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Colonial Architecture.

Colonial Architecture. In the early sixteenth snow the check of America was mostly done. On the ruins of the groovy pre-Hispanic cultures a unused culture raises. Mexican wile is mostly based on religious aspects, with a great influence of Europe. In Mexico galore(postnominal) another(prenominal) monuments are build to show the power of the religion and to comprise the population. Churches were built in urban spaces. There were many architectural influences in colonial computer architecture, like Gothic and baroque Gothic architecture is seen in religious temples prior to 1570. The image of construction is as a fortified perform, polygonal, vaults, barrel, and a grievous exterior treatment, unmixed walls and crenellated tops. As examples we can cite the Franciscan convents of Huejotzingo or Calpan San Andres. The native influence is felt in the decorative, with a type size of bevel flat surfaces found in covers such(prenominal) as Tlanalapa and Otumba. Later in the sixteenth century platerescos models are built, as the cover Acolman Augustinian temple or the church of Yuriria. Baroque a Spaniard influence that in Mexico took a bigger meaning, the primary(prenominal) characteristic Baroque in Mexico is that it was handled different materials such as: stone of various colors and gypsum, both to pretend affluent polychrome inside the temples as the facades. In addition, knowledge leave behind acquire special items such as the dome, in some every temple, high on a generally octagonal drum and covered with richly ornamental, and towers, which entrust rise turn and daring where earthquakes allow. What is interesting is how architectural art in Mexico in that time was just based in religion, and had a great influence of Europe, but obviously it changed match to the religious missionaries that came to Mexico and the diversity with pre-Hispanic architecture. Bibliography: Ric ardo Fernández Gracia, (Dicember 18, 2003).! Mexican Architecture. [Document type] html. Retrieved on September 25,...If you fatality to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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