Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Sociology class Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 2

Sociology class - Essay Example mple given in the role of women as housekeepers and child-raisers has not only been generally observed but has been true since the beginning of recorded human history. This might be accounted to the physical built of the woman who is generally small than men and who are seen to be the weaker sex or more able and fit to face the demands of physical and mental strength required in such a responsibility. On the other side, men are expected to do the more difficult tasks especially those which demand physical output like farming, mining and the likes. Sociology then helps us understand our roles and, to the inquiring or curios thoughts of a person why things work in such ways and not in another way as he may see fit, provides an acceptable explanation. As mentioned earlier, the reasons behind every role one performs is inspected in the study of human beings and their relations and provides information that does not only help men to understand their roles but to accept them. However, like any other kind of study, not everything that one aims to pursue results to the bounds of an individual’s objectives of his study. For instance, the roles of men and women have been accepted to have separation and difference without question as they have been the norms we have grown through. However, in the passing of time, when the women proved that they are also able to do hard jobs, women’s liberation was borne which resulted to the many changes that we now see around us. There is no problem to the author about this matter but wha t is being pointed out here is the fact that sometimes studies extend its results to things that are out of our hands and still affect the sociological relationships we embrace. Thus, the things we once observed to have been accepted without question are now overturned and women now demand to be treated as equals to men, affecting not only men’s relationships in general but also affects the smaller groups of our society like husband and wife

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