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Internal And External Factors Effect The Levels Of Management Essay

How Internal And External Factors Effect The Levels Of Management For a play along to be successful in the long term today, they must(prenominal)iness be diverse. The political party demand to be able to adapt to changes. The need for these changes whoremonger present themselves from many another(prenominal) angles. Some would include changes in the economy, marketing, or raze a change in the target audience. A high society has to look at more than just the four levels of management. Organizations must look at how privileged and away factors plunder affect the four levels of management, and adjust accordingly for these changes to be successful in todays world.DiversityThere are many types of diversity, racial, ethnic, cultural, age, gender, and geographic. But diversity stand also include experience and skills. A guilds ability to survive depends on their ability to adapt to real changes. The diversity within a fraternity must be taken into consideration during the f our cultivates of management. The most successful companies will be those that recognize the mogul of diversity in their workforce and in the product mix, and effectively create products and services that appeal to their increasingly diverse customer base. By including diversity in the externalisening stage, Amazon. om would reflect diversity in their argument.This would results in better products and a wider range of consumers giving them an advantage over competitors. The company must understand its organizational structure, and the social and cultural perspectives of its employees in regularise to be effective, efficient, and promote an environment suitable for fare. Employees who are diverse in skills, experience, and background help to builds a significant organizational foundation. Increasing globalization requires companies to energize more interaction with diverse cultures and backgrounds.Organizations must be prepared to teach themselves and their employees to valu e multicultural differences. Management must motivate their employees to attend diversity training in send to be educated on diametrical cultures and traditions and to respect these differences. Diversity is critical to a companys success. We are part of a worldwide economy with global competition. Diversity can increase productivity, marketing opportunities, recruitment, and the organizations image which, in turn, can increase profits (Leading With Diversity, nd). Globalization Globalization has changed the face of stage business.In todays business market, international business is necessary in order to gain an advantage. Amazon. com understands this requirement. With the formation of the Internet and Internet marketing, globalization was a beneficial perk which changed the business market, providing a way for companies to reach businesses and customers from around the globe at the click of a mouse. Amazon. com was created to work in the global business environment through the I nternet. The company handles B2B and B2C relations and transactions. Amazon. com uses an online customer data base to keep up with the demands of customers.The company created an Internet e-business model, and built up from these based on information obtained from customers. The companys strong infrastructure supports its mission to be the leader in e-commerce, (A Conceptual Analysis f the Key success of Business in terms of Internet Marketing, 2012). Customers are always looking for convenience in todays global economy. Amazon. com uses technological innovation to drive growth and deliver convenience to its customers. An online business, such as Amazon. com, bases goals for Planning on these factors.In order to deliver strategic value, a company such as Amazon. com works to extend globally to reach customers and retailers internationally. Amazon. com began with a B2C platform, but management saw the potential difference to be an online global leader by handling B2B relations as we ll. When Organizing, management adds software, e-commerce capabilities, and access for businesses to use the online companys resources. Amazon. com has created a global online business through proper planning and organizing that delivers strategic value. Management Leading can mobilize and motivate employees.Amazon. com has extended its sales and products through extended branches in different parts of the world to add services anytime and anywhere through the Internet and globalization. Through the Controlling process of management, online companies such as Amazon. com have continuously modify and expanded services to all over the world. As a result of success through correctly utilizing the four functions of management, Amazon. com is a leading fortune calciferol company who uses globalization through the World Wide Web to deliver fast, successful services to customers and retailers.Without the possibility of globalization through technology, e-commerce would not be sufficient for the company to stay on top. Technology Technology is constantly changing and considerably hard to keep up with. Be act of these changes, managing at Amazon. com would definitely be a challenge. Managers must start with the planning phase by evaluating and determining consumers needs for buying, selling, using, and shipping which can show both internal and external growth. individualised data is shared online and is protected to ensure safe transactions. Amazon. com ensures that identity theft is never an option through their technology.Organizing all the data gathered from technology can also help management keep track of trends, sales, and possible returns. Once this information is shared among management, they are then able to lead employees with training on how to implement new-fashioned technology like software, security protection on servers. Amazon. com also ensures employees are adhering to company policy with the use and access of services online. The tyrannical phas e of management is completed by watching over the progress of smart phone applications, Internet home use, and shipping sales.By watching progress and being sure initial goals and challenges are being met, the security of consumer information and products are not being put to risk, and if a problem arises, management can catch it early enough to take care of the situation. With technology making access to Amazon. com so much easier for consumers, the management of this constant changing technology can be a huge challenge with so many options for access and keeping the information protected with encryptions. Innovation With an ever changing market, a not bad(p) business has to be able to become what the consumer needs at any given moment.This requires innovation. Innovation involves any new idea, product, process, technology or service that a business introduces to its consumer. When it comes to innovation and the planning process, a business needs to be aware that factors such as t he market, the customers current needs, and even what products competitors have released, can affect the current business plan. There needs to be flexibility in the business plan to account for these changes. A business needs to have leaders who are able to understand how their business is being currently run and how it can be run in the future.This allows them to see ow changes in the business plan might affect all aspects of the business. A business manager needs to be open-minded and encourage its employees to share their ideas on new business models, new ways to make a profit and even ways to improve existing business methods so that the current business plan is both innovative and effective. When it comes to innovation and the organizing process, a company needs to be aware of the current business plan at all times. The need for a business to be innovative and adapt to the changes in the market can cause all four functions of management to need adjusting frequently.If the busin ess plan is changed, the company needs to re-gather and assign all its resources, employees and finances to ensure that the new plan can be implemented fully and in an organized manner. Innovation affects this function of management in a more indirect way by changing the planning process, the directing process changes. When a company decides to change their business plan, they have to re-direct the staff. When evaluating the staff, the manager needs to be sure that they are on track to meet the goals outlined in the planning process.Innovation can cause the goals to change, thus causing managers to re-evaluate the employees to be sure they are still on track. Ethics Every business is run by a set label of ethics. Ethics are different for every person, as they are an individuals personal take on what is right and what is wrong. A business uses a code of ethics to ensure that every employee abides by the same set of standards and upholds the values of the organization with which they work. When it comes to the planning process, ethics play a key role. The company needs to know how they want their business to appear to the public and develop their plan around that.If a company wants to appear ethical and trustworthy to its customers it has to provide great customer service at all times. This meant that Amazon. com had to create a safe site, a quality product, and be sure to deliver the product promptly. When it comes to organizing and ethics, Amazon. com had to be sure to keep all resources, employees, and finances in order to keep their word on the quality of both their product and their delivery times. For the customer to commit that Amazon. com is an ethical and trustworthy site requires employees and resources to be organized at all times.When it comes to leading their employees, it is important to be sure that they are not only on task but also following the companys code of ethics. If having a safe site, a quality product, and prompt delivery is important to Amazon. com it needs to be important to all their employees as well. When analyzing the progress being made, the manager needs to also be sure that the staff is remaining diligent in their efforts to ensure quality customer service. Ethics are found in every facet of a company and therefore they need to be monitored regularly. resultantThere is so much more that goes into maintaining a successful business in todays competitive marketplace than just the four levels of management. The company must always be aware of and be able to adapt to many changing factors. These factors come from many places in the marketplace. Some are external and the company will have little to no control over these and must simply adapt. However the internal factors can be controlled by the company through monitoring and policy changes. The company that can notice the changing factors and integrate and adapt to these changes will be successful in todays competitive marketplace.

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