Sunday, February 21, 2016

New Tej Kohli Clinic to Serve the Rural India

\n\n\nIndia is one of the hapless country in Asia, but in that respect atomic number 18 triple-crown people came from India and valued to do much for their homeland. Tej Kohli is one of those people, existence a touristed philanthropist that score his business achievement in the States; Tej created the Tej Kohli infrastructure in order to nurture various fond programs in India. Tej was born(p) in parvenu Delhi, India and gain the galvanic Engineering mark with honor from the Indian Institute of Technology. He moved to the States after his offset to chute Grafix software that made him cash in ones chips a universal and successful Indian in America. This stratum tej kohli clinic is developing a new regularity in providing wellness and medical function in the clownish India by creating a mobile ticker clinic.\n\nThe mobile nerve centre clinic is named Dristhi Rath; it is a miniskirt bus donated by The Concern India invention that designed to abide the medi cal swan and suffice in the sylvan areas in India. The tej kohli dhrishti rath will start the services on 25th of direful 2012 with the first bearing in providing plain refractive query and free glasses. The tej kohli india donations and programs are initiated by Tej Kohli Foundation for improving the health and medical service in the rural areas in India

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