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Public Grazing on Bureau of Land Management Land :: Agriculture Farming Environment Essays Papers

Public Grazing on part of Land Management LandThe Bureau of demean Management is an function of the department of the Interior. It manages 264 million land in the western lands and over 700 acres of mineral estate nationwide. The purposes of these lands are mineral development, recreation, timber, and grazing. The on that we are pass to talk about is grazing on the BLM lands and how they are improving them. In the 1930s, overgrazing was damaging the Western rangelands to a dust bowl. In Wyoming during 1909 the sheep numbers reached six million. Most of these sheep operations were nomadic, with that meant that some of these operations were keeping their sheep on populace land all year round. The range land became deteriorated bye this federal agency of grazing. By the 1920s and 1930s the ranchers and the conservationists wanted something to be done before the land got either worse. congress knew that they had to do something before they lost their countrys biggest asset. The Taylor Grazing symbolise (TGA) of 1934 was passed. What the TGA did was correct grazing on globe lands through using permits. With regulation of public lands they could control numbers of occupancy and uses on the land. It also could preserve the land from destruction, with that it could improve the land and develop it better. In 1964 Public Land uprightness Review Commission was established to make recommendations on how to manage the land. Congress responded to that by passing the Federal Land Policy and Management Act (FLPMA) in 1976, which keeps the lands in Federal ownership.The Public Rangelands Improvement Act of 1978 was some other act that alter rangelands. It realized that public rangelands were producing less than their potential. This act helps proceed and improve the conditions of the rangelands so that they become productive and usable to their highest potential again.The executive Order 12548 of 1986, signed by President Reagan, stated that there would be annu al fees for domesticated livestock grazing on public rangelands. moreover in Oregon and Washington the federal government will assimilate over $1.8 million annually for grazing about 250,000 animals on BLM land. The BLM has improved the rangeland in Oregon by one hundred percent. With the Oregon tail having immigrants and their cattle coming through, it destroyed the land with no grass remaining to graze. The BLM scattered cattle throughout the land and the grazing has improved, so has the peeing development.

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