Saturday, June 15, 2019

Difficulties and Challenges of Nokia Company Essay

Difficulties and Challenges of Nokia Company - Essay ExampleFrom this study it is clear that net cash and value of liquid assets declined by $2 billion year-on-year, while it decreased by $9 billion as compared to the same quarter last year. Moreover, Microsoft assisted Nokia with $250m for platform support payments, it implies that Nokias operations puddle consumed $1.15 billion. According to Henry Blodget, if the situation remains same, Nokia is estimated to go bankrupt within two years. Henrys idea is a bit too extreme because Nokia can switch its assets into cash for reco rattling. However, once market losses confidence on a companys future, vendors demand payments and customers become hesitant that leads to nothing only when crisis. Source Jean-Louis Gassee, 2012. Huge flashiness of mobile phone is decreased by 16 percent. Even worse, average selling price (ASP) also declined by 18 percent to $44. In maturation countries, Nokia is overtaken by Huawei and ZTE which are market ing smartphoens and feature phones at a very low price. According to the chart above, Nokias smartphone ship is also sinking. The volume is -51 percent as compared to the volume in same quarter last year. With $189 ASP, it cannot make give any financial boost since this is the production cost of one unit. However, Nokia is planning to antipathetical them through Asha family of mobiles. Another hope for Nokia is the new Window recollect smart device. Nokias latest smatphone, Lumias performance is also unidentified. This essay declares that another bruit, though well-supported by Mary Jo Foley, an authority on Microsoft, and The Verge, a credible blog, is that existing Lumia phone will not be upgraded to the next OS version, Windows Phone 8.The existing Windows Phone OS is based on the venerable Windows CE kernel. Regardless of veneration, Microsoft would have gone for a modern alternative for Windows Phone 8.Its better be rumor for Nokia because they have already convinced their c ustomers that Symbian-based phones are useless in future. If they deal with Lumia in the same way, future would be even bleak (Gassee, 2012). Considering the rise of humanoid and iOS, an ex-Microsoft executive said that Nokia is not in the competition for devices but in a battle of ecosystems. Stephen Elop also announced that Nokia is moving from Symbian and Meego software platforms to Microsoft Windows Phone ecosystem. Grubers blood line is Jean-Louis Gassee, he points out that Nokias current devices are using old Symbian S60 stacks, comparatively new Symbian3 and Symbian4 engines, and Meego. He criticises Nokia and says how Nokia expects to stay in competition with the likes of Apple, Google, and HP when playing such a disorganized game. This paper outlines that on the other hand, Kotch finds that prevalaing perception that Nokia cannot handle two OS is unrealistic since other companies do it very successfully. The only problem with Nokia is that it is not an American company. H e identifies that Nokia has more than two operating systems, for instance, S40 and some others for cheap features and basic phones. According to Kotch Nokias problem is not with the OS, but with the execution. While stating that Symbian is a feature, not a bug, Kotch confirms that it is useless,

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