Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Keeping Animals in Zoos

On Sunday afternoons in every major urban center many families go to the zoo with kids. They al styles own a care of fun, see many rare animals, funny monkeys, tall giraffes, huge elephants and knavish koalas. But what is going on with animals? On the one hand, animals are erect in zoos, which means they cigaretnot be hurt in their cages. Secondly, animals have exuberant food, for example, they can always eat in a zoo, while they may be starving in nature. Furthermore, many poachers kill animals for their skin, fur and meat, but they cannot do it to animals in zoos.What is more, there are many species that are more or less exterminated, but zoos help them reproduce and keep their species existing. The last but not least, if the natural habitat of some species is destroyed, ruined or is no long-run for living in, zoos make cages that look exactly like the natural habitat. On the other hand, animals are kept away from their natural place of living. For instance, lions can n ever live in Berlin. Another major disadvantage of belongings animals imprisoned is too much noise and stress for them.Many batch come to see them. For example, kids come near the cages and tease them, so they have a very stressful life unlike their natural way of living. Not to mention the fact that animals are not free. They are pin down in their cells like in prisons. In conclusion, there are many advantages and disadvantages of keeping animals in zoos and everyone is to judge by himself. However, before that think roughly yourself being kept in a cage and being seen just as an amusement

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