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The Handmaid's Tale Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

The Handmaids Tale - Essay ExampleOffred is placed to serve under the commander and Serena. The age of infertility has decreased Gilead to offer the provision of demeaning women freedom. Offred serves as the example of the limited freedom presented inwardly the nightclub as the chores that she has been assigned with to complete present restriction within the society. Women are restricted and offered the challenge of leaveing within the society as the captives converted into Handmaids. Offred had been declined to a demeaning routine that saw the creation of limited opportunity for the progress of women in a disruptive community. However, Atwood includes a solution in the rebellion Mayday that the Handmaid Ofglen belongs to, and the organization plots to overthrow Gilead to restore freedom to the society. The events within the tale stir the achievement of redemption in the rebellious group and the quest to seek lost love that has been within the previous regime. Through the charac ter selection with the important character Offred, Atwood combines bold language and reference to develop a dystopian society within Gilead. Offred, as the leading character, directs the reader to discover a changed society from the traditional U.S. that presents freedom ad free ideology. This mechanism is achieved through the application of flashback that explains the affair that she has had with her lover in Luke. The society presented had offered minimal opportunity for advances, and she failed to find the confusable affection as in the previous regime. Atwood writes, What I feel towards them is blankness. What I feel is that I must not feel. What I feel is partly relief, because no(prenominal) of these men is Luke. Luke wasnt a doctor. Isnt, (Atwood 33). Offred explains that she has lost a remarkable past that promised better lifestyle and resolution to her miserable progress. The events that had led to the loss of her lover and daughter did not impair her judgment to recogni ze her achievement. Atwoods vibrant reference to the moral decay within the society serves as the lesson to highlight the use of humanity as tools to impress a tyrannical regime. She explained the percentage created in the Handmaid that represented the immorality within Gilead. Offred had been apply as the tool of the Commander, and served to sexually satisfy the family and cogitate children. This is presented in her position as the Handmaid to the house, and she struggled with the lifestyle that had been established. The Republic of Gilead is depicted as the environment that harbored injustice and tolerated moral degradation in demeaning the role of the woman. Atwood recognizes this provision through bold imagery and reference to sexual situations that the Handmaids has been subjected to tolerate. Atwood explains that sex is applied as a tool to progress and has lost its meaning in the Gilead society. Im not talking about sex, he says. That was part of it, the sex was too easy, (Atwood 210). The phrase is applied to explain that sex has lost its true meaning and is used by the dictators as a means of pleasure with women serving as objects to be manipulated. The role is referred to the Handmaids that were considered servants after being enslaved. Atwood develops the role of the Handmaids who were trained under aunty Lydia, but issues the recognition of the weakness of the male character due to love. Aunt Lydia serves as the character that shaped the recognition o

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