Sunday, March 17, 2019

Con Artists, and What They Do :: essays research papers

The creation we live in today requires us to be good at whatever c arer we choose or we are not able to support ourselves. In order to be the best we can be, we unremarkably work hard, practice our chosen field, and put forth altogether movement needed to make us good at what we do. There are many ways we can choose to support ourselves. Careers are vary and we eat up many jobs to choose from. With so many opportunities open to wad today, it should be easy to select a career that gives you an h binglest living. We all want to trust others and hope that populate are honest. This, wanting to trust, is what most people use in their chosen careers. People who use others in order to gain an income are known as swipe artists. To hustle people means to swindle, or cheat, them and being an artist means that one is very skilled at what he does so a kidnap artist is very much capable of cheating others to make a profit.Con artists are everywhere. They seem to sense when other are vulnerable, much(prenominal) as older people. Our elderly come from a time when people believed others. They truth their neighbors and friends. If they say they will do something, they mean they will do it. Our elderly are simply too trusting. It is hard for them to look other someone in the eye and lie. It is hard for them to take something that does not give out to them. Unfortunately, the con artist does not have a problem with any lying to people or stealing from them. He has his chosen art down to the art he has practiced. He is good at what he does because he works at being good at it. The con artist is an actor. He should win an Oscar for his performances. He is able to change personalities uniform a chameleon changes colors. The con artist can be anything he needs to be for whatever job he is working on at the time. He usually is a very likable person who is able to blend in with others on any occasion or any given situation. Sadly, if these swindlers had chosen to w ork an honest job, they probably would have been very good at what they did. It requires more planning and convincing to descent people off than it takes to work at a legitimate career.

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