Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Three Missionary Journey Of Paul

Paul’s terce Journeys Paul’s deuce-ace Missionary Journeys Dalzina R. Jackson Grand Canyon Univer mystifyy Paul’s Three Missionary Journeys The tours of Paul begins in Antioch an im styleant behavior non far from Antioch. He then heads to Salamis, they visited Paphos where he and Barnabus meets a Judaic magician, named Bar- Jesus, who was struck blind, and then became a believer. From Paphos, the sailed to Perga in Pamphlia. can buoy Mark, the nephew of Barnabus who were traveling with them left the group on the way to Pasidia. They travel on to the province of Galatia, where Paul preached and made a arduous impression, with the local anesthetic Gentiles. They were driven out of the city by the local Jews. The group leaves, and find their way to Iconium, here they had a connatural experience to the one in Galatia. They continued on their voyage to Lystra in Lyconia, where a lame man was healed, and they caused a capacious sen sation. They moved on to Derbe, after spending clock in Derbe, they continued on their journeying. Paul and Barnabus ended up in Atalia, took a ship to Antioch, where they stayed for awhile. The second missionary journey Barnabus wants to sign John Mark along again. This did not sit hygienic with Paul and causes a big disagreement between the two, so they parted company. Paul goes first Derbe and Lystra, where the disciple herds grass joins him. They traveled through Phrygia and Galatia, after being forbidden by the devoted Spirit to preach in Asia. They headed to Troas, a major(ip) port near ancient Troy. Paul has a quite a little of a Macedonian begging them for help. Luke has Paul and Timothy semivowel from Troas to Samothrace, the highest of the Aegean Island, then going via Neapolis to Philippi a nigh romish colony. While in Philippi, Paul and his companions visited an outdoor violation place, by the river, where he meets Lydia, who is baptized, along with her hous ehold. It seems, that a slave young lady fo! llowed them to the meeting place, crying out, These men are...If you want to get a encompassing essay, order it on our website:

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