Monday, May 6, 2019

Social Welfare for Children in Kuwait Research Paper

Social Welfare for Children in Kuwait - Research Paper ExampleIn general, the state is committed to providing the welfare of children as stipulated by the constitutional principles, as well as Kuwaits international obligations under the conventions and treaties it has signed and ratified. almost of these treaties and conventions include the 1973s International Labor Organization (ILO) Convention, which concerns the minimum age for admission to employment (No. 138), and the 1999s ILO convention that concerns primary with the prohibition and immediate action for eliminating worst forms of child labor (no. 182). The government has interpreted the convention regarding the rights of children, and two optional protocol measures to protect the rising generation from any forms of exploitation, and spiritual or physical harm. In addition, it guarantees a right to education, introduced free compulsory education, and delivers treatment as well as healthcare for infectious diseases. Therefore, the government has taken up a number of measures as discussed below in allege to keep up with these principles (Worldmark Encyclopedia of Nations, 2007). The government provides primary healthcare along with preventive serve for children, in order to lower the mortality rates, and encourage healthy living behaviors. Furthermore, it also shields children from exposure to delinquency, neglect, physical harm and infringements of their freedom through criminalizing such acts and imposing very high penalties on them (United Nations, 2011). In order to deal with these.

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