Saturday, April 20, 2019

Technology is impacting daily lives in many ways, especially children Essay

Technology is impacting daily lives in many ways, in particular children. Examine the uncollectible effects of technology on the health, education and social life of children in - stress ExampleWith the advance of technology more and more children are no longer favoring playing beyond the walls of their homes instead their play times have been replaced with long hours of sitting in front of the TV, play seat Xbox or on the internet posting videos on you tube, or on twitter and face throw if not gaming online. According to Jones, R. (2005) Children need a minimum of 1hr of play per day to ensure they notice their social life.This poses the danger of mis-information on the children who unlike adults can tell a hoax from the real thing. This ends unaccompanied confusing children and setting them up for long-term mental failure. According to Graeme, P. (2012) of the Telegraph however points at an pull down more serious problem a generation of children risks growing up with obsess ive personalities, poor self-control, short-change attention spans and little empathy because of an addiction to social networking websites such as Twitter.(para 4) Furthering this Graeme, P. (2012) of The Telegraph states, Young peoples brains were failing to develop properly after being overexposed to the cyber world at an early age (para 5) agree to Chelsea C. and James P. S. (2012) CNN article children were on average doing more than 3000 texts a month. The report accounts that unlike the earlier long time children are spending more and more time in the media more than with their teachers or parents leaving the parenting and educating to the cyberspace.The bad effect equally applies to the learning process with the internet largely filled with unverifiable health information. apart(predicate) from academic sites linked to universities, colleges and reliable libraries, many websites are full with unverifiable information. Baumeister, R. & Bushman, B. (2011) note that it is i mportant to note that, the minds of children are like sheets of a blank books waiting to be filled. With the current

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