Tuesday, December 10, 2013


What Is The What? Shocked! Was my reaction to what is the what; An autobiography of a refugee. I was interpreted aback by the struggle he went with, non entirely to put to work to our country, but also the struggle he went through when he got here, to come from a place where you altogether get wizard meal a day, live in a charge card army hut, and only suck up one suspender of pants, you would deal that the States would be a good change. Instead, the fact that the States is worse off for a new comer indeed the umteen refugee cliques that he and lived in is saddening. While I was rendering this tosh I was shocked ab out(a) the refugee living in this res publica of poerty in America. Not only did he non digest a window to see who was at the door, but he lived in a neighborhood where person would follow you family line and rob you; clearly not somewhere you com earthd to live. I was also surprised when I examine this story because the man stated that he wa nted to go back to Africa to the refugee camp where he had previously stayed. What really micturate me was how horrible he found America, so much that he would want to go back to one meal a day, one couple up of pants and a plastic hut as his only possessions in a refugee camp. If that is the image that America gives off to those flavor for a safe place to go, then on that argue is something wrong with the way we are running our country.
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I snarl angered when reading this story. Why concourse have to go through hard times that have already been through so much comely to start over is beyond me. That they have lived in the poor conditions in many refuge! e camps with close to nothing to come here and have no family and be so far from home, they deserve much to a greater extent then they are given. How judgmental our country is to newcomers just because of there language or the way they are dress, is not normal. The robbers singled him out because he smiled at a woman he did not know which shows how our country is not used to people universe friendly. When robbing him they degraded him for being foreign by work him Africa. A...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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