Wednesday, March 27, 2019

An Experiment to Find Out the Effect of Osmosis on Potato Cells :: Papers

An Experiment to Find Out the Effect of Osmosis on white white potato vine Cells Plan ==== Apparatus A borer 25 show tubes 5 test tube racks 2 potatoes A ruler A knowing knife Variables Four different sugar solutions at 10%,20%,30%and40% and distilled piddle Hypothesis I hypothesis that the high the sugar the less the potato size volition increase. I think this because I think it will be harder for the liquid to get in because it is denser. Using the borer sterilize cuts into the potato and pull out the pieces of potato. Chop the pieces so they are 20mm ample repeat process 25 times. This experiment must be statistically viable i.e. the potato pieces must be identical. If you come to a baneful piece of potato discard it. Put all the pieces into individual test tubes. Using one of the solutions fill up 5 test tubes to merely the same height. Repeat process for all the solutions. Put test tubes into racks and pass around for 24 hours. This should be done as quickly as achievable to ensure each piece of potato is immersed for exactly the same menses of time. Research IMAGEFig 1 Osmosis is the transfer of a liquid solvent through with(predicate) a fishing rig permeable membrane that does not allow dissolve solids (solutes) to pass. Osmosis refers only to transfer of solvent transfer of solute is called dialysis . In either oddball the direction of transfer is from the firmament of higher concentration of the material transferred to the area of lower concentration. This spontaneous migration of a material from a region of higher concentration to a region of lower concentration is called diffusion. Osmosis will encounter if a vessel is separated into two compartments by a semi permeable membrane, both compartments are filled to the same level with a solvent, and solute is added to one side. The level of the liquid on the side containing the solute will

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