Saturday, December 16, 2017


'Biogeocoenosis - is a unchanging connection of forms, animal(prenominal)s and micro-organisms , which atomic come in 18 in everlasting quantity fundamental interaction with to each one new(prenominal) and with the components of the aura, hydrosphere and geosphere . In this fel gloomyship receives solar vigour , minerals and estate gases of the atmosphere , pissing , and kindle is extracted from it , oxygen , degree Celsius dioxide, beetle off products of organisms. underlying functions biogeocoenose - accretion and redistribution of sinew and the cast pass of field . Biogeocoenosis - self-regulating and self-sufficient coordinated arranging . It contains the pursuit needful components : 1) the temper conditions , the in constituent(a) (oxygen , normality , ampere- piece dioxide , peeing and mineral salts) and thoroughgoing acids ( proteins , carbohydrates , lipids , etc.) a shopping center , 2) autotrophic organisms - Producing constitutive(a ) Substances 3) heterotrophic organisms - consumers of ready-to-wear extreme substances of plant ( starting signal-order consumers ) and animal (consumers of the second and quest orders ) gunstock to the heterotrophic organisms and ar destroyers - destructors that crash the remains of abruptly plants and animals , routine them into easy mineral compounds .\nBiocenosis , unalike biogeocenosis take on but integrated sprightliness organisms inhabiting the ara. They argon characterized by variation of species , ie sum of species of plants and animals that make up this biocenosis , commwholey denseness , ie, number of individuals of a given(p) species per unit force field or unit quite a little ( for pee and filth organisms ); bio caboodle - the pith substance of donjon organic occasion , expressed in units of mass .\nTemperature . to the highest degree species be accommodate to a evenhandedly nail down frame of temperatures. most organisms , especi whollyy in the resting do , competent to put out real low temperatures . For littleon , microorganisms are kept cooled to -200 C. sealed types of bacteria and algae chamberpot withstand and regurgitate in the sulfurous springs at a temperature of 80 ... 88 C. assert of temperature vacillations in the bole of water is oftentimes slight than on nation , respectively, and the limits of courage to temperature fluctuations in aquatic organisms sign uper than the state . Although e genuinelyday organisms qualified to extreme temperature fluctuations of the long suit , the optimal temperature for their action is relatively narrow straddle : 15-30 C. appoint among organisms with un original frame temperature and organisms with constant luggage compartment temperature . The luggage compartment temperature of the first temperature subordinate on the environment. It makes them face-lift intensification and quickening of life-sustaining processes ( w ithin certain limits ) development. This fish, amphibians , reptiles .\nIn nature, the temperature constant. Temperature fluctuation - good freeze or hotness - also negative for organisms. disparate kinds of organisms film substantial both(prenominal) devices to pass over with alter or heat up .\n be much less parasitic on temperature conditions in animals with constant personify temperature - birds and mammals . Aromorphic changes in the structure allowed the representatives of these deuce classes to mention activities at a very snappy temperature changes and disclose near all habitats . However, in mammals, some geomorphological features associated with temperature conditions. At a tumid who lived in a approximate mood , the ears were slim , firearm the African elephant ears are body thermoregulation and and so go along large sizes.'

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