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Peer Event Management

accomplice Events prudence Head Saadaan confederatezada Brief Introduction A leading exit management accompany of Pakistan, couple Events focusing has promoted the crops of numerous top Multi- subject Companies through non-media communication across Pakistan. fellow Events Managements creative approach is complemented by the largest inventory of enunciate and light equipment and trained personnel.We nominate solid experience in organizing contrasting commercial events like product launches and re-launches, branded activities in schools, clubs, restaurants, road shows and in-house company programs. We at the Peer Events Management atomic number 18 confident of our capacity to nominate the extravaganza. We have the credentials to manage whole aspects of creative conceptualization on with efficient execution and organization on mass-scale. Peer Events Management tail offer you, the client, adept project management team, one cohesive focus.We argon unique in the indu stry since we can provide full event management services through our extensive in-house capabilities and our proven net break down of strategic partners. From the development of initial logistical and creative requirements, through the actual proceeds and management of events, we are the only partner you will need Peer Event Management utilizes state-of-the art equipment and techniques and its professional personly staffed.Peer Events Management is Pakistans attracter in specializer state, set, fabrication, product launches, road shows, concerts, fashion shows, annual conferences, Peer Event Management and creativity and innovation, deliver the talent and take distri bute of the full production, from soaring tech sound and lighting systems to cleanup and gives a special meld of experience, technical expertise and creative energy. History With either over 25 years of experience in the art of science of mental synthesis sets for touring road shows, cinema , idiot box, music videos, mega events all over Pakistan.Our reputation as been earned by turning some of the some adventurous tip set concepts into practical and economical realities. The diverse list of nation simple clients proves that there is an ever increasing motion control technology. fragments Salmaan Peerzada Salmaan Peerzada study History, economic science and Philosophy at the University of the Punjab and alike appeared in some super favored productions of the organisation College Dramatic club. He directed plays and gained much bank bill for his work which included A Midsummer Nights Dream, consanguinity Wedding, spirit and Picnic.He entered the plastic snap industry as a Camera Assistant, but then turned to acting. He went to England in 1964 and throughout the vities and mid-seventies he played a number of prominent roles in UK tears and television series and plays. Most notable amongst these were the popular TV series catch Ward 10 and Twisted Nerves, a Boulting Broth ers burgeon forth in which he co-starred with Hailey Mills and A Private Enterprise, a highly in(predicate) feature film directed by Peter smith in which Salmaan played the lead. On the death of his father he returned to Pakistan and founded the Rafi Peer sphere shop in his memory.He directed several highly successful productions for the workshop including plays of Rafi Peer. He played the lead role in Blood of Hussain winner of the Prize of the Nations at Taormina, and shortly afterwards wrote and directed Maila for furrow 4 television UK. He has just finished a major(ip) international feature film Zargul which he wrote and directed and which is now on international release. Producer Usmaan Peerzada executive director ProducerUsmaan was a Student at Government College Lahore 1967 74, Secretary, Government College Dramatic Society, Master in English Literature.Awarded outflank proletarian of the year 1971 at the Najam-ud-Din Drama fete, Kinnaird College, Lahore. Organized and acted in the USIS Repertory Theatre Company, 1974. During the 1975-76, he played the lead in the 1st Pakistani English language film produced and directed by Senator Javaid Jabbar Beyond the Last piling. Starred in the 1st Pakistani co-production with Sri Lanka 1976-77 Sazish. Starred in a Sri Lanka/Italian/French co- production Seeta Devi, an international film and shot on location in Sri Lanka, Maldives and Australia.During the hitch 1977-79, he worked in Pakistan Film assiduity as an actor. Usmaan is one of the top billing stars on Pakistan TV and is in like manner a documentary filmmaker. He also worked on UNICEF projects in consultatory capacity as a film journalist. In 1985, 1st Peer Films film Nazdikian was produced. Nazdikian was a new concept of low budget film in Pakistan. Film bagged over 17 awards and 4 national film awards including the Best Film of the year 1986. In 1989, he wrote, directed and produced a mega star Punjabi film called Gori Dyan