or the country one calls home. This was a story to the highest degree the love of mankind, about teamwork, about sacrifice, and about the basic struggle for survival. Final score Mankind-1, Adversity-0. References Barrionuevo, A. (2011). Chile Mining Accident (2010). http//topics. nytimes. com/top/reference/timestopics/subjects/c/chile_mining_chance event_2010/index. html Hughes, H. (2010). 33 Trapped Chilean Miners Found Alive, But Could Be Stuck 4 Months. http//abcnews. go. com/International/33-trapped-chilean-miners-found-alive-stu k-months/story? id=11457872 Weik, J. (2010). Over 30 workers trapped after Chilean copper mine collapse. Metal Bulletin Daily, (224), 65. memoranda to Families of Employees of Minera San Esteban Primera To Whom It May Concern, As President and CEO of this company I feel a personal accountability to each and every one of our employees as well as to the welfare of their families.It is with deep concern for each of them and for each of you that I write this memo to inform you of a developing situation. Mid-day today (August 5, 2010) there was an accident in the San Jose mine. The upper galleries of the mine collapsed. 3 of our miners are still unaccoun ted for. We want to assure you that we are doing everything indoors our means and ability to expedite relief efforts. At this time of unprecedented disaster we pray for you as well as for the miners. If you have a loved one that may have been stationed in the San Jose mine today we have posted (and will update and maintain) a list of those miners that have been accounted for as well as a list of unaccounted miners on our website. We will not stop, we will not rest, until every miner has been accounted for. Thank you for your prayers and for your cooperation in any relief efforts that are being coordinated.

Evaluation Essay Essay Example for Free

Evaluation Essay EssayThe National Basketball Association, popularly cognize as the NBA, was established in New York City on June 6, 1946, as the Basketball Association of the States and the Chicago Bulls became a member of the NBA after their establishment in 1966. Since becoming the NBA, the basketball played during the playoffs has turn up to be far much competetive than that played during the regular season of at least 60 games per group. This was proven beyond doubt when the Chicago Bulls defeated the Brooklyn Nets in the 2013 playoffs after trailing by 14 points with however 3 minutes and forteen seconds of regulation time left(a). This was quite hard to believe and turned out to be an unexpected reality despite the susceptibility of the Chicago Bulls to injury and the absence seizure of their superstar, Derick Rose. With the emergence of the 2008 number 1 draft pick of the NBA, Derick Rose, drafted by the Chicago Bulls, there was desire for an NBA title for the cit y of Chicago which has not had any hope since the Michael Jordan era. After the horrible 2012/2013 regular season in which the Bulls suffered a great switch of injuries worst than any other NBA team, the Bulls head into the playoffs still short handed. The first impression about this Bulls team is their resilience considering their success into the playoffs despite the injury woes. The first round featured the Bulls and the Nets in what is suppose to be a s charge game series with the drawner being any team with the first quaternity come alongs. The two teams meet at the Barclays Center in New York for game 4 of the series with the Bulls star(p) two games to one. The game appeared to be pretty raze within the first three quarters untill the nets jamboree to a 14 point lead with exactly 3 minutes and 14 seconds of playtime left on the clock. At this point, no one could see the possibilty of a Bulls win considering the absence of a smart as a whip playmaker like their all-star point guard, Derick Rose who used to lead them to numerous comeback wins. Notwithstanding, the bulls backup point guard, Nate Robinson, who is estimable 5 9 tall, Weighing 180 lb popularly reffered to as modest Nate by roughly basketball journalists and analysts went to work. He can be reffered to at this point as the savior, precisely who could have imagined that at a crucial point like this, it will be the backup point guard, who is not ony the smallest fake on the bulls roster but also one of the least regarded who will bail them out. With the nets leading by 14 at this point, all hope was lost but the Bulls coach, Tom Thibedeau, was still on his toes with the hope to salvage the situation.Nate took over, first by hitting a three point basket. The lead was rase to 11, but the Nets coach was pretty relaxed and still had hope for a victory while little Nate thought otherwise. He made 90% of all the points made by the Bulls from this point on. With the Nets loosing the ball a t the other end, the bulls converted at the other end.By the time the short clock was at 114, the bulls had made and 80 run, and the battle was far from done. This was quite unexpected for many reasons. The basketball played during the playoff is way more competitive much(prenominal) that it is rare to see an 8-0 run at a crucial point such as in this situation. In addition to this, the bulls were very short handed compared to a very health Brooklyn team with promissing reserves as well. It all came down to this Who had the passion, who had the drive as one of the journlists noted. At this point, even though Little Nate was the main playmaker for the bulls, all the players stepped up their game. Everyone was alert. The rebounding was up, the defending up, the players seemed unstopable at this point. Still, everyone still doubted a bulls win who were still down by 6 points with 114 left on the clock. Notwithstanding, the bulls believed in themselves and unplowed the pace. With the players doing a great job, there was one man who can be reffered to at this point as the fuel, the coach, Tom Thibedeau. He was sensational, and constantly on his toes and he is regarded as someone who believes in winning with no regards to whoever is on the court, whether they are stars, superstars, rookies or average players. This was the mentality he impacted on the bulls despite the absence of their best player. With 111 left, the bulls continue to make their run through Nate. Relative to his performance that night, this little hombre appeared very tall and not even Brook Lopez, a very big guy of 7 ft 0 and 275 lb on the opposing team could stop him. Lopez put a huge body on little Nate whose intelligence overcame the doggy defence. He continued to nock down shots to everyones suprise. Big things come in small packages one of the journalists said in reference to his astounding performance. twain teams were level at the end of the fourth quarter and headed for overtime. This w as a turning point for both teams. piece of music the nets played well, the bulls were clearly the team with the bigger drive to win. Nothing could be seen to limit the bulls not even age in the case of veteran center Nazr Mohammad, the oldest guy on the bulls roster who came off the judicatory and hit a huge basket with a great offensive rebound thatsolidified the bulls win in the third overtime. In conclusion, the bulls win over the nets in game 4 of the 2013 NBA playoffs was a thriller and no body could have seen it coming. It is worth noting that, believe and hardwork was the driving force of such an unexpected comeback.

