Saturday, June 22, 2019

How the Internet has aided criminal activity Essay

How the Internet has aided criminal activity - Essay voicecodes the creation of false bank accounts theft of personal information and misuse of the stolen information the virus infection created on computers that can hamper the proper parcel operations and damage records (Computer-Based Crime, 2011). This paper will give specific examples of criminal activities through the use of computers and the internet will cite how yesterdays non-digital crime, as in the case of pornography, has become todays menacing digital crime and will discuss some types of computer crimes, such as identity operator theft, phishing scam, virus and malicious software.September 11 Attack. The execution of the September 11 attack on the World Trade Center, which claimed an estimated 3, 120 lives from over 90 countries well-nigh the world, (US Department of State, 2002), is a form of cyberterrorism. Cyberterrorism is the unauthorized attack and risk against computers, networks, and the stored information pur posely executed to threaten or force a government, a race or its people to advance ones political or social intentions. Cyberterrorist attacks demonstrate power and aggressively threaten or harm persons or property (Denning, 2000).Juvenile Computer Hacker Disabled FAA Tower at Regional Airport. In Boston, Massachusetts, a juvenile hacked the computer system of a send for company servicing the Worcester Airport. A series of commands sent from the hackers computer immobilized the FAA control tower for six hours in March 1997 (US Department of Justice, 1998). assoil of Computer Worm Attacked Microsoft Corporation. In September 2003, a juvenile was arrested for releasing a variant of the Blaster computer worm that directly infected computers intercontinental to commence a distributed denial of service attack against the Microsoft Corporation (US Department of Justice, 2003).More than four decades ago, open, unusual or violent pornography was restricted to pornographic bookstores and movie houses. It could be only be viewed and circulated in

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