Monday, August 12, 2019

Child Abuse Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Child Abuse - Research Paper Example very reality that all these kinds of violence not only leave indelible destructive imprints upon their innocent minds, but also such kind of obnoxious behavior may put their future in grave jeopardy. The researches reveal the very fact that domestic violence and child abuse not only adversely tell upon the process of cognitive development among children, but also they wide open the avenues towards juvenile delinquent behavior and perversion for the future years to come. Exposure to violence can result in ‘regressive’ symptoms such as increased bedwetting, delayed language development and more anxiety over separation from parents (cited in Margolin & Gordis, 2000). Researches also show that sexual exploitation of the innocent children, at the hands of the adult members of society, destroys their mental capabilities, and remain as the terrifying part of the bitterest memories of their life, which haunt their minds and cause their psychological collapse even during their adulthood and later part of their life. Researches also prove the bitter reality that the individuals, who had become the victim of physical or sexual abuse in their childhood, lead mentally retarded and highly disturbed life in their grown years. They remain prey to some invisible danger hanging like a sword on their head, which takes long time for recovery. Hence, the convalescence procedure of the victims of child abuse is technically very difficult and time-taking one. The psychologists suggest counseling, medicines consumption, therapeutic measures and consoling from family members, teachers and friends for the complete recovery of the victims of child abuse. Hence, child abuse serves as an infamous mar as well as a shameful curse on the very face of society, which may produce perverts, offenders and criminals to challenge the very peace and stability of the social establishment at large. In the nutshell, children become victim of abuse at the hands of family members, teachers, peers,

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