Monday, June 10, 2019

Business Models On theWeb Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Business Models On theWeb - Article ExampleIt shows how YouTube makes its website more attractive to the owners of the content displayed on the web site. You Tube works in conjunction with Google to conk out a win-win situation for the 2 companies. At the same time, YouTube also works with other web sites such as Vevo. As a result, it has been able to mend its balance sheet by monetizing the viewership of its video content. YouTube works very well as an advertisement site for movie marketers. This article therefore fits into the topic of online melody models because it explains one of the basic models described in the article for web based business. In the paper, various articles that are related to the article on business models on the web will be analyzed in detail.The article discuses the IT based organization in the new economy. It relates to the business models due to its explanation on how the digital economy is enabling businesses to improve the efficiency of their operati ons. This article shows how the enterprises which started in the old economy are being revolutionized using information technology. Further, the article also shows how the cyberspace affects the models used in business, government and the economy. The article shows the recent developments in business models such as the use of reverse auctions in bidding. Some of the governments in the new-fangled economies have resulted to electronic bidding in order to engage their suppliers. The electronic models used to engage suppliers in the new economy are highlighted in the article, linking the two articles.Nagata, K. (2011, January 1). Digital Age Leaves Myopic Japan Facing Manufacturing Crisis. Retrieved September 21, 2011, from Japan Times Online http// third article by Nagata discusses business models on the web pertains to the Japanese manufacturing industry, which is threatened with failure since it failed to recognize the need for innovation

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