Sunday, May 5, 2019

Information technology project management Assignment

training technology project management - Assignment Exampleiew, variance compendium, Schedule compression, Resource leveling rot shall help the Project activities durationd better, expert judgment willing be required to budget time for various activities, dependency determination shall help sequence activities such that project delays can be minimize or mitigated, floats shall be determined to ascertain the flexibility in the project to makeup for whatever undesirable delays, Three point estimation shall help in arriving at more realistic estimates of project drill duration Project Cost concern Expert judgment, Cost of quality, Three point estimates, Variance analysis Expert judgment shall be required to determine the action and project monetary values and make cost budget, Cost of quality must be determined to make cost make decisions when faced with remote cost heads, Three point estimates shall give better estimates of costs, Variance analysis will help in keeping the project costs on track Project Quality Management Cost benefit analysis, Quality Audits, Control Charts A cost benefit analysis will help balance activity cost with activity quality and will help us choose between two activities and their design and scope, Quality audits will keep the quality levels for the activities on track, Control charts shall give an overview of the project quality surgical procedure and help keep a check on the same Project Human Resource Management organisational charts, Virtual teams, Training, Team building activities, Recognition and awards, Project performance appraisal, Conflict management Organizational charts will be required to have a clarity as to the project roles and responsibilities, Virtual teams submit to be created since the project covers more than one distant geographic company locations, Team building activities will be required to keep the project team bond better and develop work ground understanding to help prevent any confusions and bottlenecks owing to the same, Project performance appraisal shall serve as a tool to encourage good performance and will be crucial in tick project progress, Conflict management might be required in order to keep any interpersonal problems from threatening the project performance Project Communications Management Expert judgment, Communications prerequisite analysis, Stakeholder feedbacks, Face to Face meetings, Performance reports Expert judgment will be required to make the prescribed as well informal communication effective, communications structure shall be determined through a requirement analysis, stakeholder feedbacks shall be sought to help improve their knowledge about project progress and observe a realistic thrust of their

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