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Confucianism and Taoism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Confucianism and Taoism - Essay ExampleThe ideal type Confucian is a jun-zi or superior man (Dagnabitt, n.d.). One can become a jun-zi by following Li or proper moral conduct. Li means to live with reverence or propriety. One must live with social norms and remark proper public conduct. If one lives the Li way, one is able to establish harmony within the individual, the home, the family and the country. The superior man according to Confucianism must have flipper virtues sincerity, benevolence, filial piety and propriety (Kengarman, n.d.). One has to be trustworthy, honest in speech and keep commitments. The conduct should be founded in virtues and one should be innocent in public as well as in private life. Benevolence is another characteristic of the virtuous man and one should not do to others what he would not like others to do to him. filial piety is the greatest virtue, and should be shown towards both the living and the dead. It is the love and respect for ones parents and ancestors. Filial piety extends beyond the physical care of the parents. It means not to be rebellious, show love, respect and support. It means to uphold fraternity among brothers, to conceal their mistakes, advise parents when necessary, let on sorrow at their sickness and death and most importantly carry out sacrifices after their death. The fourth virtue or propriety encompasses the whole spectrum of mankind conduct. The superior man does the right thing at the right time. If one deviates from propriety it is an act of immorality.Confucianism further believes that a superior man is needed to radiation diagram and keep the social and political order. A jun-zi is also needed in the government to help rule the state. This is essential because a good government brings somewhat a good society. They further believe that a family is the base of society and state and hence ethics and order has to be maintained. All these require a superior man or a jun-zi to ensure that social orde r is maintained.In

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