Thursday, April 18, 2019

2010 Texas State Political Party Platforms Assignment

2010 Texas State Political Party Platforms - identification ExampleThis is because the unborn child has a right to life that cannot be infringed. Consequently, those organizations including hospitals and abortion clinics that support and investment company abortion should be abolished and prosecuted. In addition, I support the Texas state in regards to the reversal of Roe v. wade and this is the reason they affirmed the appointment of judges who respect family values as well as the sanctity of innocent hu man life (CTC Texas Politics 117).The act of homo kindleualism is immoral and it is the reason I learn with the Republican Party that it is a felony to issue marriage license to couples of the same gender. Moreover, I view that homosexuality is the biggest contributor of the breakdown of the family unit. Additionally, the practice has contributed to the spread of dangerous communicable disease and contradicts to the truth ordained by God. In my upbringing, I deal always known that marriage should be between a man and a woman. This is the reason I agree with the Republican Party that no civil official should suffice such marriage ceremonies. In addition, Texas State neither accepts nor support homosexuality and opposes the legal entities. They refuse to recognize, as well as give special privileges including and not limited to persons engaging in same sex marriages, protection of children by homosexuals, insurance and retirement benefits for homosexuals (CTC Texas Politics 117). This is the reason the state opposes any criminal or civil penalties against those opposing the act out of faith. In addition, the state opposes homosexuals and other individuals convicted of child abuse should have the right to adopt or be a custodian of a minor. In my opinion, homosexuality should not be presented as a good thing to do or a lifestyle in any family setting.Lastly, I know that all children have a right to education. I also believe

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