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Role of Warehousing in Logistics Essay Example for Free

Role of W arhousing in Logistics EssayMany organizations ar using this different types of warehouses according to their requirement. For storing different types of goods and for transporting different goods, these warehouses are apply rapidly. The main requirement of the logistics is the warehouse management functions. In logistics, the management of the goods is d genius. The management of the goods include controlling the cling of goods, and information about the goods. Different warehouse systems are used in logistics for making it effective. The different systems are warehouse management system and the warehouse control systems. For maximizing the efficiency, these systems are used a lot. These are the different operations which are done using the warehouses in logistics. They provide various services manage labeling, ticketing, configuring and testing.They provide the services genuinely rapidly. These warehouses act as the control centers for monitoring the goods. For customer satisfaction one has to use the warehouses. In any logistics system, transporting of the goods is done from one location to the other. For checking whether the goods are transported to the customers at the right age and date, for this warehousing is used. Before delivering the goods, the goods are replenished in the warehouse initially. Although the storage is done for a short period, they are widely used. The time which is needed for transporting goods will also become less as the warehouses are position near the centers. So, the cost of the transportation gets reduced. So, for any business the main integral part is the warehouse. To be happy in real estate, the maxim is location, location, location. In a way, that is the rule for warehousing success. And warehouse success is very important to customer satisfaction.

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Irans Economy: SWOT Analysis

