Tuesday, May 7, 2019

The Nurses Role in Wound Care in the Community Essay

The Nurses Role in Wound vexation in the Community - Essay ExampleCommunity-based leg ulcer clinics have shown to be very useful however, there is a need to adopt a well-organised leg ulcer afterc be delivery to reduce the coming back of leg ulceration and improve the quality of life.Research also revealed that there are significant lacunae with gaze to nurses knowledge of the principles and practice of pain care. The strategies to improve nurses knowledge and coming(prenominal) developments in injury care are discussed.The dissertation concludes with recommendations that more high quality clinical investigate trials be conducted in the future to assess the efficacy of various dressings and adopting the NICE guidelines and the TELER system. Recommendations are also do to conduct a comprehensive education program for nurses at all levels of training and practice. A wound care certification program and an online distance-learning package for acute and chronic wounds for nurses are also recommended.Over the ancient few decades, the protocols in wound management has changed and evolved rapidly. There has been a shift from dry to moist mend and an increasing trend in the use of modern dressings. Wound management alone leads to a bulky drain on health care resources. Diabetic foot ulcers, venous leg ulcers, and pressure sores are frequently encountered clinical conditions and many of these conditions are chronic, leading to repeat visits. There has therefore, been an emphasis on proper(a) wound care and the search for an ideal dressing continues to this day. The aim of this dissertation is to review the lit link to wound care regarding the principles and practice of wound care, methods of wound evaluation and the role that nurses play in wound care management in the community.Both electronic database search and manual search was made for literature related to wound care. Electronic database search included PUBMED and MEDLINE searches. The keywords used in cluded wound care, wound

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