Monday, February 25, 2019

Labeling and Discrimination Essay

Theory is the criminal process. It is the way people and actions are defined as criminal. The one definite thing that all criminals percent is the negative social reaction as being designate as bad. Law-abiding partnership often shuns the wrongdoer causing them to be stigmatized and stereo roled. The negative label applied to an offender often shapes their self-image and often leads them to hot up to their newfound identity by committing acts that are more criminal.Edwin Lemert set forth this as being secondary deviance caused by primary deviance. The self- belief identifies deuce major theoretical perspectives. The first concept being that deviant labeling whitethorn subsequently influence deviance by altering a souls self-worth. The role of self-dynamics and symbolic reaction amplifies negative expectations of hostel. The second concept focuses on social structure aspects of exclusion of offenders by blocked access to structural opportunities. Matsudo, 1992) This ultimat ely becomes discrimination for people labeled by alliance as criminals. Felon is a label that is inclined to ex-offenders by society that confirms the degrading status that accompanies conviction. This is labeling. An offender is discriminated against because society views them as being bad. In short, a felon is a levelheaded outlaw and social outcast. Not all the good that a mortal may run through done previously suddenly matters and society assumes that in that location is nothing but despicable traits left in this souls reference point. Their integrity is lost forever.Society assumes that felons washstandnot change and it becomes a struggle to be given a second chance to prove that people can, and do change, if the get out to do so is in that location coupled with the tools needed to strain a law-breaking free aliveness are also. The stigma connect to felons is so great that most opportunities for education, employment, and housing are not sluttish to obtain. Thes e opportunities (tools) are often blocked because the offender has a criminal conviction. If society insufficiencys a lower offensive activity rate then it seems that these opportunities should be on hand(predicate) to individuals in this category.In order to rehabilitate individuals there mustiness be a way for them to raise their self-image and seek out a shame free life. A sense of self-pride and achievement for m some(prenominal)(prenominal) offenders could be the turning point in life needed for them. In turn, the abomination rate would decrease. (Bodwitch, 1993, Freeman, 1991, Hagan, 1991, Link, 1982, Sullivan, 1989) These peoples are no less human or match than all different except that they have made a mistake. Our society has somehow decided it to be acceptable to treat this congregation of people, and there are more than two million in the United States, as outcasts, undeserving of housing, employment, or education.Society has decided that felons should not only dish the sentence given as punishment for their crime, they should be punished for the repose of their gets. This seems very unfair and cruel. In my opinion, we as a nation should be not be discriminating against this group of people, but instead should be giving them equal opportunity to be educated so that they can obtain employment to yield themselves and their families. They should have the same opportunity to live in adequate housing just as the stick of society does.This would be a step in the right direction to attention increase the self- image that has been shattered by labeling and mayhap deter any behavior by responding to this labeling by continued criminal activity as a means of defense, adaptation, or by attacking back at society. (Bernberg) Education is the first step to rehabilitating an offender. Many offenders do not regular have a high school education. Some cannot read or write. In order to obtain remunerative employment sufficient to support ones self o r a family, they must have at least a basic education.If not, some form of crime pull up stakes be used to compensate for the lack of income provided by employment. In order to be employed by any company you must have a high school diploma or a GED certificate. Denying education is a form of discrimination to suppress a group of people from gainful employment. Employment is one of the hardest things for an offender to obtain. Employment applications need for any convictions to be harkened. If an offense is not listed on the application, it can be a reason for termination.Anyone that does choose not to disclose their convictions runs the risk of losing benefits from geezerhood of employment such as their retirement benefits and/or medical coverage. more(prenominal) often than not, if an offense is listed on the application it will be a disqualifying factor for consideration of the position. Even if the offense does not disqualify the applicant the mere fact that there are so many another(prenominal) people looking for work that the applicant without any previous convictions will probably be placed ahead on the qualifying list for employment.Most employers view a felon just as the rest of society does. They do not want a person of this character working for them because they may view them as being dishonest, or they major power even be frightened of the felon. This practice of asking for convictions on employment applications is also a form of discrimination. It greatly reduces the possibility of gainful employment for criminals by asking for this information. The past convictions of a person does not have any bearing on whether or not they are the best qualified applicant for the position offered by a company.If any person is denied employment and has no way to support himself or his family, that person will ultimately turn to some form of crime in order to do so. The offender will adapt and live up to societies expectations of them. If this type of di scrimination stops, there is a possibility that more offenders will conform to the expectations of society and rehabilitate into productive citizens, thus, decreasing crime in our communities. Another area of discrimination for offenders is the housing market.Society does not want anyone with a criminal past living in their community among them. An offender can have a conviction that is over twenty days old and still be denied housing in many communities such as mobile home parks, apartment complexes s, private rentals, and even from some home loans. Some communities will not allow anyone with any type of criminal history to live there. A person could have had their offenses brush off by the court and still be denied because of the accusation alone.Many of the brass programs offered to help low-income people are not available to anyone with a felony. A felon is automatically disqualified from receiving any help from government programs. offenders often end up living in communitie s that are offered by slum lords in areas that have a bigger crime rate than in other areas. This practice of discrimination could lead to offenders locomote back into committing criminal acts because other criminals surround them, thus, reinforcing a negative self-image perhaps leading to a return to criminal activities. If society continues to accept the criminology supposition it will continue to cause social difficultys for both the community and the offender. Labeling is a stepping stone in the development of criminal careers. (Benrburg) This social problem ruins peoples lives and creates a pattern of recidivism. The goal of society should be to try to find ways to decrease crime, not condone practices that will potentially increase crime. Everyone deserves a second chance in life to correct the mistakes that have made.If society was as quick to give a second chance, as it is to label and condemn someone for their mistakes, we could possibly rehabilitate a good number of o ffenders into productive citizens. Our nation could even possibly decrease the crime rate at the same time. None of the other practices of the criminal justice system seems to be working very well, maybe an approach of removing the barriers blocking education, employment, and housing might make a overbearing difference.

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