Thursday, March 28, 2019

The Ballad Of The Sad Cafe Essay -- Essays Papers

The B alonead Of The Sad Cafe end-to-end the novel The Ballad Of The Sad Cafe by Carson McCullers, there isan bare recurring theme. Ever-present in the story is a feeling of unreciprocated live, illustrated through looking at the parallels of the intertwined relationships between three separate individuals. spend Amelia Evans, Cousin Lymon Willis, and Marvin Macy, are the players involved in this grotesque love triangle. The feelings they independently have for each other are what drives the story, and are significant comely that the prosperity of entire town hinges upon them. First to come of the couplings between these principal(prenominal) characters, was the 10 daymarriage of Marvin Macy and Amelia Evans. Previously notorious as a womanizer andtown miscreant, meeting Amelia made Martin wish to be a better man. He cleaned up hisact, and devoted his entire attention to his love for Amelia. Amelia, however, felt noconnection with this man, and sought a relationship lon e(prenominal) out of economic advantage. When this finally became clear to Marvin, when he was once and for all removed of theillusion that his love was returned, it was already too late. Amelia had stripped him ofeverything he owned. He took refuge in criminal activity, and was sent to prison. Hislove was not returned, and he suffered greatly for it.Many years down the line, there came into bunk Amelias life a man named LymonWillis. He was a yon cousin, not to mention a deformed hunchback, ...

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