Jhanjran whic h did remarkable business on box office. Gori Dyan Jhanjaran win 6 national awards given by the Government of Pakistan including the Best Film of the year 1990, which is an all time record in the history of the National Awards. Since 1990, he has been touch on in creating a ripe video/film studio with latest technology. He wrote, produced, directed and acted in one of the most commercially successful Tele-drama 13 part serial SOFIA for TV. In 1997 he directed QARZ which got 14 nominations for national film award. He is also involved in producing and directing 90 minute Tele-films. Imraan PeerzadaImraan Peerzada is a graduate of the Punjab University and has examine design at National College of the Arts for 2 years. He was studied fashion and product word picturegraphy at Parsons Schools of Art, New York (U. S. A). Imraan is presently doing his know in Cinematography and Video from U. C. L. A. , California, U. S. A. He has also been very supple on stage and produced, directed and acted in many plays during the period 1981-88. He has contributed as a writer by writing 25 plays for children which have been staged and also produced as television serials.Produced 25 audio cassettes of syndicate tales for children and has written columns for different newspapers on assorted(a) subjects and also worked as photo journalist. Photographed covers and major fashion spreads for all leading Karachi magazines (1985-90). He is an Associate Member of the Multiracial Theatre in Washington D. C. He has worked extensively as an actor for televison, radio and stage and acted as the leading star in ZARGUL a Peer Films feature film. Imraan Peerzada is presently works on various stage projects and 90 minutes independent televison dramas.Saadaan Peerzada Producer Puppeteer, Mime Artist, Producer, Executive Director of Peer assort, chairman of the International Puppet feast Pakistan, strategian in various Departments of the company i. e. Finance Management, Administration , Strategic Marketing and merciful Resource Management Saadaan is the master-mind providing the structure on which dreams are woven. Currently he is involved in creating a private production of puppet programs for television. another(prenominal) than his artistic prowess, Saadaan Peerzada is the driving force behind Rafi Peer Theatre store.The success of Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop is to a large extent repayable to the business acumen, energy and foresight of Saadaan Peerzada who is its Executive Director. Saadaan Peerzada is also the fo under/ condition of the Puppet Theatre Division of Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop, which today has the distinction of being not only among the first but also the best of the puppet theatre groups in Pakistan. As a puppet hustler par excellence and with much sensitivity Saadaan has played several twelve characters on stage with Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop. His main experience is in art developing projects.Right from inception, he designs, organizes and structures. He has prepared several bang-up concepts and conducted them very successfully. He knowing and per work oned in a solo clown and Magic Show and toured with puppets all over Pakistan. This was over a period of several years and the show was very successful with more than two thousand productions. Faizaan Peerzada Producer and director Born in Lahore, Pakistan, The son of Pakistans foremost playwright Rafi Peer, Faizaan began his career at Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop in 1977, which he now heads as its Artistic Director.He has experience in organizing cross-cultural events that the company has arranged with over a thousand different programs for children as well as adults all over the country. Some of these shows are pioneering efforts in the upcoming history of the playing arts in Pakistan. Faizaan Peerzada has worked with committedness for several years designing programs to develop childrens minds by making them advised of the visual arts, as well as providing opp ortunities for them to participate in the performing arts.These programs include child art fetes, art workshops, and live art demonstrations with children. He specially designed programs to celebrate the International Year of the Child in 1979 spread over the entire year, including three major art festivals in which at least 35,000 children participated in a span of six months. Faizaan Peerzada is a puppeteer with distinction and has been awarded the Presidents medal for the Pride of Performance. He has performed regularly in all the major towns of Pakistan and in many cities abroad.The puppets have also given a sense of achievement to Faizaan as an artist both for stage and television. He has created more than 2500 puppets for an assortment of puppet plays, and has produced over one hundred TV puppet shows as a director as well as the stage and puppet designer. He has also