Friday, July 26, 2019

RECRUITING Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

RECRUITING - Research Paper Example The industry of recruitment has its basis on the objective of facilitating a candidate or job seeker for a reward. On one end of the continuum, there exist the recruitment agencies which find jobs for the candidates and get their reward only when the candidate that they deliver to the organization stays with it for a long time. The individual has to spend a certain probationary period with the client. The other end of the continuum comprises of certain recruitment agencies which are given a retainer who concentrates on, analyses the needs of the clients, and accomplish the targets and milestones that are set in terms of the search for the right candidate. These agencies are again rewarded with a certain percentage of the salary of candidate as soon as the individual is placed in the organization and works even after the period of probation ends. The recruitment industry of the present age is sufficiently competitive, and this is the reason that there are various ways that have been s ought out by the agencies that aim to distinguish themselves and provide value added services by concentrating on the diverse areas of recruitment life cycle. 4 The various job search engines and recruitment websites are utilized to collect the maximum number of potential candidates by posting the vacant advertisements of the vacant position across a broad geographic area. Though, it is supposed to be a cost effective option, yet, a department manager or human resource department will consume time in addition to their normal responsibilities in screening through the resumes. 5 Various organizations desire to develop in-house recruitment and branding strategy of employer instead of the proper recruitment firms. The technological factor, in the current era, has resulted in the emergence of meta-search engines which permit the people seeking jobs in different professionals, to browse through different

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