Saturday, February 16, 2019

Medicaid for Millionaires :: essays research papers

Summary Medicaid for Millionaires briefly touches on unitary of the many problems facing the U.S. and its current Medicaid policy. The articles begins by acknowledging the fact that Medicaid was originally organise in 1965 with the intent of providing medical care just for the poor, and how lately this hasnt been the case. Today were finding out how more of societies upper-class are discovering ship canal to receive Medicaid benefits as well. The system is being called Asset-Shifting, were anyone is allowed to give away roughly of their additions (no matter the cost) to someone else and three years later claim the equal medical benefits being set aside for the poor. As quoted in the article theres an entire industry being dedicated to reservation sure that other taxpayers, not they, be responsible for paying the nursing-home needfully of the rich. Though morally questionable, more and more Medical Planners at present directly counsel their well-off clients on how to take adv antage of this loop-hole in our system. A more troubling fact is that of the 100% of the less good that occupy the scarcer Medicaid beds being provided by the government, 70% of those in well unplowed nursing homes receive the same exact Medicaid benefits. Many government officials need tried to stop this on going trend by waiver laws during the 90s that required states to recover the cost of benefits from the estates of those who attempt asset fault, however failing miserably due to half-hearted efforts. To our governments credit the efforts of a decennium ago didnt break sprits of our lawmakers who still feel that asset shifting is a unjust practice. Four states have already implemented the spic-and-span Partnership Program, which allows a consumer who buys, 100,000 in long term care to unbosom that sum before claiming the rest of their assets, which would in turn allow that person to preserve money for their heirs and/or purchase the long-term care of their choice.

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