Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Boyle's Law Lab Report

Purpose/Objective The purpose of this experiment is to test the validness of Boyles Law. The objective is to determine the relationship between the confuse and mass of a confined float. Materials Pencil Lab notebook Pressure sensor Syringe Chemicals Air Data and Results playscript (mL)Pressure (kPa)P/VPxV 5.0 mL192.64 kPa38.53 kPa/mL963.20 kPa*mL 7.5 mL136.13 kPa18.13 kPa/mL1020.96 kPa*mL 10.0 mL104.54 kPa10.45 kPa/mL1045.40 kPa*mL 12.5 mL83.50 kPa6.68 kPa/mL1043.75 kPa*mL 15.0 mL70.51 kPa4.70 kPa/mL1057.65 kPa*mL 17.5 mL60.37 kPa3.45 kPa/mL1056.48 kPa*mL 20.0 mL53.22 kPa2.66 kPa/mL1064.40 kPa*mL Boyles Law Plot Sample Calculations P/V: 53.22 kPa/20.0 mL = 2.66 kPa/mL PxV: 53.22 kPa x 20.0 mL = 1064.40 kPa*mL Discussion and Comments This experiment was a simple and useful rule of proving Boyles law by demonstrating that bosom and pot gather in an indirect relationship. When the pile was manifold fr om 5.0 mL to 10.0 mL the twinge was nearly halved from 192.64 kPa to 104.54 kPa. When the volume is halved from 20.0 mL to 10.0 mL the pressure is virtually doubled from 53.22 kPa to 104.54 kPa. The relationship between the pressure and volume of a confined gas is inverse.
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The line of the graph is sheer not straight. This indicates an indirect relationship. The amount of the gas and the temperature are sham to be constant in this experiment. PV=k. Pressure is inversely relative to volume. The errors in this experiment were systematic due to not decently attaining the reverse amo unt of gas in the syringe. For example, wh! en the amount of gas was doubled from 5.0 mL to 10.0 mL, the pressure is halved and the reading should have been 96.32 kPa as unlike to 104.54 kPa. This experiment correlated with the material present in our casebook in Chapter 5, section 3. Pre-Lab Questions Boyles law states that the pressure of a fixed...If you want to get a full essay, beau monde it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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