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Fear Crime Report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

cultism Crime Report - Essay ExampleThis report is to summarizes the findings of the survey carried out and give a everyday outcome of the findings (Chatterton and Hollands, 2002). Table one Table one shows a survey taken in Kingston, considering heterogeneous attri plainlyes like the age group, gender, disability, ethnicity of a person, focusing on the minority ethnics. It also targeted those who were residents in RBK, adults, in complete time education, how they travel to town, the purpose of visit and if they were aware that there was the presence of CCTV in the areas (Gant, 2010). There devote been public concerns about the safety of the public beca put on, despite the good record of low reprehensible offence, there take in been exceptional cases of crimes occurring at the town. The table gives statistics of the research from the year 2007 to 2012. It is evident that the number of people willing to get in in the survey increases every time. The highest recorded number of people in the survey hit a record of 1136, in the year 2010 (Table 1). These people are then divided in age groups of down the stairs twenty five years, between twenty five and thirty nine years, between forty and lambert nine years, and fin eithery sixty years and over. According to the statistics, those who were under twenty five years among all the age groups, were the ones with the highest number of fear of crime, whereas those who were at the age of sixty years and over, had the least fear of crime in the town. This explains that it is the young ones who have a lot of time in their hands and commit these crimes. intimately criminals fall in the age gap of below twenty five. When assessing between the male and female? In all the years, the female is more afraid of crime in the town than their male counterparts. However, these statistics have dropped from a high of 59, to a low of 50.8 in the year 2011. This is encouraging because it shows that the fear of crime has reduced, and this could be attributed to the facts that criminal offences have reduced, and the public safety is ensured. For those who are in full time education, in the town, the story is antithetical because the fear tends to escalate drastically. Another record worth taking note of is the means that people use to travel to the city center. Those who travel by motor cycle are the least fearful of the group, but statistics still shows that the fear of crime has increased, although it is still lower than other means of transport (Oc and Tiesdell, 2001). Those who travel by means of vehicles, that is by bus or personal cars. This shows that these people obtain a high regularise of crime, therefore they fear for their property and lives. Those who go to school at the city center have the intimately fear of crime. This was equated to crimes committed in school like bullying, being beaten up and harassment from their swearword students. An exceptionally large number of people are aware of the availability of CCTV in public areas at heart the town. This gives them the sense of security, since they believe that there safety is assured and do not have to fear. It was also describe that some of the crimes committed include vandalism, graffiti, antisocial behavior. Table 2 Table two shows the reported experience of victimization in percentage, in the years 2007 to 2012. The levels of personal victimization are reviewed in the table, and from

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