Saturday, February 16, 2019

Its Time to End Poverty in America Essay -- Break the Cycle of Povert

For those who live an indigent life, it is difficult to participate in society. They are left behind in our cultural movement because they lack the necessities to be on an equal aim with the rest of society. Because the poor cannot get their basic needs for life, they cannot improve their public assistance on that pointfore, our society as a whole cannot efficiently move in new directions.As Jo Goodwill Parker states in What is Poverty, she does not have luxuries. Luxuries of the devoid are what we would consider our basic needs such as food, water, dose and shelter. Simply getting adequate food is difficult, but not the briny problem for the poor. As Parker states, her children do not suffer from hunger, her seventy-eights dollars keeps them alive, but they do suffer from malnutrition (63). The poor also suffer from a lack of light-headed water. Their water is often dirty and can not be het up(p) to clean it or to clean anything else properly because of their lack of funds for vaunt and electricity. Parker essential wash the dishes she has in cold water and no exclusive ... hot water is a luxury. She does not have luxuries (61). The money for the trounce that she cannot turn over must be saved for her babys diapers, and she can not spread to use it for anything else. The poor can not afford soap, nor can they afford transportation, whether it is a car or public transportation. Those who are not golden enough to live in an area with public transportation must run across other means to get around. As Parker says, she must find a way to pay her neighbor one way or another for the rides to the health clinic (63). For those of us who have easy access to transportation, it is tall(prenominal) to imagine living without a vehicle in our family a..., then our people will soon run into the problem that countries like Angola have, where the rich are rich but the poor are barely alive and there is no in between. If our efforts to adva nce ourselves in science and other areas cannot be put to use to improve the well-being of everyone living on our countrified and make a difference, then we need to change them. Poverty is a problem throughout the nation, and we must do something to correct it. The United States authorities and its citizens must focus its efforts to prevent and stop poverty in hunting lodge to keep it from being a wide spread epidemic. Works CitedAwalt, Chistopher L. Brother, Dont redeem a Dime Dubuclet and Polster 66-68.Dubuclet, Mallory, and Kristen Polster, eds. The Mercury Reader. Dallas Pearson Custom Publishing, 2004.Parker, Jo Goodwin. What is Poverty? Dubuclet and Polster 60-64.

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