Friday, April 26, 2019

SWOT Analysis for My Writing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

SWOT Analysis for My Writing - Essay ExampleIn the act I have employ simple sentences that ar voiced to understand. The sentences are short and precise. This makes them easy to comprehend and understand. The paragraphs are too short and the sentences link making them to be characterised by coherence consent and adequate development of the ideas. The points are valid and supported by strong ideas and arguments. I have used good vocabulary that is easy to understand. The paper also have virtually elements of creativity as it carries my disposition opinions and individuality.The weaknesses in my writing is some spelling errors that is evident in parts of the essay. Some words are not spelt correctly hence lowering the quality of the essay. The paper has also elements of poor grammar that makes some sentences cumbersome to read. In some paragraphs the sentences are not well organised. The ideas are distorted making the essay difficult to understand. Some sentences are not logical and clear inhibiting the coherence of some paragraphs. Some sentences want appropriate punctuation marks. I failed to put comas and full stops this makes some sentences to be unnecessarily keen-sighted and difficult to understand. English being my second language the grammar used was in some cases poor. My paper also lacks a clear conclusion.The opportunities I had in my writing was the availability of the writing centre. I was able to hear breeding and ideas from the writing centres. There was also the online dictionary which helped in confirming the meaning of some words. I also got appropriate vocabulary in relation to my subject and topic from the online dictionary. The library also came in handy in acquiring information and ideas which support my writings. In the library there were books and journals which provided supportive information and guides for the writing. The writing instructor from Saint John College also played a big deal in ensuring the quality of the

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