Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Musical Instruments Essay

1. Do you believe it is still possible that new melodious instruments could be invented and widely distributed?Empiric in ally, though the diversity of musical instruments has r from each oneed a quite high level, human has never stopped their exploration into music. So, I think its highly possible that several new musical instruments can be invented and widely distributed. The musical history has already proved this. Before 19th century, the volume of musical instruments are acoustic, and most people at that time held the opinion that we already have enough instruments. However, accompany with the development of electricity and latter calculator technology, electronic music has grown rapidly. Musical instruments are no longer bonded within the acoustic. Maybe in the future, we can even use the photon to make both(prenominal) music.2. Do you think that existing orchestral instruments will be drastically altered in the future?I think some fine go may occur on existing orchestral instruments but drastically change may not happen. With hundred years of development and perfection, orchestra has already organize its own system and process. Its requirement to musical instruments is almost fixed. Already some fine turning may be applied in order to secure better acoustic effect, but the outer shape and essential component of these musical instruments wont be changed since they have already be a symbol of orchestra.3. Will the computer and other electronic instruments eventually replace acoustical instruments? Which do you prefer?Definitely not. Diversity is an essential part of music, if all the music is generated by electronic devices, it can be quite boring and people will suffer aesthetic fatigue. Personally, I prefer acoustical instruments, why, beneficial personal taste.4. Please open YouTube and listen to composition Desintegrations for 17 instruments and computer tape (1983) created by French composer Tristan Murail (1947-). Can you separate sound mate rials created by the acoustic instruments from the tape material? Are they often fused? Are they created to resemble each other?For those parts in which only one instrument occurred I can figure out the type, while for those with more than two, I can not. Yes, they often fused together, especially in modern music. Yes, they do resemble to each other otherwise the music wont achieve harmonic sound effect.

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