Saturday, March 2, 2019

Stay in Hometown or Move

After they complete their university studies, some students have in their home townsfolks. Others full of life in different towns or cities. Which do you think is breach -? life-time in your hometown or sprightliness in a deferent town or city? Give reasons for your answer. There are various reasons wherefore a university student chose to stay in their hometown or leave.Relocating to an early(a) city or a country whitethorn be due to bankrupt Job opportunities, safer environment for the family, and better tone of voice of life for the family. For those who stayed behind may be u to satisfaction within the society, personal commitment to naturalize In and Improve the community, and the family Is deeply Involved with the customs and traditions of the community for generations. A student deeply rooted In the local traditions chooses to continue to live and work In the community he or she grew up In.He may Introduce new concepts to Improve the livelihood and quality of life o f the other members. Sometimes It Is the camaraderie among the members that makes the person stay rather than pursue opportunities elsewhere. On the other hand. Some graduates opt to relocate in search of greener pastures. If the family were living in an unsafe environment that threatens their livelihood, they would most likely relocate. A better location stack give them a better quality of life.They can have peace while pursuing their careers. Their children can also boil down in their studies because they are assured that they are free from any harm. In summary, most university graduates would relocate to seek greener pastures that offer a better quality of life for the whole family. For those who stayed behind they would rather work and contribute to the community where they grew up in. 251 words (body)

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