travelled internationally on over 7 major international tours and festivals with various productions. Another major step in the development of the puppetry art form is the setting of the museum of puppets in Lahore, of which Faizaan is the Project Director. This museum will be the first of its attractive across South Asia.Faizaan has been the integral driving force in creating fifteen International Festivals of Puppets, Theatre, Music, and Dance beginning in 1992. These Festivals have had participation from 56 countries, with over 3000 artists representing over 300 groups. The Fourth International Puppet Festival 1998 held in Lahore was declared internationally as the biggest international puppet festival in the world. He now heads The World Performing Arts Festival Pakistan with its latest session planned for October 2003. Faizaan has also been a founding segment for UNIMA Pakistan.He is presently the president of UNIMA in Pakistan, which was setup on the 15th February, 1993 in PakistanIn 1976 he held his first painting exhibition at the American cultural Centre, Karachi and then follo wed that with approximately forty painting exhibitions in Pakistan, and twenty six solo art exhibitions in the United States and Europe. He is a modern expressionistic painter who is presently dedicated to working with puppets and large faces. Faizaans fascination for lights over the last two decades has now given him the experimental condition of a household name as a lighting designer.He has designed stages and lights for several programs in Pakistan including festivals and several instillations for events abroad. Visual media has always fascinated Faizaan and this has resulted in Laatoo, his first documentary with co-director Alix Phillippon. The documentary covers all aspects and problems faced by jumprs in Pakistan. It also looks at the popular forms of dance which are officially permitted by the Government the Vulgar Dances in the movies, the Heera Mandi influence, and the commercial stage.In addition, it looks at how the true dance form has suffered and how the cheep commer cial dance has mushroomed, eventually twisting the value of dance in our culture giving it its dire image and restrict status . It finally looks at the hypocrisy that has been forcefully imposed on the dancers and the mankind, making everyone lose. Film has now given Faizaan a new belongings to express himself and he intends to continue in it. Currently he is record a project delineated into three major documentaries on the Sufi Shrines of Pakistan.The project takes an in depth look at, and analyzes, over 800 diverse shrines all across the country, while the individual films are separated into studies focusing on the Architectural, Spiritual, and the Poetic elements of the Shrines. Tasneem Peerzada Executive Director Tasneem Peerzada has had a varied and diverse professional career it spans the entire spectrum from beginning as a primary and subsidiary school teacher, to a journalist, a playwright, a lyricist, a press and public relations coordinator, and last, but not least, a poet.After her professional origins in the educational establishment, Tasneem moved onto a more potent public forum by joining The Daily Jung as a journalist. At this leading Urdu language newspaper she worked in both the capacities of an editor and a featured columnist, incorporating all forms of current social and political issues in her writing. She cover Television, Film, Theatre, and political personalities under human interest, reported on social and political dilemmas for awareness, and also covered fashion for the front pages of the media and entertainment sections.Tasneem later wove all these fundamental elements into a singular vocational focus when she joined the Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop as a company director. Here she wrote scripts for TV shows, awareness productions (whether on anti-narcotics or childrens education), theatre skits, as well as lyrics and songs for product anthems, corporate launches, and Television jingles. She also became an ardent media and press c oordinator for the Peer Group and its sister companies as well as a director in the companies numerous internationally acclaimed national and international performing arts festivals.Currently Tasneem Peerzada is working on her first novel and a poetry publication slated to be published soon. The services Peer event management utilizes state-of-the-art equipment and techniques and its professionally staffed. Peer events management is Pakistans leader in specialist state, set, fabrication, product launched, road shows, concerts, fashion show, annual conferences, Peer Event Management and creativity and innovation, deliver the talent and take care of the full production, from high tech sound and lighting systems to cleanup and gives a special blend of experience, technical expertise and creative energy.

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