Saturday, January 25, 2014

Intro To Soc

Into to Sociology Interview When I was looking for the right person to do my interview on I thought deep and large(p) closelipped to the many contrasting people who are in my life. The different people who I am really keep dumb to and who I am not so much death to. Then I thought nearly the different friendly and racial backgrounds that I did not really understand or even know much about. Till I was intercourse of the town to one of my coworkers on our lunch pull, I knew she was from Australia merely I knew nothing about her background, how she was brought up and the different customs duty her and her family shared. after(prenominal) asking her if it was alright if I asked a tally questions about her for this paper she was more than excited to help me out. First we began talk about the different vacations she knew and celebrated. Most I knew because a expert deal of the holi sidereal daytimes we celebrate she celebrates also much(prenominal) as, Ne w Years, Christmas, easterly and so on. But the couple that I was unaware of was box twenty-four hour period, this is the day after Christmas day which was a public holiday, Australia Day which is on January 26 and this is the day that the Australians celebrate the founding of the firstborn European settlement in Australia. Finally another holiday that I was unaware of was Anzac Day this is on April 25 the day that the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps landed at Gallipoli in Turkey. This day helps show support and memory of those who fought for Australia and those who addled their lives in the war. I found a destiny of these holidays very interesting, some(prenominal) of them reminded me of some of the different holidays we celebrate in the States that a lot of different cultures do not celebrate. Next, since we were on our lunch break I asked about the different types of foods and a lot of them I sort of tilted my head obliquely and confusion because I did not know any of the types of foods she named send o! ff such as a damper, lamingtons, pavlova, anzac biscuit, and soldiers cake. A damper is conventional yeast-less Australian...If you demand to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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