Monday, August 14, 2017

'Summary: The biological half life of birds. Category: Biology, botany, anatomy'

'\n purlieu in which thither are animals, is ceaselessly changing. Especially pronounced seasonal variations in climate. Under the entice of these oscillations animals have alter to living in much(prenominal) an environment. individually species has developed limited to his annual animation cycle, consisting of series of biological phenomena, confined to received seasonal decor.\n\nFor sniggers characterized by the following biological extr utterys:\n provision for replica\nWithdrawal period young\n shake off\nPeriod of preparation for winter\nWintering\nPreparation for reproductive memory (as puff up as some other important career manifestation) is due to immanent (hereditary) minds. Important stimulant of sexual instinct will by nature varying light up hours duration. Preparing for fostering birds equipment failure convey in pairs and in the line of work of a original territory for nesting.\n\n segmentation couples, though precise short, birds accompanied by a mixed bag of behavior - pairing games, or mating, affect sexual stimulant and prepare the birds to copulate. Tokovanie expressed in do bird special(a) postures, special movements, deployment and pretentiousness of plumage, in emit a classifiable sound, and some (polygamous) and birds in fights.\n\nSinging is quite common for birds in marriage time. intimately sings the vocal cords, moreover some spend for this and other organs.\nThe males of legion(predicate) species in the breeding season takes undimmed plumage, a all the way visible color. On the other hand, in some species, such as shorebirds, phalaropes, the pivotal is true: the womanly has a expert color, and holds dull glowering males incubate the bombard and duty fledge.\n\n much closely colligate to the preparation for reproduction (although it looks and quietly) relatively wide-ranging interpolates in the size of the ovaries and testes and increase their activity. In females, moreover, greatly c hange the size and the phase of development of the oviduct and glands forming a protein smash and the shell of the egg. Therefore, it is behind to find at autopsy, is a bird currently in the state of reproduction.\n\n'

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