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Unit 9 – Assignment 2 Complete the Assignment Specified in Sam.

Judy Vasquez HCMG745-Dr. Szostek March 27, 2013 Week 4-Assignment 4 You lead explore these beas in a research based typography with at least four scholarly references. Be sure to re-start the weekly focus atomic number 18a, evaluate its effect on the future of health care and your practice, and conclude the aspects of quality and outflank practice involved. Due Day 7 For Week 4 Operations, develop an overall operations plan. TOPIC unofficial EFFECT ON HEALTHCARE FUTURE OVERALL QUALITY & take up PRACTICE ISSUESWhat will be a typical patient control? Patients are first seen with either our primeval physician or orthopedists, umteen are experience joint, spinal, or neck issues from motor vehicles accidents or mouse and falls, so they are usually in a lot of pain. Patients are prescribed pain medication if needed, and go through a series of tests performed by our physicians at our practice. Imaging is usually needed, so some(prenominal) moldiness hurl MRIs and X rays perfo rmed and bring their CDs with them to be reviewed by our doctors.We always finish with each of our patients, and if they accept procedure they have ore-surgical and post surgical consultations with our physicians. appoint patient flow from making the appointment to paying the bill. Many of our patients have been in car accidents or slip and falls, they are being referred to our surgeons, neurologists, primary physicians, and orthopedists from attorneys. If the pain is tolerable we do not recommend surgery, however when patients are in excruciating pain we have them see our neurologist to have various neurological tests performed.When we have a new patient referred to our office, we cockle all of their demographics and insurance information, if they do not have insurance many times there is a liable fellowship information involved.. scratch we call the attorney to get more information on the solecism, side by side(p) we telefax the attorney letters of protection. Some of our cases are funded so we fax the funding company the information on the case with liable party information such as limits. Next we schedule a surgery date for the patient if surgery is needed, and ax the surgery center the case and Letter Of Protection for patient to sign.Lastly, after the surgery we fax the paperwork for coding. How will you address regulatory compliance and risk management? From a health check practice standpoint complying with regulations not only decreases risk but tummy decrease mortality and costs. http//www. acponline. org/running_practice/practice_management/regulatory_compliance/How will continuous quality improvement and best practices be addressed? How are you going to develop and maintain an ethical, quality, and tutelage practice for the long term? What regulatory bodies will you have to be concerned with on an ongoing basis?Medicare and Medicaid Audits are some of the major(ip) regulatory bodies our practice is constantly concerned with. Recovery Aud it programs function to decrease the likelihood of overpayment and underpayments of their beneficiaries. This means our practice must stay on top of proper coding and billing to avoid penalties associated with false claims. http//www. cms. gov/Research-Statistics-Data-and-Systems/Monitoring-Programs/recovery-audit-program/index. hypertext markup language? redirect=/rac/ What do you see as possible futuristic operations issues/policies? How will you create the optimal care environment?

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