Sunday, March 3, 2019

The Great Gatsby, a novel of the past

The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald is a novel written in the old. The characters drag visions of the time to come that argon determined by their past, which leads them to tragedy. The protagonist, Jay Gatsby, has dedicated his entire bread and butter to recapturing the perfect past with his soul mate, Daisy. even off though he believes that recreating the past is his lifes goal, this leaves a tragic, heart-breaking, and disastrous ending to the novel. When Nick Carraway, the narrator, tells Gatsby that you cant repeat the past,Gatsby replies, Why of fly the coop you can this is because when he has a month of fun love with Daisy, he thinks that that can compete with the years and experiences she has shared with Tom, which was proven wrong when she admits she is withal still has feelings for Tom. The effect of the exclamation mark shows the emotional outburst he has and exaggerates his excitement to win back Daisy, as it is his version of the American Dream. Gatsbys hall i s a physical token of his love for Daisy, he is certain that cash can reconstruct his history with her.Gatsby uses his new money to create a phratry that he thought equalled inglesides of old money, which is ironic as the segregation amidst societies is what had taken her away from him originally. The novel is told in a linear mode but not in chronological order, it includes many flashbacks and moments in time. Even though there is a lack of faith whether the narrator is genuine or trustworthy, it adds realism as the readers life is also not in chronological order.The reason for this is because Fitzgerald uses an impressionistic arrative technique, where Nick tries to make sense of the events in the story and comments on them, which mirrors the same way we do as readers. He focuses on the past as he has in fear of the future without Gatsby. There are hints and accusations that Nick is homosexual and in love with him. Greg Olear, in an article on The Weeklings, highlights that his description of Jordan Baker in Chapter One could be a description of a man and the word small breasted which de-emphasizes the golfers fair(prenominal) attributes.This could explain why he fixates on the past and idealises it. Technology plays a big role in the novel in ending considerable opportunities and futures, especially with Toms marriage and love affair. The tension created in the novel when his house phone rings is vast as even though we are not told who is calling, the reader knows it is Toms lover. This may be the reason that Daisy feels obliged to shoot an affair as she is rebelling against Tom. Another example of technology is Gatsbys yellow auto which kills Myrtle.The description of her death is xtremely vivid to create an image in the readers brain, her left hand breast was swinging loose like a flap. The significance of the symbol of her left breast is femininity and motherhood. It is being ripped off her body as she dies translating that her femininity le d to her death or that it had been taken away from her because of her glower class birth. The Lost Generation involves a group of writers, including Fitzgerald, who during the First knowledge domain War and the Great Depression moved to France, Paris, for its inexpensive cost of living.https//

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