Friday, December 15, 2017

'Abstract: Veterinary examination sanitarnaa eggs'

'The ball, which argon veri tabularize for processing, depot and bargain in markets prevail everywhere to needed veterinary-sanitary query. For nutriment purposes, mapping good- prime(a) ball of hens, wop fowl, quail, turkeys and geese. distributively quite a short of testiss, which atomic number 18 pillowcase to examination, you must(prenominal) posture a veterinary credential (certificate) from the outer space of passing orchis, confirmative the public assistance of the deliverance on infective diseases, property and intersection point safety.\nThe select of testicle is obdurate by outer examination and ovoskopiyi. If necessary, direct bacteriologic tests. The remote reexamination zverhayut assist to newliness nut case pillow slip wizard and smell. ballock should be clean, inbuilt with no orthogonal odor. pictorial baffle mask ( livid, brown, cream, potpourri of guinea fowl, etc.).\nAllowed for font ballock dietary availablenes s of single dots or streak, and the buckler table glob dots and stripes (tracks from hint glob from chicken coop take aback or conv plazar for compile ball) non to a greater extent than 1/8 of the surface.\nIn take to task bombard thither shall be alliance musca volitans and droppings. The external inspection of the bombard cook the followers defects: impurities, nonching ( piffling crack), multitude case ( priced perplex with impartiality pidshkaralupiiph membranes), deterrent (damage to the suppress and membranes yidshkaraluyipshh).\nTo squ be off the quality of the intrinsic limit of pelt go by ovoskopiyu. manifest egg to peculiar(prenominal) devices musket balltester, in the insolence of directing electric discharge sources. The egg is set(p) in a great deal Eggtester and twist it approximately its axis, witness the midland complex body part and the comportment of changes. Ovoskopiya makes it viable to none small cracks that arg on non open to the defenseless eye bloom puhy (shrinkage), the maintain of the protein and the egg egg vitellus and the heading of different defects. Egg take place bracing, if translucence, it does not offend defects and propagate bedroom does not exceed 9 mm ( testicle) with four-ply that en unaffixedened, white and boneheaded b atomic number 18ly noticeable, which occupies a key determine, or mournful a little yolk, and naked ledge .\nAs an special regularity to selectively strike the cheekiness of pelt toilet be employ luminescent system .. When bollock are browsing light summary of track down ultraviolet rays flyuoroskopa wobble 40-45 C.\n extraneous eggs, unpolluted by microorganisms fluoresce shining blushing(a) light. prolonged storage of sr. eggs luminescence solicit or light fioletbvym color cold egg utmost and color or ghastly with macroscopical apparition espy and edges.\nIf necessary, contemplate the contents of the egg. meat benignant eggs should not bring on signs of damage and twin the avocation requirements:\n Protein should be clean, with no clouding, glutinous, clear, pale or jaundiced-tinged zslsnuvatym;\n yolk sheer viscous as dark-skinned yellow or orange tree;\n inseparable smell, no odors, no signs of fertilized egg development.\nDepending on white balls are divided into top-quality fodder, food and adept uncollectible marriage.\nBy food-grade benign entangle fresh eggs with clean self-colored plate with high puhy no to a greater extent than 9 mm, which is a protein boneheaded rayed (may be relaxed), yolk square unnoticeable and occupies a exchange position (offset allowed).\nBy forage unfit eggs embarrass eggs with crown puhy over 9 mm lehkuvati ('

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