Friday, March 15, 2019

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The Girl in the tangerine ScarfThe Girl in the Tangerine Scarf is written by Mohja Kahf and is a access of age layer as the main character, Khadra tries to find her true identity. Khadra Shamy is the daughter of Syrian immigrants who locomote to Indianapolis. Khadra grew up in a strict Moslem club and both of her parents were very involved with the Dawah Center. In the strict Muslim community that Khadra was raised in, all children were brought up believing in one translation of Islam and rejecting all other definitions and practices. Throughout the book we learn how Khadras parents lie to her about some of the Islamic teachings she thought to be true during her childhood, which interferes with her hunt for her identity. There are several examples of affable pressures and realities throughout the book that inspection and repair shape Khadras identity, many of which girls of any religion or culture would struggle with in their own way, making this novel relatable across diver se cultures. The first life-changing event that Khadra encounters is the transgress and death of her close friend Zuhura. Zuhura represent a hybridization, in the sense that she was a strong muslim woman, notwithstanding also wasnt afraid to interact with Americans, un equivalent most of the community. Zuhura was like a sister to Khadra as well as a mentor. Upon the rape and death of Zuhura, Khadra tightened her grip on her religion. She saw Zuhuras death as what could fall out if you try to interact with Americans and dont abide by the communitys strict Islamic teachings.Khadra gets married to Jumuah al-Tashkenti upon returning from her charge to Saudia Arabia for the Hajj. Khadra marries him because she thinks he is an ideal, strong Muslim man, and that is what she thinks that she ... ... of a different religious background. She depicts Khadras journey not as her breaking free from the strict rules of the Muslim community she was raised in, but rather focused on situational experiences that Khadra had to pommel to find her religious identity. It is in a sense a coming of age story in which the Khadra experiences things that are realistic and relatable because they can happen on a daily basis to anyone. The novel depicts that how you react to the social pressures defines you as well, which is a concept that is often lost, yet Mohja Kahf depicts this clearly. The Girl in the Tangerine Scarf shows how social pressures and obstacles shape your identity and without them, you could be stuck vindicatory adopting the same identity as your parents. Ashley FleetwoodWord Count 1,040Kahf, Mohja. The Girl in the Tangerine Scarf. Public Affairs. New York. 2006.

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