Tuesday, August 13, 2019


MULTINATIONAL CORP-EVOL & CUR ISSUE - Movie Review Example ations for instance in a number of places in the United States like in Nevada which has the largest landfill amongst other similar places like New York, Hawaii, New Jersey, and south Carolina all the way to China’s Beijing, an upcoming economic giant and shows ways in which proper garbage management practice and poor garbage management practice as well. The main concern for Quintanilla was to keenly observe where trash or the garbage goes, the party that handles it and the beneficiaries of the whole process whether economically or environmentally. Quintanilla portrays garbage collection to be both an epidemic and an opportunity. An epidemic because the landfills pose an environmental threat to the ever growing landfills surrounding localities with residential settlements or an opportunity to the garbage collection and management companies not forgetting the stakeholders who take home a collective annual minimum of more than $50 billion from what Quintanilla terms as â€Å"a 21st century goldmine† with most of the credits going to the operators of the more than 2200 landfills scattered all over the United States (Quintanilla). In fact some innovative individuals pipe the gas from the damp sites to generate electricity. The documentary film recognizes the fact most of the landfills that handle approximately 250 million tons of garbage in America annually appear to be doing an effective job by effectively managing these sites that generate lots of profit by either recycling or putting the waste into other useful economic uses like the production of electricity by factories a good example that â€Å"Trash Inc.† team visits is Apex in Las Vegas the largest landfill in the U.S (Quintanilla). Capitalizing of the garbage waste management by companies in the private sector is surely an effective management tools to proper garbage disposal as none of the garbage goes to waste. However a change in geographical landscape tells all the difference between proper management and

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