Irans Economy SWOT synopsisStrengthsLocation between the Middle East and Central Asia, with access to the Persian Gulf and Caspian SeaIran is the ordinal largest country in the worldThe economy of Iran is the twenty-fifth largest in the world by GDP (nominal) and the 18th largest economy in the world by purchasing power parity (PPP)worlds arcsecond largest proven oil militia, after Saudi Arabia,worlds second largest proven gas reserves after RussiaIt is OPECs (Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries) 2nd largest oil exporter and is an energy superpower.Subsidy reform has cut interior(prenominal) consumption of oil and gas and posts more for exportOil and gas aside, Iran is rich in other(a) resources and has a strong agricultural sectorEasy Access to markets of neighboring countriesIran has genius of the highest urban growth judge in the world. From 1950 to 2002, the urban proportion of the population increased from 27% to 60%TSE (Tehran Stock Exchange) has been o ne of the worlds best performing stock exchanges in recent days.The Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection routine (FIPPA) gives some protection to strange investors and relatively good calls for the repatriation of profitsAlthough strangulated in the years since the revolution, Iranians are kn throw for their entrepreneurial skills, which is potentially a strong pull for foreign investors.excellent revolutionize engineering capabilities and technical innovationA large army including elite unitstwo thirds of Irans population beneath the age of 25Young, motivated and active work forceIran is a diverse country, consisting of people of some(prenominal) religious and ethnic backgroundsIran is home to one of the richest artistic traditions in world history and encompasses many disciplines, including architecture, painting, weaving, pottery, calligraphy, metalworking and stonemasonry.Existing historical tourist attractions for improving componental tourismThe culture of Ir an is a mix of antique pre-Islamic culture and Islamic cultureWeaknessesOne product economy (economic growth only rely on oil and gas industry)Little international or multinational involvement.International sanctions make investment and financing transactions difficult.International sanctions discourage foreign oil companies from bringing much needed technical friendship and equipment to maintain oil output levels.International Sanctions are eating into Irans oil revenues, increasing the chances of dreadful social unrest.International sanctions in banking system, means that the sector is underdeveloped and under-competitiveAfter a concerted cause to reduce public debt in recent years there are signs that it is once again locomoteIran has only a few allies in the regionForeign firms are unable to own hydrocarbon resources in IranUnfavorable contract structures limit profitability for foreign investors.Inability of controlling exchange ratesLimited financial or operational freedo mLack of infrastructures in different economical splitThe beginning of the countrys subsidy reform program has lowered its growth prospects and accelerated inflation.Progress on privatization appear remains slow despite some recent encouraging signsStructures of state-run firms are inefficient, which slows down the end product process. inflexible goernment control is highly restrictive to innovationLack of funds in commerce and market-gardening sectionLack of transportation vehiclestraditional production methods out-of-pocket to lack of advanced technologiesBureaucracy constricts only when state-run industries.Poor research facilities (despite ability to reverse-engineer).Decision making ultimately rests with the Supreme LeaderIran has one of the poorest tender-hearted rights records in the regionOpportunitiesThere is a possibility of regional dominance in the short term due to the countrys size and influenceThe gas sector is underdeveloped and there is respectable room to m aximize this source of revenue.government subsidized foundations that dominate Irans non-oil economyAny standardisation of relations between Iran on one hand and the USA and its allies on the other could provide the impetus for a huge reform of the banking sector.The government has granted a number of licenses to new secret banks in recent years these private banks are growing far faster than their state-owned counterparts.A growing population, combined with a shortage of housing, provides opportunities for investment in residential construction.Widespread deployment of enhanced oil convalescence (EOR) techniques could significantly boost output.Considerable untapped gas export potentialUS setbacks in Iraq and Afghanistan go for given Iran an opportunity to assert greater strategic influence in the regionIran still has excerption to resolve nuclear crisis diplomaticallyIran retains support in the international community, notably from China and Russia, which both contradict sa nctions.Opportunities for export if restrictions are lifted.A growing realization that international assistance may be need to develop industry could see further involvement in the future.Being neighbor with underdeveloped countries of Afghanistan and Pakistan uncorrupted climate for agriculture and providing the base for expanding of these productsHaving young, motivated and active workforceHaving border markets provide basis for embraceborder interactionsExisting special economical region and providing the base for economic growthHaving major prolific benefits in mine and industry sectionsHaving good universities and colleges to improve professional work force in the regionExpanding native culture of region and country to other neighboring countriesThreatsLack of privatization will continue to stifle the industry.Concentration on high-profile programs will detract from more essential ground forces research.Ongoing tension over Irans nuclear program raises the prospect of furthe r US and UN Security Council sanctionsEthnic tensions are on the riseHigh youth unemployment.A decline in world oil prices would collect a considerable impact on the economy.There is a stern risk of capital flight due to fears of conflict or sanctions.UN and EU sanctions on Iran pose a significant threat to the participation of foreign firms in the oil and gas sector.Non-performing loan ratios are dangerously high there are serious concerns over the solvency of state-owned banks over the long term.Government-mandated lending to poorer Iranians at low interest rates means that banks have limited control over their lending policies.UN, US and EU sanctions on Irans banking and energy sectors are making it difficult for foreign companies to undertake financial transactions with Iranian entities, and risky to invest in the hydrocarbons sector.The risk of internal political instabilityLong-term fall in domestic oil productionChanges in OPEC/national energy policyStrong regional competit ionPolitical issues make procurement decisions extremely slow.Slow pace of development.Inefficient workforce acts as a further drain on resourcesNot having enough infrastructures for expanding different economical sectionsSafety threats and consequently less investingReligious and tribal networksImmigration of professional workforceHaving unsuitable weather like 120 day sand assaultLack of advanced technologies