Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Case 1 Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Case 1 - Assignment ExampleSocial technologies in particular, can be associated to genial networking such as Facebook and Twitter social media like YouTube, Scribd, and Flickr and social relevance that covers all the methods of expressing opinion through online. These technologies substantially contribute to all aspects of an formation especially in terms of generating revenue into a much broader scope of grocery storeing. The most significant point to consider, however, is that social technologies play a crucial utilization in creating a continuous conversation and relationship with the companys members, as well as in achieving growth and development. Thus, it is essential to establish an organizational voice to promote the marketing environment of a business, and such voice can be done by utilizing various tools in social technologies and other channels including the print media. In doing so, this would lead to building a good reputation for a company to transact business wit h the experts in an industry. Moreover, it is strongly wise to use crowd-sourcing and provide more sources of information to maximize Internet readership, which allows the company to have less expenses but more creativity. Social technology, therefore, presents an opportunity of changing a chaotic business environment into one that can be easily managed. CRITIQUE Social Technology The Next Frontier - Scott Klososky In this modern age, social technologies are exceedingly influential in peoples daily lives and in the ongoing operations of the business environment. With the evolution of the Internet, the scientific innovation of products and run has offered much convenience and reliability in responding to the needs and demands of the present society. Indeed, the tools used in social technologies are one of the most innovative applications of doing things that are beyond human capacity to some extent. Not only do individuals are able to maximize the benefits of these technologies bu t more especially for businesses that allow them to raise their revenues and meliorate their productivity, efficiency, and creativity. In fact, the dominance of social media has affected most organizations to establish good relations and constant communication with its surrounding community, as well as with its members. Klososky (2012, p. 50) celebrated that as the massive influence of the social tool box is rapidly increasing, the relevance of various applications in social technologies has prompted the majority of learning how to use these tools. As for the business and its competitors, they will use their knowledge of these tools for their own advantage and for the benefit of sustaining their strategic position in the market. Given that the social media is spanning across diverse market groups, any corporate organization should be able to cope with the current trend in technology. In one way or another, they can arrest the use of social media and networking in their marketing strategies if sustainability and building a good reputation are deemed valuable. As an opinion, social media is becoming so important in the first place because the frequent usage of the internet has created a well-structured functioning in the delivery of products and services to a number of individuals and organizations. According to Rand (2013, cited in Goudreau 2013), social media are highly important to have a

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