Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Knowledge Management, Social Networks and Innovation - google Assignment

Knowledge Management, Social Networks and Innovation - google (google+) - Assignment voiceTwo years later, the company formalized and adopted the name Google (Reichental). Since then, the company has presented various services and products to the market, including net profit applications of all kinds and various forms of advertisement, all in various languages.The companys website and its more than 180 domains behave vast information, including local cleans, international news, sports news, and even local stores and post offices addresses. It also contains images, patents, maps, and many more (Young). The new advertising paradigms services and products of the company have stirred the imagination of entrepreneurs and business. Google has since tripled its profits and operating margins.In summary, Google has presented a variety of services and products over the bygone years, but there is one area of application that reckon hard to crack, social networking. The recent unveiling of Google Plus is among the recent developments of social networking application (Serrat). Google has in the past tried to develop other social network services, but with a degree of failure. Starting from the learning of Pyra Labs, Blogger creator, the company has had other major involvement with the social media. Some of the important acquisition by Google includes Picasa, You Tube, DodgeBall , Postini, Zingku, Feedbanner, Jaiku, and Aardvark. different social media applications developed by the company include Orkut, Google Talk beta, Google Reader, Google friends Connect, Google Voice, Google Buzz, and Google Plus.Google Plus is a social network that integrates various platforms of other Google products like Profiles and Buzz. The social network was launched in June 2011. The key element of Google Plus is the stress it places on targeted sharing among members of a given subset, or circles, within the social group. The subsets or circles are hardly a small group of people with whom one can share with, with names likes classmates, co-workers, friends, and family. The

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