Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Comp Tech

messages via restless Directory-enabled email applications such as Microsoft Exchange? a. dissemination base b.Exchange crowd c.Permissions group d.Security group Security groups work a dual purpose in Active Directory, all(prenominal)owing administrators to using up up them to pander resources and use them as email distribution lists. Distribution groups, by contrast, contribute be used save for the purposes of receiving email messages. 8.Which group scene post contain users and groups from whatever(prenominal) farming within an Active Directory forest, but scum bag be used only to secure resources located within the selfsame(prenominal) domain as the group itself? a. battleground group b.Global group c.Domain topical anaesthetic group d.Universal group pursuance the trust of AGUDLP, the domain local group is the group telescope within Active Directory that contains global or universal groups from all domains; it is very used to secure the resour ce in question. 9.Which theme token is configured on an Active Directory domain controller and can be used to grant access to resources on any domain-joined computer? a.Domain local answer for b.Global account c.Domain account d.Local account Active Directory domain accounts are created and managed on domain controllers or from workstations that have the necessary administrative tools installed. Domain accounts can be used to gain access to resources domain-wide without maintaining multiple local accounts on individual computers. 10.What can be used to head for the hills account book files using VBScript or JScript from the Windows desktop or from a instruction prompt? a.Visual rudimentary b.Windows Scripting Host (WSH) c.Visual Basic Express d.Windows Scripting locomotive engine The Windows Scripting Host (WSH) uses the wscript.exe runtime program to run scripts using the Windows desktop bright user interface and script.exe to use a command-line interface. C ase Scenarios Scenario 5-1: Administering G! roups for hit Insurance You are a network administrator for thumping Insurance. Humongous...If you essential to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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