Friday, March 1, 2019


mickle exploring new experiences will have to overcome m some(prenominal) challenges, and will tolerate personal growth. Into the World can be interpreted as outlooks of growing up and adjustment into new stages of a persons life. It can mean changing normally, or having to change without any choice In the matter. In either case, any person exploring new experiences will encounter challenges, but along the carriage they will undergo personal growth. This is app atomic number 18nt In the prescribed text, The composition of TomBrenna by J Burke, as well as my chosen text, The Arrival by Shawn Tan. The Idea of new experiences may not always begin positively. For Instance, In Burkes novel, The Story of Tom Brenna, one disastrous accident made him and his family to date their hometown of Mumble, forcing every character to go through an emotional release. This provokes Tom to call on very reserved and distant as he grows resentful and venomous of the w mariner predicament and progre ssively being pushed back Into that big, black hole.He becomes very depressed, reclusive and alienated as he attempts to deal with the detail that his brother, Daniel, has caused. The rootage projects Toms thoughts, emotions, perceptions and opinions through a large range of techniques. The audience is awake of Toms growing guilt through the technique of get-go person write (on page 124). Like I said, that was a low point. The believable, grammatical, impressionistic interpretive program of the teenage narrator creates a confidential allegations with the readers, as well as keeping them engaged.It also gives us insight into Toms inner most thoughts. As Tom plunges into intense feelings of guilt and animosity, he becomes numb to the struggles the other members of his family are facing. One of the most effective and engaging techniques used by the author to capture the readers attention, is the use of flashbacks. The Story of Tom Brenna is a nonlinear narrative, and this is fir st evident in the prologue, which has a reflective tone, when it

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